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optimum general inc

Optimum General Inc. Insurance Company Overview


If you’re okay with going with a moderately sized insurance company, you might want to consider going with Optimum General Inc. Company. Optimum is a fairly large insurance company that operates out of a few different provinces. Optimum General Inc. offers quite a few different insurance packages to suit clients that come from various different backgrounds. It is for this reason, Optimum General Inc. had a total profit in 2015 of $8,279,000. Definitely, an impressive amount coming from a company of the size and one that should allow you to have some peace of mind with getting insurance through this company.

Products Offered by Optimum General Inc. Insurance

If you’re thinking about getting insurance through this company, is extremely important to make sure that they have the right insurance policy you’re looking for. Different companies offer insurance for different purposes and some companies specialize in certain kinds of insurance. It is a good idea to consider your future insurance needs when choosing an insurance company as companies do tend to offer loyalty discounts and bundling discounts. Optimum Gen. Inc. insurance company is a company that has a very broad span of products. Here are the current things that this company has to offer:


  • tenant
  • condo
  • homeowner
  • construction
  • hobby farm
  • seasonal home
  • home business
  • rental
  • watercraft
  • property
  • extension
  • damage
  • identity theft


  • personal auto
  • commercial honor
  • antique
  • motorhome
  • camper
  • ATV
  • snowmobile
  • trailer
  • liability


  • restaurant coverage
  • liability
  • retail
  • automobile fleet
  • contractor
  • clinic
  • services
  • Manufacturing
  • jewelry
  • products

Optimum General INC. Car Insurance Review

One thing that might help you to be able to decide if you want to get insurance through this company is seeing how much business they conduct. One of the best ways to be able to see how much business a company conducts is to see how much business they do in the automotive industry. Almost everyone needs automotive insurance, which is why this is one of the best ways to be able to tell if an insurance company is doing well. In 2015, Optimum Gen. Inc. had a total written auto premium of $38,328,000. This is no small feat for any insurance company and it definitely helps to show this company is doing well. It is highly unlikely that all this money will be paid out in claims, which you might want to keep in mind if you’re considering going with this company.

Optimum General INC. Car Insurance Products:



One reason you might want to consider getting insurance through optimum Gen. Inc. is due to the fact that they have a 24/7 claims service. This allows you to be able to conveniently report your claim during any time of day and after regular business hours. If you cannot reach your broker this is extremely convenient and allows you to be able to make insurance claims during a time that works for you rather than having to wait for the insurance company.


One of the main reasons why Optimum Gen. Inc. Insurance Company has done so well is due to the fact that they have so many different insurance discounts available. It is extremely easy to be able to get at his can do this company, no matter your age. For many car companies it is extremely difficult to be able to get discounts, but due to the wide range of discounts do this company it is relatively easy. Here are all the discounts that the company currently offers:

  • age 40+
  • multiple insurance products
  • multiple vehicles
  • retired drivers
  • occasional student drivers
  • drivers with excellent driving record’s

Liability coverage:

When you’re driving around, you never really know when you’re going to get into an accident. It is extremely important to make sure that you have liability coverage. All it takes is one person to be moderately injured in an accident for there to be a lawsuit. Bodily injury lawsuits can result in millions of dollars going one way or the other. It is important to make sure that you protect yourself so that you don’t end up in bankruptcy. If you choose to get insurance through this company, you are able to pick up liability coverage to $2 million to help protect yourself against claims that are made against you.

Insurance broker:

Even though Optimum Gen. Inc. is an insurance broker and you may be wary of going through an insurance broker due to the fact that they might not give you the best deal, even though they are supposed to. Optimum Gen. Inc. is transparent in the amount of commission that they get off of their insurance deals. The company has a charge that shows you the exact commission rates that they pay to their brokers as a result of getting a new client. You might be interested to know that automobile insurance does receive a lower commission than other kinds of insurance through this company, which is something you might want to keep in mind.

Optimum General INC. Total Sales/ ranking by province


Seeing a spread the business of the business a company conducts is a good way to be able to see if a company has insurance policies in your area. It is also a good way to be able to see if they are even an option for you and to see if there are easily accessible in your area. The more business the company does, the more likely it is that they have good policies and good availability. To help you see where Optimum Gen. Inc. does its business in Canada, we have created a table for you. The table outlines the direct written premiums that the company collected in 2015 as well as how they performed in comparison to the other top 30 insurance companies in each province. Here are the results:

Province:Direct Written Premiums 2015Ranking on Top 30
Prince Edward IslandN/AN/A
Nova ScotiaN/AN/A
New BrunswickN/AN/A
British ColumbiaN/AN/A
Yukon TerritoryN/AN/A
Northwest TerritoriesN/AN/A

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