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co-operators insurance

The Co-operators is one of the best Canadian insurance groups. It offers many lines of coverage and financial services.

Created in 1945, the company helps with life insurance, investments, and property and casualty insurance.

This company made more than $10 billion in assets in 2016, putting them in the top ten for the Top 30 Insurance Companies in Canada.

As a well-known name in the field, many people choose this company for its strength and expertise. The information below offers a look into the life insurance plans offered by The Co-operators.

This may help people to make a smarter decision when it comes to their life insurance.

The Co-Operators Term Life Insurance

home and auto insurance

When it comes to choosing term life insurance, The Co-operators offer two main avenues:

  1. The Co-Operators Term Life 1 Insurance

The Term Life 1 policy is meant for people between the ages of 18 and 45. Coverage is anywhere from $50,000 to $450,000, giving people lots of payout choices.

Benefits of this term include a one-year, renewable term, which is similar to home or auto insurance. People are able to purchase the protection right from their own laptop.

This policy was only recently added. It was made to meet the needs of busy people. By answering a few questions, people can get a quote and sign up in just a few minutes.

  1. The Co-Operators Versatile Term Insurance

Versatile Term insurance is an affordable option for people. In this case, the policy covers a certain number of years, chosen by the insured.

Whether they choose 10, 20 or 30 years, all of the plans are renewable and premiums are guaranteed to be affordable.

Benefits of The Co-Operators Term Life Insurance

  • Both options have a guaranteed death benefit
  • Clients can change their policy to a permanent one before renewal comes up closest to their 70th birthday
  • Customers can buy Term 1 online
  • Affordable premiums that never increase

 The Co-Operators Whole Life Suite

cash back

This type of policy is perfect for people who are looking for permanent coverage, as well as lifelong savings growth. The policy also allows for guaranteed premiums and the potential for dividend earnings.

Benefits of The Co-Operators Whole Life Suite:

  • Coverage is available to anyone aged 0-80
  • Covers all insurance needs such as debt coverage, funeral costs, estate settlement and more
  • Potential for dividends based on account performance. These funds can be released at the policy’s first anniversary
  • Premium payments for the lifetime of the policy or for 20 years
  • Clients can enjoy cash back
  • Cash value can be used to pay premiums

The Co-Operators Universal Life Suite

Customers who are interested in investment portfolios often lean towards this policy. Universal Life Suite allows policyholders to manage their portfolio now and later in life.

This is one of the most flexible coverage options. The policy helps to protect the insured’s money, while also encouraging tax-deferred savings and a death benefit.

Benefits of The Co-Operators Universal Life Suite:

  • Tax-advantaged accounts
  • Investments that mirror the person’s level of risk
  • Coverage options that can change over time
  • Cash that grows over time
  • Allowable breaks from premium payments, so long as policy funds can cover monthly insurance charges
  • Various plans underneath the universal life umbrella

The Co-Operators Infinity Term

Customers can upgrade from term life to whole life, without worrying about the increasing costs.

The Infinity Term works to maintain affordable premiums, by offering coverage without a savings component. Similar to other options, the insured has life-long coverage minus a few benefits.

Benefits of The Co-Operators Infinity Term Insurance:

  • Level premiums are set and are paid up at 110 years of age
  • Premium payment options that are comfortable
  • Life-pay for ages 0-80
  • 20-pay for ages 0-70
  • Clients can add riders
  • Customizable to the person’s needs
  • Coverage begins at $25,000

The Co-Operators Responsibility® and Responsibility Plus® Life

One of the obvious advantages of working with The Co-operators is their flexible plans.

Clients ages 40-80 can apply, as well as people on a fixed retirement income.

Customers do not have to have a medical exam.

Benefits of The Co-Operators Responsibility® and Responsibility Plus® Life:

  • No medical or blood test needed
  • Affordable premiums
  • Up to $25,000 in protection
  • Helpful for funeral costs and any debt
  • Helps to leave financial support or a financial gift to beneficiaries

The Co-Operators Business Life

It takes a long time to build a business, and protecting it is a huge task.

The Co-Operators help businesses with a plan that offers business and health protection for owners, partner, and employees. Some of the benefits of this insurance plan include:

  • Funds to hire employees
  • Business estate planning
  • Buy and sell funds
  • Debt

The Co-Operators Critical Illness Insurance


The Co-Operators are second-to-none when it comes to plans. They are one of the most respected insurance companies in Canada, offering unique policies for every stage of life.

Those who are thinking about a critical illness policy will find a variety of choices. The Co-Operators offers two main routes, including:

  • Critical Assist Head Start for Children®

This policy is meant to provide money for families whose kids have one of 36 conditions.

These conditions include including cancer and diabetes. Tax-free lump-sums go from $25,000 to $250,000.

  • Best Doctors®

This option grants people access to more than 50,000 doctors. This can raise the chances of diagnosis and narrow the search for a specialist in that field.


The Co-Operators have many policies to choose from. Consider each one and their features, since your needs may change as time goes on.