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old republic canada

Old Republic Insurance Company Overview

company overview

If you don’t feel like going with a large insurance company and are interested in going with a company that specializes in the trucking industry, you may want to consider reading about this company. Old Republic Insurance Company offers a variety of insurance policies across Canada. The company performs business in almost every Province and therefore they are pretty easy to contact in order to get auto and trucking insurance. The company tends to draw quite a lot of trucking clients, which has helped the company to become profitable. In fact, in 2015, the company managed to make a total profit of $11,174,000. This large profit helped Old Republic Insurance Company be able to rank 5th amongst insurance companies in the province in terms of profit, which is definitely an impressive feat.

Products Offered by Old Republic Insurance Company

In order to be able to better decide if you actually want to consider getting insurance through Old Republic Insurance Company, you should look into what products they have to offer. The company has been helping truckers to get quality insurance since 1994 and they actually operate out of both the United States and Canada. This company is actually one of the top 50 largest publicly held Insurance companies in North America. Here are the products that they currently have:

  • Auto Liability
  • Physical damage coverage
  • General Liability (property damage, advertising damage, medical costs, etc.)
  • Cargo/ content insurance
  • Electronic equipment

Old Republic Insurance Company Car Insurance Review

If you are interested in what this company has to offer so far, you might be interested to learn about how much business they do in Canada as a whole. As one of the largest insurance companies in North America; Canada does provide a fair chunk of Old Republic Insurance Company’s revenue. In all of Canada, Old Republic Insurance Company managed to make a total written auto premium of Premium $63,234,000. Although this may not be among the top insurance companies in Canada, number-wise, the company does a ton of business in the United States and they are more than capable of being able to pay you any claims that you make as a result of being among the largest insurance companies in North America.

Old Republic Insurance Company Car Insurance Products:


Cargo Protection:

Since the company specializes in trucking, they have advanced cargo protection options in place. Old Republic Company makes it their priority to be able to minimize cargo loss as much as possible. If an accident occurs it is the company’s goal to be able to salvage anything it can and to help you with recovering your losses from the incident. Policies such as dishonesty coverage, freight forwarding coverage, and hired auto cargo coverage policies are all available for you to be able to pick up.

Garage keeping:

One problem that you might have as a large company is having things on your property that aren’t yours. This coverage is designed to be able to cover you for any damage done to things like tractors and trailers that you don’t own but are in your possession. The insurance can definitely be a good surprise for customers if anything ever happens to their property and it is your fault.


One great thing about going with Old Republic Insurance Company is that they offer you a huge variety of liability options. You will be able to choose the amount of liability that you feel comfortable with and be able to make yourself a custom insurance plan to suit your needs. The company also has a reputation to uphold and they take pride in being able to submit and file any claims that are made in a prompt and proper manner.

Damage Coverage:

In the trucking industry when damage occurs, generally, it is going to be fairly costly. It is for this very reason that the company has a ton of different damage coverage plans available. If you want to, you can pick catastrophe coverage plans, self-insured retention plans, and even location-specific damage coverage plans. Another nice thing about the company is that they have a lot of partnerships that you can take advantage of if you are a client. The company partners with repair facilities, towing companies as well as a variety of parts suppliers in order to make sure you can make it to a repair facility and be able to get OEM parts and get your vehicle fixed up properly.


If you have a trucking fleet, you likely had to pay quite a bit of money in order to equip your truckers with all of the electronics that you need. Things like GPS, Dash cameras, and two-way radios are just a few of the things you might want to consider getting coverage on. When one thing goes on one truck, you might be surprised how quickly another truck can have the same issue. The cost can definitely add up, which is why you may want to consider getting electronic insurance coverage.

Old Republic Insurance Company Total Sales/ ranking by province:

total sales

If you are having a hard time deciding whether or not you should consider going with this company, you should make sure that you actually can. Not all insurance companies operate everywhere in Canada and some of them do more business in certain provinces than in others. If you want a quality insurance company, you should definitely try to find something that is popular in your area as this helps to reflect how easy they are to find and get insurance through. To help you be able to find out if Old Republic Insurance Company is accessible in your area, we decided to create a table. The table displays the number of direct written premiums that old Republic Company managed to collect in 2015 in comparison to the top 30 insurance companies in each province. Here are the results that we came up with:

Province:Direct Written Premiums 2015Ranking on Top 30
Prince Edward Island13,00021
Nova Scotia594,00023
New Brunswick1,190,00022
British Columbia101,00022
Yukon Territory29,00017
Northwest Territories32,00022

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