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Windsor is part of Essex County. Those that want life insurance can seek out experienced life insurance brokers. Within the city itself. They also have the option of using brokers that are located throughout Essex County.

Will Insurance


This brokerage firm is passionate about the services that they offer. Their services are based on supplying insurance packages. For many different types of insurance. They feel that the families in the Windsor area deserve the chance to buy quality life insurance. This company feels that they are the broker that can offer these opportunities to them. They have been in business since 1970. They have several branches for the convenience of their clients. Their mandate is to build strong relationships with their customers. The Company believes in offering personal service. They realize that life insurance is a personalized product. It deserves their undivided attention for each client. For this particular branch, the company has no Google* reviews.

Sun Life

Sun Life is pleased to be able to service the Windsor Essex area. When it comes to life insurance, they will be sure that customers understand this insurance product. They realize how important it is for customers to financially protect their family. One can deal directly with this insurance provider. They will know exactly what they’re going to be able to get. The company will strive to get them the best rates possible. The company offers term life insurance as well as permanent life insurance. There are those that want participating life insurance or universal life insurance. There are options here for this as well. Currently, this office has one* Google review with a 5.* rating.

All-Risks Insurance

All Risks insurance is a company that has many offices spread throughout Ontario. They are becoming well recognized. For their simplicity in the insurance packages that they offer. When it comes to their life insurance, they know that this can be a very complex product to buy. They will go over all of the common questions that are usually asked. By clients concerning this insurance. They will answer each question as it pertains to each. Also, they note that this is personalized insurance. Plus, they realize the buyers want to know that they are getting the coverage they need. They are concerned about their loved ones and want to make sure they are well taken care of. This particular office has five* Google reviews with a 3.6* star rating.

Scott Mallender Insurance


There are many different types of insurance packages that insurance brokers can sell. This particular broker puts a great deal of emphasis on life insurance. The two main focuses are on term life insurance and universal life insurance. The broker will carefully explain the advantages and disadvantages to each of these. Every individual that needs life insurance is going to have their own specific needs. The professionals here can identify those needs. So they can make strong recommendations as to what is going to be best suited for the insurance shopper. Currently, this company does not have any Google* reviews.

State Farm – Bob Leyte

State Farm is a very busy insurance provider. It is because they offer a quality package when it comes to life insurance. For the Windsor Essex area, this agent is dedicated to meeting life insurance needs. For all those that come to him for assistance. He is going to take the time to explain the pros and cons of life insurance. Also, help those in need to make the right decision for them. Currently, this office does not have any Google* reviews.

Brian A. Price

This individual broker specializes in a few different types of insurance. While mortgage insurance is one of their priorities so is life insurance. They are going to make sure that they cover all of the different circumstances. Like those that revolve around insurance. There are many that have difficulty buying insurance. This company is prepared to address those special needs. An example of this is no medical life insurance. Declined life insurance is another specialty of theirs. Currently, this company has five* Google reviews giving it a 5.* rating.

R.J. Buys and Associates

This is an insurance agency that represents the Co-Operators. The Co-Operators is a company that is well known for their quality insurance products. They are also very astute at choosing agents that are going to offer their services to clients in a very comprehensive way. This particular agent is most pleased to be able to serve the Windsor and Essex area. Currently, this agent has no Google reviews*.

Dan Dupais

Dan is another agent that represents the Windsor Essex area. He does this for the Co-Operators insurance company. Dan is there to give as much time as needed to answer all the questions that come with life insurance. He is dedicated to the company and believes in the products that he is representing. For those that are confused about life insurance, Dan is going to be able to reduce this confusion. He will make one feel confident in the products they are buying. Currently, this agent has two* Google reviews giving him a 3,* rating.

All Line Insurance

Most people dread having to buy any insurance. This is because it is often confusing and overwhelming. When it comes to life insurance this a broker is going to make buying it a simple process. They are going to go through all of the steps that one needs to take to review their options. The company offers the three most common forms of life insurance. This is term life and whole life. It also includes universal life. Currently, this company has 14* Google reviews giving it a 4.1* star rating.

Gibb Insurance

Not every insurance broker handles life insurance packages. This particular broker does, and they do so with passion. They realize how important this type of insurance is. They want to make sure that clients are going to get the best from them. To be able to do this they need to ask a series of questions. The questions help them shop from different companies. Ones that are going to offer the best according to their needs. While the best coverage is going to be critically important so is the cost. This insurance broker wants to make sure that all the client needs are met.

Kafka Insurance

auto insurance

Kafka promotes its auto insurance. But it also provides other types of insurance that are important to life insurance. This company is dedicated to finding life insurance solutions. For those that approach them. Their mandate is to keep insurance shopping as simple as possible. Clients that are looking for this type of insurance have a heavy responsibility. They want to make sure that their loved ones are going to be protected in the future. This insurance broker is going to make sure that they know all of their options.

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