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SSQ Assurance

SSQ Life insurance started as the SSQ Financial Group in 1944. The company began in Quebec, Canada, and has many products for insurance and investments.

Today, the company serves over three million customers and employs more than 2,000 people. SSQ was rated as having one of the best term life insurance plans in Canada, costing just $27.23 per month for a term 15 plan.

With more than $12 billion in assets, SSQ is a great company to work with. To get a better idea of what SSQ offers, the information below explains some of their life insurance plans.

SSQ Term Life Insurance

age seventy

SSQ’s term life insurance offers 10 or 20-year plans or until the age of 70. They also offer a Term Plus Life Insurance option.

SSQ Term 10

The term 10 plan has premiums that never change, and people can renew the term until they are 85 years old. It can be changed to permanent insurance until the age of 70, and people may raise their amount of insurance during the first five anniversaries.

A special feature of the Term 10 gives people the ability to use an extreme disability benefit. This benefit lets people have 50% of their life insurance payment ahead of time in case of a disability.

Clients choose from a few policies including Individual, Joint First to Die and Multi-Life.

SSQ Term 20

This policy can be renewed until the age of 85 and can be changed to permanent insurance until the age of 70.

Like Term 10, people can enjoy a disability benefit, which lets them take out up to 50% of their insurance payment at no extra cost.

Options include Individual, Multi-Life, Joint First to Die and Joint Last to Die. This policy allows for up to 6 insured people, and it can be paired with other policies.

SSQ Term 70

This policy covers people until they reach the age of 70. The policy can be changed to permanent until the age of 65.

The extreme disability benefit is also applicable for this policy, with access to 50% of the payments made. SSQ encourages people to mix their term life policies with other policies including critical illness, AD&D and child riders.

SSQ Term Plus Life Insurance


This term life option offers multi-purpose protection for personal and business needs. The policy allows for terms between 10 and 35 years and it can be changed to permanent.

This option allows for income protection, estate planning, coverage for loans and more. Concepts that can be added include the Insurability Benefit, the Extreme Disability Benefit, Critical Illness Coverage and more.

 Benefits of SSQ Term Life Insurance:

  • The most flexible and affordable option
  • The client can convert the policy to the permanent life insurance
  • Extra benefits can be added, including critical illness, AD&D, child riders and more
  • Discounts are available when more than one person is insured
  • Many renewing options

 SSQ Permanent Life Insurance

With permanent life insurance from SSQ, people have coverage for their entire lives. They may choose to pay premiums for 20 years, or until the age of 100.

SSQ Whole Life 20

Life insurance that is only paid for the first 20 years. After that, the family will be protected. Loved ones can enjoy a cash accumulation and use it for anything they would like.

SSQ Whole Life 100

This policy is good for business owners who want to protect their success. This policy helps to protect business owners in the event of a setback or loss.

The death benefit of this policy helps people get support for their companies. Retirement needs can use the cash accumulation as well.

SSQ Term 100

People who want permanent insurance but cannot afford high premiums can use Term 100. It offers cheaper premiums for long-term duties.

Benefits of SSQ Permanent Life Insurance:

  • Set premiums
  • Set amount left to heirs
  • The client takes out the growing cash on the 10th anniversary or later
  • Extreme Disability Benefit (EDB) added at no cost
  • Option to change insurance amount
  • Great for retirement planning
  • Support loved ones’ futures
  • The customer chooses from Individual, Multi-Life, Joint First to Die and Joint Last to Die

SSQ Universal Life Insurance

People who need life insurance, as well as tax-sheltered money, will enjoy the SSQ Universal Life Insurance option.

Benefits of SSQ Universal Life Insurance:

  • Helps to build wealth for loved ones
  • Can build investments
  • Coverage that lets people change their insurance or payment amounts
  • Combined policies are an option
  • People can take out cash growth

SSQ Critical Illness Insurance


Many people confuse critical illness insurance and life insurance. Both policies take care of different things and do not stand in place of the other.

People who have a critical illness in their lifetime use this protection to stand in for their regular income while they cannot work. It helps with income, bills, and can also help pay for medicines or treatments.

Basic protection with this plan covers the three main illnesses that include cancer, heart attack, and stroke. This protection covers 25 adult illnesses, and the child protection covers 28 children’s illnesses.

Benefits of SSQ Critical Illness Insurance:

  • Coverage for 28 children illnesses
  • Coverage for 25 adult illnesses
  • Protects your income
  • Helps with a faster recovery
  • The client uses the money how they see fit (income, medicine, costs, etc.)
  • SSQ’s Assistance Benefit is added free of charge and includes medical referral, medical help, second medical opinions, and more


SSQ offers lots of policies to suit the needs of each person. Finding multiple policy quotes will help to make a final decision.

Bundled policies from one company can include discounts and savings. This can include home, auto, and life insurance from the same company.