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Travelers insurance

Travelers Canada Insurance Company


If you are looking to get an insurance company that has operations in a bunch of different countries and that is quite popular, you may want to look at this company. Travelers Canada Insurance operates in the United States, Canada as well as in the United Kingdom, Ireland, China, Brazil, and Singapore. The company makes most of its income from the U.S. market. Travelers Canada has over 14,000 agents and they provide a large variety of insurance options through all of their subsidiaries including commercial and residential property insurance, casualty insurance, bond, and specialty insurance as well as home and auto insurance. Travelers is actually a company that has been part of the Dow Jones Industrial average since 2009, which might help to give you some peace of mind with getting insurance with them. The company ranked 32nd in Canada in terms of profits in 2015 and made a total profit of $17,000,000.

Products Offered by Travelers Canada Insurance

One great thing about Travelers Canada Insurance is that they have been around for quite some time and they are well-established in the industry. This has allowed them to be able to offer a huge variety of insurance products to suit the needs of their customers. It is important to make sure that you understand policies before getting into them and Travelers does a great job on their website of making it easy to see what you are and aren’t covered for. To help you decide if Travelers is a company that you want to go with, here are some of the many products that they offer:

Auto Insurance:

  • Liability
  • Accident Benefits
  • Rehabilitation coverage
  • Uninsured motor accident
  • Collision/ damage
  • Loss of vehicle use due to repairs
  • Comprehensive (things like theft, fires, falling objects, etc.)

Home Insurance:

  • Natural disaster
  • Seasonal home
  • Rental Home
  • Boat
  • Trailer
  • Personal home
  • Watercraft
  • Group insurance/ association insurance

Travelers Canada Car Insurance Review:


If you are still unsure about whether or not you want to go with Travelers Canada Insurance, you may be interested to hear about how much business the company does. This is a great way to be able to get a good idea as to how the company scales and to see if they actually offer decent insurance plans that other people go for. To give you an idea of how much business the company does, you first need to understand what total written auto insurance premium means. This statistic stands for the amount of money that has been collected in premiums by the company before claims are deducted. The number does not stand for the total profit that the company made as claims get deducted from this number before a profit is taken. The total written auto premium for Travelers Canada Insurance Company was $696,785,000.

Car Insurance Products:

24/7 Claims:

If you don’t have a ton of time on your hands and you want to be on the phone with the insurance company for as short of a time as possible, you will love this service. The company offers 24/7 claims, which means that you can make a claim at any time around the clock. This is an ideal service for someone who works night shifts or just doesn’t have a ton of free time on their hands.


If you are looking to get insurance on a budget, you may be interested in one of the many discounts that this company has to offer. If you have completed drivers training, you can get a discount. The company also offers cheaper rates for people who are retired, have a clean record, and for people who are insuring more than one car. Travelers Canada also offers a great discount on bundle insurance if you want to insure both your home as well as your vehicle.

Insurance for all types of vehicles:

If you are looking to get insurance on a vehicle and aren’t sure if your current insurance company covers that particular type of vehicle, you could always look at Travelers. Travelers insure a huge range of vehicles including classic vehicles, antiques, motor homes, off-road vehicles, ATVs, snowmobiles, trailers, personal vehicles, commuter vehicles, and more. With all sorts of optional coverage options available for these automobiles and a repair satisfaction guarantee, you will be able to have peace of mind. It is extremely nice to know that you can bring your vehicle in for a repair and not have to worry about it breaking down on you a few months down the road and costing you more money. Repairs are covered and the next one will be free of charge as long as it is within the warranty period.


One thing that a lot of people like about Travelers Canada is that they are insurance brokers. This means that you actually get an agent who works for you and tries to get you the coverage that you need. The company website makes it easy to get in touch with a broker and it will actually show you the location of the broker nearest to you for your own convenience. Brokers do get a commission based on the insurance that you get, however, it is quite nice not to have to do all of the work in comparing insurance rates in order to get the best deal.

Total Sales/ ranking by province:


If you are still a little weary about going with Travelers Canada Insurance, you may be interested to see how popular they are in your area. This can help to give you an idea as to how competitive their rates are and whether or not they actually offer good quality coverage options. Here is a table that we made showing the 2015 direct written premiums in Canada’s various provinces. The table shows Travelers Canada Insurance Company’s direct written premiums by province and how they ranked compared to the top 30 insurance companies within the province:

Province:Direct Written Premiums 2015Ranking on Top 30
Prince Edward Island10,984,0002
Nova Scotia24,068,0009
New Brunswick11,067,00012
British Columbia976,00013
Yukon Territory452,00010
Northwest Territories754,0008

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