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northbridge Financial

Northbridge Financial Corporation Insurance Company Overview


Northbridge Financial Corporation is actually a subsidiary of Fairfax Financial Company. Fairfax was established in 1885 and they have their headquarters in Toronto, Ontario. The company provides a wide range of insurance options for its clients all across Canada. The company is actually a 100% Canadian insurance broker with offices across the country to help Canadians be able to get insurance at a reliable and accessible location. Northbridge has proved to be a very successful insurance company in Canada. In fact, the company actually made a total profit of $65,694,000 in 2015. This large profit actually caused Northbridge to rank 10th for the most profit for all insurance companies in Canada.

Products Offered by Northbridge Financial Corporation Insurance

If you are looking to get a new insurance company, you might want to consider going with Northbridge Financial Corporation Insurance Company. The company offers a huge range of insurance policies for clients. You can pick up business insurance, personal insurance, and a ton of other coverage options. Northbridge Financial Corporation Insurance Company has been providing insurance from its parent company for over 100 years, which means that the company has a ton of experience in the insurance industry and therefore a ton of different products to offer. Here are the things that they currently have:

Business insurance:

  • Cyber Insurance
  • Property insurance
  • Business income losses
  • Commercial insurance
  • Commercial liability
  • Crime coverage

Personal insurance:

  • Damage replacement costs
  • Content coverage
  • Property insurance
  • House insurance
  • Auto insurance

Northbridge Financial Corporation Car Insurance Review


If you are interested in Northbridge Financial Corporation so far, you might be interested to find out how much business this insurance company actually does. This is a very large company in Canada and they have the dollar figures to prove it. The company had a total written auto premium of $491,640,000. This is a very impressive figure and it is likely a result of Northbridge Financial Corporation being one of the only insurance companies to do business in all of Canada’s provinces. This helps to give Northbridge an edge revenue-wise over other insurance companies as it has a larger market to be able to conduct its business in. This extra work and expansion by Northbridge have obviously paid off as the company has substantial figures that allow you to be able to have confidence with getting insurance through them.


One good reason you might want to choose this company is due to its large size. Northbridge didn’t get this large by being a company that provided overpriced insurance policies. The company offers a ton of discounts on your insurance if you quality for them. If you have been driving accident-free for a number of years, you will be given a very large discount on your insurance. The company also provides savings if you decide to bundle both your house and automobile insurance through them as well as if you decide to insure multiple vehicles through their company.

Driving Record Protector Package:

If you are worried that you might get into an accident and be at fault for it, you can, if you qualify for it, get an insurance package to clear your name. If you have this package tacked onto your premium and get into an accident in your vehicle, you can have peace of mind. This package makes sure that your driving record does not change your insurance premium and that you continue to pay the exact same insurance rate as what you paid before you had your accident.

Advanced Rating Structure:

Unlike some insurance companies who solely base their insurance premiums on your age and gender, Northbridge Financial Corporation Insurance Company also bases their insurance on a unique rating structure. This rating structure takes into account how long you have been driving and the number of years that you have been accident-free. Rather than penalizing drivers for recent events, they look at your profile as a whole to try to give you the best deal that they can afford.

Recreational Vehicles:

One very cool thing offered by Northbridge Financial Corporation is the discount that you might be eligible for by adding a recreational vehicle to your policy. Many insurance companies see recreational vehicles as completely separate from road automobiles and don’t offer you a discount for insuring them. However, if you have a watercraft, a trailer, a snowmobile, an ATV, or a boat and want it on your insurance, you likely are going to save some money on your car premium through Northbridge Financial Corporation Insurance Company. This is a very nice incentive that can help to protect your recreational vehicles from things like environmental damage, theft, etc. Definitely a package option that you might want to consider if you have one of these recreational vehicles.

Northbridge Financial Corporation Total Sales/ ranking by province:


In order to help you be able to decide if this is a company that you want to get your insurance policy through, you should look at the table that we created. It is important to make sure that you look to see how much business a company does in your area so that you can tell how easily you will be able to get insurance from them where you live. The more business a company conducts in your local area, the more likely it is that they will have policies and prices that you are going to want to pay for. Money generally goes in places where it is deserved, which is why we thought that this chart might be of use to you. Here is a chart portraying the direct written premiums of Northbridge Financial Corporation Insurance Company and how the company ranks in relation to the top 30 insurance companies in each province:

Province:Direct Written Premiums 2015Ranking on Top 30
Prince Edward Island1,856,00012
Nova Scotia10,377,00015
New Brunswick13,243,00010
British Columbia4,827,0006
Yukon Territory733,0009
Northwest Territories826,0007

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