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la capitale insurance

La Capitale believes in being transparent about their statistics. The company is involved in many different financial sectors with Life Insurance only being one segment of it.

According to FSCO

  • LaCapitale has $170,085 direct written premiums
  • $86,662 benefits and payments to policy holders
  • Total assets of 1,344,721

La Capitale believes in offering choices when comes to life insurance among their insurance product lines is Permanent Life Insurance. The Company has broken this down into different packages called the Advantage Series.

La Capitale Permanent Life Insurance

La Capitale 100% Pure Protection

This is for those that don’t want to second guess about whether they have enough insurance coverage. There is flexibility as to the age when a person wants to buy this insurance. It generally covers all the wants and needs that the average life insurance purchaser wants. For couples who are keen on buying joint life insurance with no compromises then this is the ideal choice.


  • Can be purchased up to age 80
  • Joint purchase up to age 70
  • Coverage between $10,000 o $2,500,000
  • Guaranteed premium rates
  • After ten years no further premium payments (reduction of coverage)
  • Succession Advantage
  • Additional options available
  • Fixed permanent insurance until the age of 100

LaCapitale 100% Pure Involvement

Many individuals buy life insurance when their families are at a young age, and they generally have a bigger debt load. With the reduced premium rates in the first ten years with this policy, it lifts some of the burdens of the insurance costs when money is tight.


  • Purchase up to age 80
  • Coverage between 10,000 to $2,500,000
  • Reduced premium rates for the first ten years
  • After ten years no premium payments (reduced coverage)
  • Surrender value on 75th birthday
  • Additional options available

La Capitale Simplified Advantage

For those who want to keep their insurance buying simple then this the policy that they may want to focus on.


  • Insurance shoppers can buy between $5,000 to $100,000 worth of life insurance
  • No medical or blood tests required
  • Appropriate for those between the ages of 40 to 80
  • Premiums are affordable based on age and whether the applicant is a smoker or non-smoker
  • Premiums are fixed and guaranteed for the life of the contract
  • Accelerated payment benefit
  • Guaranteed Surrender value
  • Flexibility with reduced paid-up insurance
  • Succession Advantage helps with legal fees and expenses regarding policy

La Capitale Horizon 50+ Advantage

Insurance needs often change once an individual is past fifty. Money is more secure, and most often there is less debt to deal with. Many want just enough life insurance to cover some small expenses as well as their funeral expenses. This policy meets these needs perfectly.


  • No medical exam required
  • Coverage is between $5,000 to $20,000
  • Guaranteed Affordable premiums
  • Accelerated payment benefits
  • Surrender Value
  • Plus option

La Capitale Affirmative Advantage

There are those that want basic life insurance coverage but want extra protection for their loved ones in the event of accidental death. This particular policy meets both of these needs and provides some extra protection in the event of illness during its living benefit.


  • For those between the ages of 18 to 80
  • Coverage up to $25,000
  • No medical exam
  • Double payout for accident death before the age of 85
  • Living Benefit
  • Guaranteed fixed premiums
  • Succession Advantage
  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Cash surrender value guaranteed

La Capitale Financial Security Insurance Company Term Life Insurance

Everyone requires insurance coverage for different reasons. Therefore they require choices when they are making their purchases. For some term life insurance is the best option. It is the type of life insurance that is most applicable to the current needs. Meaning many people have a lot of debt in the younger years of their family. Insurance shoppers want to be sure there is enough life insurance in place to cover these debts. While at the same time allowing the family to continue with their normal lifestyle after a loved one has passed.

La Capitale has divided their term life insurance into two packages

La Capitale Financial Security Insurance Company Fixed Term Life Insurance

This is an insurance product that is available for an individual purchase or as a joint coverage. For those that want to know exactly what they are going to be paid during the duration of their coverage then this is the policy to opt for.


  • The minimum amount is $25,000, and the max is $10,000,0000
  • For those ages 18 to 60, there are 10-20-25 year fixed terms
  • For ages 18 to 55, there is a 30 year fixed term
  • For ages 18 to 50, there is a 35 year fixed term
  • Opportunity for renewable term coverage up to the age of 85
  • Convertible to Permanent life ( to age 70)
  • Fixed and guaranteed premiums

La Capitale Financial Security Insurance Company Term Decreasing Life Insurance

For those that want an insurance policy to adjust to their lifestyle then they may be more comfortable having a policy that decreases in its cost and coverage. La Capitale has made this option available.


  • Available for individual or joint coverage
  • Decreasing periods between 15 to 35 years according to age
  • Minimum coverage $25,000. Max $10,000,000
  • Convertible to Permanent life insurance up to age 70
  • Ideal for those looking for insurance that can meet the immediate needs in the case of death such as,
  • Payment of Debts
  • Payment of mortgage
  • Payment of vehicle loans
  • Schooling for children


La Capitale Financial Security Insurance Company has made it really easy for those who want and need to personalize their life insurance. It may seem like there are a lot of product packages but they each target the specific wants and needs of groups of people. For those who are interested in group life insurance La Capitale has options for this as well.

The best way to decide as to which package is best suited for the insurance shopper is to carefully study each package and then compare them against one another. This can one can see how much each package is going to benefit them. That which suits the needs the most will be the likely one to purchase.