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Pafco Insurance Company Overview


If you are looking for a relatively large insurance company and one that is located in various different provinces throughout Canada, you could consider Pafco Insurance Company. The company may not be among the top in the country, but they definitely do a lot of business. Pafco is a company that has been around for over 25 years. The company is known for covering drivers who may not have a perfect insurance record and who may not qualify for the best premiums on the market. The nice thing is though, Pafco does offer some pretty reasonable insurance rates to their clients, which is why they are so popular. In 2015, the company had a total profit in Canada of $7,751,000. Although this does not put them at the top, this is definitely a respectable amount of money for any business to make.

Products Offered by Pafco Insurance


One of the major things that could help you be able to decide if you want to get insurance through this company is knowing the products that they offer. The company has been around for 25 years providing personal insurance and property insurance to customers across Canada. This has helped them be able to understand their target market as well as their insurance needs. It is for this reason that the company makes it extremely easy to get hold of them as you need so that you can ask any questions and get quotes as you need them. Here are the current products that the company has:


  • Liability and third party liability
  • Uninsured automobile accident
  • Medical treatment
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Funeral
  • Casualty benefits
  • Loss of income insurance
  • Collision and comprehensive coverage


  • Liability
  • Content insurance
  • Environmental damages
  • Identity theft

Pafco Car Insurance Review

If you are still wondering if you should get insurance through Pafco Insurance Company or not, you might be interested in learning how much money in premiums the company collected. The more money made in premiums, the more likely it is that a company is going to be able to pay you any claims that you make. The total written auto premium is a good reflection of the amount of money that a company collects as auto insurance is one of the largest aspects of the insurance industry. In 2015, Pafco Insurance Company has a total written auto premium of 100,749,000. This is definitely high up in the industry as far as numbers go and it is a good reflection of just how well the company does as a whole.

Pafco Car Insurance Products:

Uninsured Automobile:

One problem that you might encounter through some insurance companies is that they have some odd rules that don’t cover you as well in the event another driver does not have insurance. Through Pafco Insurance, you can get the insurance that will cover you in the event that you happen to get into an accident with another driver who doesn’t have insurance and is at fault. This insurance is definitely nice for peace of mind as you never really know what kind of a person you are going to get into an accident with.

Accident Benefit Packages:

One huge benefit of getting insurance through Pafco Company is that you have the option to pick up a number of different accident benefits coverages. These coverages range from things like medical treatment all the way to things like death benefit packages. No matter what happens in an accident it is nice to be able to receive some compensation to help make up for it or to leave family or friends that compensation if you don’t happen to make it.

Third-Party Liability options:

One good thing about Pafco Insurance Company is that they insure people who don’t have the best driving backgrounds. Due to this very fact, they offer a range of liability options to give drivers/ clients some peace of mind. You have the option of being able to pay for higher liability coverage if you desire. This could definitely be a good idea as you never really know who you are going to get into an accident with and when.

Glass Replacement:

One thing that often gets damaged on a vehicle is the windshield. Windshield replacement can actually cost you a pretty good chunk of money. Luckily, Pafco Insurance Company has in-house installation and they even offer services like mobile glass installation for your own convenience. The company has its own glass replacement partners that they send you to, which meet Pafco’s high standards of glass replacement. These companies ensure a quality installation that will hold up over time and Pafco is willing to stand by these companies as well as their clients to make sure that the job is done properly.

Rental Car Program:

One problem you might run into with some insurance companies when you are getting your vehicle repaired is that the company is not in a convenient location. Pafco Insurance has partners coast to coast and they allow you to be able to pick up and drop off vehicles at rental locations for free. The company does not care how many km’s you put onto these vehicles and they actually even have a no collision charge waiver that you can get if you get the right coverage package.

Pafco Total Sales/ ranking by province:

total sales

One thing that might assist you in being able to decide if Pafco Insurance is the right company for you is the amount of money that the company collected across Canada. It is a good idea to make sure that Pafco is actually easy to access in your area and that they actually have decent policies in your area. The best way to look at this is to look to see how much money they made in your area. To show you this, we created a table showing their direct written premiums and how they matched up against the top 30 insurance companies across Canada. Here is what we came across:

Province:Direct Written Premiums 2015Ranking on Top 30
Prince Edward IslandN/AN/A
Nova Scotia3,473,00017
New Brunswick2,433,00018
British ColumbiaN/AN/A
Yukon Territory1,00030
Northwest Territories6,00029

About the Author: Ashley Miller

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