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Welland Civic Centre

For those in the Welland Pelham area that are looking for life insurance options, there are some experienced brokers here to assist them with this.

Reuter & Reilly

financial services

This insurance brokerage company offers many different types of financial services. One that is highly important to them is their life insurance products. This is because they know it is important to their clients. Life insurance is also part of investment and tax planning. Dealing with a brokerage that has knowledge makes it beneficial. It is ideal for buying the right type of insurance. Most often the priority for life insurance purchasers is for their beneficiaries. This is important to these brokers as well. They will help the life insurance shopper. By making the best decision based on the information that they provide. They will use information combined with their experience and expertise. To provide the life insurance solutions for the individual. This company currently has four* Google reviews giving it a 3.5* rating.

Youngs Insurance

Youngs insurance is no stranger to the insurance industry. They have been providing services for over a century and are still going strong. Among the many products that they have to offer it includes life insurance. When an insurance shopper can deal with an experienced Company like this it has many benefits. Life insurance is such an important product. It should not be bought without thought. In order to make the right decision one needs to know what is available to them. The life insurance specialist here at Youngs will make sure their clients are informed. The Company has seven* Google reviews giving it a 4.6* rating.

F.E. Coyne


This company is going to make sure that their clients understand what is available to them. No matter what type of insurance they are looking for. Among their specialties is life insurance. They believe in making themselves available. To answer any questions one may have about this type of insurance. They also believe that no pressure should be put on the insurance buyer. By being available to answer the questions they can provide information. To help the insurance shopper make an informed decision. If there is any confusion the experts here are going to do their best to clear this up. The company currently has five* Google reviews giving it a 4.8* rating.

Verge Life Insurance

Verge has one very important motto. It is making insurance uncomplicated. This is a great motto to have as life insurance can be very complicated. The professionals are willing to listen to what the insurance shopper’s needs are. The brokers will be able to offer the most appropriate life insurance packages. Based on the individual needs. This is a company that has been in business for some time and are dedicated to the services that they provide.

Mason Insurance

These life insurance providers are able to make sure your client’s needs are met. The professionals here are ready willing and able to meet their needs. This is a company that is willing to take their time with each client. Life insurance is not something that should be rushed into. Insured shopper’s need to be able to rely on good brokers. Ones that are willing to give them the time and attention that they need. Mason insurance is one of those companies.

My Life Policy

A lot of individuals are concerned about the type of life insurance that they may qualify for. Individuals will buy this insurance at different stages of their life. When doing this it means that they have different needs. This insurance brokerage company is fully aware of this. They have really focused on offering choices for their life insurance shoppers. They offer Whole life and University life. Also, they offer Infinity life. Those looking for no medical insurance want to talk with the professionals here. These individuals are going to do their very best. To make sure that the right insurance packages are available. For each client that approaches them.

McAvoy, Belan & Campbell

This broker offers many different types of services and products. Among their personal line of insurance, it includes life insurance. This is a company that is concerned about all of the needs of their clients. When it comes to life insurance they realize that this is a big product that one is purchasing. Most life insurance buyers are concerned about the financial needs of their beneficiaries. The agents here will make sure that they go over all of the options. So the buyer can be sure they are getting the right product.

Seymour Fair

This insurance brokerage has a long list of insurance products that they offer. At first one might miss the fact that they do offer life insurance. This includes individual and joint life insurance packages. As large as what they may be in their offerings they believe in personalized service. This means that one is going to be able to take all the time they need to discover what that this company has to offer.

Keller Insurance

This insurance brokerage firm knows that buying life insurance can be expensive. Individuals are often confused as to how much coverage they need. The brokers here will go over all of the important information to help them make a proper decision. They will keep in mind the budget of the individual that is inquiring about the insurance. They will also help the insurance shopper determine what the beneficiary’s needs are. With the right questions and answers, the perfect life insurance product can be purchased.

Ryan Boese


State Farm has a presence in this area as one may expect. State Farm is well known for the different types of insurance that they offer. Life insurance is an important segment of their insurance products. Ryan is available to assist those that are in need of life insurance. He is well versed in what State Farm has to offer. He will be able to present this to the insurance shoppers in an understandable fashion.

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