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CNA insurance

CNA Canada Insurance Company Overview


If you are interested in getting insurance from a company that is been around for a very long time, you might want to consider getting insurance from CNA Canada Insurance Company. CNA was founded back in 1897 in Detroit, Michigan. The owner of CNA is Loews Corporation. The company owns a 90% share of CNA and has big pockets as a result of their gas, drilling rigs, oil, and hotel operations. CNA is definitely a very big company which is apparent when looking at how much profit they produce. In 2015 CNA Canada insurance company produce a total profit of $42,056,000. This ranks them 16th in terms of profit-producing insurance companies in Canada which is a very impressive achievement.

Products Offered by CNA Canada Insurance

In order to be able to decide if you want to get insurance through CNA Canada Insurance Company, you’re likely going to want to find out about the products that they have to offer. As a result of being around for so many years, CNA has developed a huge number of insurance policies. When you’re buying insurance, you want to make sure you have the coverage that you need. Not all insurance companies will have exactly what you need. CNA is such a large company it is likely that. Here are some of the many things CNA offers insurance for:

  • Commercial auto insurance
  • Contractor’s equipment
  • Cyber
  • Directors
  • Property
  • Employment
  • Breakdown
  • Crime and fidelity
  • Marine craft
  • Cargo
  • Surety
  • Liability
  • Builders

CNA Canada Insurance Company Car Insurance Review

Looking at a figure called the total written auto premium is a great way to be able to see how much business a company does in comparison to other insurance companies. In 2015, CNA made a total written auto premium of $29,339,000. What this essentially means, is that they collected that much in premiums from their clients. Considering the company ranked 16th in Canada in terms of profits as well, you can easily tell how large this company is. To see these large financial numbers, can definitely help to give you some peace of mind. The insurance company has plenty of money available to be able to pay for any claims that you need to make, which is definitely something you can’t say about every insurance company.

CNA Canada Insurance Company Car Insurance Products:


Commercial general liability:

If you are a commercial business, you should be aware that there are insurance policies for commercial business fleets if you want to get a discount on insurance. CNA offers discounts for commercial businesses for liability insurance. The company offers flexible billing to help out commercial businesses and they also offer coverage for things like property damage, non-owned vehicles, bodily injury, and other general auto coverages. With special packages available for business executives it is hard to not have a look at CNA if you are looking to get commercial insurance for your business as they have a ton of package options available to suit the needs of every client.

Driver assistance:

Unlike most insurers, CNA wants you to be a good driver and they want you to hire good drivers. Hiring bad drivers or people who develop bad habits is not good for insurance companies. Doing this costs them money if and when a driver gets into an accident. It is for this reason, CNA insurance company offers a variety of safety programs. Programs are available for commercial businesses through CNA to help prevent collisions. The company provides access to a complimentary range of one-hour courses designed to decrease the risk of drivers getting into accidents. An accident is not good for your bottom line or for theirs. If you want to potentially save someone from getting into an accident, then this is worth considering.


If you’re thinking about getting insurance through CNA Canada Insurance Company, you might want to have a look at their breakdown policy. In the event that you have a vehicle or fleet of vehicles breakdown on you and not be able to conduct business, you can get insurance to make up for your losses. Losses can be substantial if you have a fleet of vehicles that you are unable to use. If you have large delivery orders that you cannot make in time for delivery, this can cost a business a ton of money. Although this type of insurance may cost you a fair bit of money, you may lose a fortune by not having this insurance. It is definitely a good idea to at least consider this insurance to give you some peace of mind.

Course options:

With so many insurance companies offering things like collision and comprehensive insurance without offering additional incentives, CNA stands out. CNA has created a program called SORCE. This program offers a huge range of training courses for drivers to help them learn to stay safe on the road at all times. Here is a list of some of the courses that SORCE offers its customers:

  • Rear-end collision course
  • DOT regulations
  • Distracted driving, fatigue to driving and selection
  • Negligence
  • Parking lot awareness
  • Raging on the road

CNA Canada Insurance CompanyTotal Sales/ ranking by province

total sales

It might be hard to decide if CNA Canada Insurance Company is a company that you want to get insurance through. However, you should see how popular they are in your local area. Doing this can help to give you an idea of if it is safe to get insurance through them and how easy it will be to do so. To help you be able to decide if CNA Canada Insurance Company is up to your standards, we have broken down their direct written premiums. By looking at their direct written premiums in each province, you can get a good idea of whether or not they are popular where you live in Canada.  We also compared CNA Canada Insurance to the top 30 insurance companies in each province of Canada in the table below. Here are the results that we came up with:

Province:Direct Written Premiums 2015Ranking on Top 30
Prince Edward Island400024
Nova Scotia90,00030
New Brunswick141,00026
British Columbia772,00014
Yukon Territory27,00018
Northwest Territories145,00016

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