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portage mutual

Portage La Prairie Mutual Insurance Company Overview


If you’re looking for an insurance company that does business in many places throughout Canada, you can definitely consider getting insurance from this company. Portage La Prairie Mutual Insurance Company offers insurance packages for a huge variety of people from different backgrounds. The company has been around since 1884 allowing it to be able to expand to provinces all over Canada in order to maximize business and create as much profit as possible. In 2015, the company made a total profit of $762,000 ranking it 75th in terms of the insurance companies who made the most profit.

Products Offered by Portage La Prairie Mutual Insurance


In order to be able to decide if you want to get insurance through this company, it is a good idea to look at all of the products that they have to offer. It is always a good idea to have a read of policies as you should keep in mind some policies that you think you might need at some point in the future. Insurance companies tend to offer discounts to long-time customers, which is why you should take your future needs under consideration when you are choosing an insurance company. To help you learn about what Portage La Prairie has to offer, here are their current products:

  • Tenant insurance
  • Agricultural insurance
  • Auto insurance
  • Condo
  • Contractors
  • Environmental disasters
  • Home-based business
  • Office and content insurance
  • Realty
  • Primary residence
  • Retail
  • Property

Portage La Prairie Mutual Insurance Car Insurance Review

One thing that might be of assistance to you in being able to decide if you want to get insurance through Portage La Prairie Mutual Insurance Company is seeing their business firsthand. It is important to know how much business a company does as this is how a company gets financial backing and is able to stay afloat. It is especially important with insurance companies as the companies need to be able to pay their client’s claims. A good way of being able to get a decent idea of how much money a company makes is to look at their total written auto premium. This number stands for the total amount of money collected before claims are paid out to clients. In the year 2015, the company managed to collect a total written auto premium of $79,468,000. If you are looking for a company that is capable of being able to pay your claims, you definitely shouldn’t be too worried about Portage La Prairie Mutual Insurance Company.

Portage La Prairie Mutual Insurance Car Insurance Products:

Payment plans:

One thing that makes Portage La Prairie Mutual Insurance Company stand out amongst other insurance companies is the flexible payment plans that they offer. The company allows you to be able to pay your insurance premium over a credit card an automatic withdrawal from your account or via a direct automatic billing plan. Portage La Prairie Mutual Insurance Company realizes that not one payment plan is perfect for everyone. It is definitely nice to have a few options in this area of things as not all insurance companies offer this much freedom.

Broker Compensation:

One thing no one likes it when people hide information from you. If you decide to go with Portage La Prairie Mutual Insurance Company, you can have peace of mind knowing what kind of a commission your broker is making. This is definitely nice to know as a consumer. Brokers are technically attempting to sell you a service, which is why you should find out how much of that money is going to be going to your broker. This will allow you to be able to decide if the company is actually helping you or if they are just doing it for their own benefit.

Deductible Options:

One problem that you might encounter through some insurance companies is a high deductible. The problem with a high deductible is that not everyone has the cash sitting there to be able to pay a fee like this in the event of an accident. With Portage La Prairie Mutual Insurance Company, you can change your deductible to a lower amount and pay a little more on your insurance premium if you desire. If you are feeling a little risky or have an older vehicle and want a lower premium, you can also raise your deductible to pay a lower premium each month if you desire.


One thing that this company prides itself on is helping out its customers when they are in a time of loss. Insurance is made to help people deal with loss, which is why the company has brokers across the country willing to help you during business hours. With that in mind, Portage La Prairie Mutual Insurance Company realizes you might not have the time during the day to be able to make a claim. If you are in an emergency or just need fast service the company does have a 24-hour line that you can call for assistance.

Portage La Prairie Mutual Insurance Total Sales/ ranking by province:


If you think that you might be interested in getting insurance through Portage La Prairie Mutual Insurance Company, you might be interested to see how well they do in terms of business in your area. This is a company that has operations all over Canada, but it definitely produces more business in some areas than in others. This could be something that you might want to look at as it can help you to be able to decide if you want to look to see what policies they have to offer. Generally, people will go where the money is and if you see high numbers in one province this means that the company should be pretty easy to find and easy to get insurance through at one of their 600 independent brokers located across the country. To help show you these numbers, we decided to create a table outlining the direct written premiums that the company collected in 2015 as well as how the company ranked in comparison to the top 30 insurance companies:

Province:Direct Written Premiums 2015Ranking on Top 30
Prince Edward Island3,037,00010
Nova Scotia22,061,00010
New Brunswick7,259,00014
British ColumbiaN/AN/A
Yukon TerritoryN/AN/A
Northwest TerritoriesN/AN/A


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