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Those that live in Toronto and the surrounding area will have no problem buying any products they wish to. This includes life insurance. There are several companies within this city that cater to this type of insurance.

RBC Insurance


There are several different insurance companies that service the Toronto area. For life insurance needs. There are also some banks that offer this type of insurance as well. RBC is one of these. Their focus is on their package called RBC Simplified Term life insurance. It comes with several benefits which the company is proud to offer. They claim that it is convenient to shop for and takes very little time for the completion of the process. They are also indicating that they only have 11 questions. Ones that are simple to answer for one to be able to get life insurance coverage under $500,000. These are a few of the benefits that they are promoting with their term life insurance. Besides this, they have other life insurance plans. Life insurance is a personalized product. This is why insurance companies like RBC insurance want to be able to offer options. Currently, this company has one* review on Google reviews giving it a 5.*star rating.

Toronto Life Brokers

This company is promoting that they offer some of the best rates for their insurance packages. This includes their life insurance. They welcome clients that are looking for insurance renewal as well as new ones. They are stating they offer no risk no obligation conversations. To inform insurance shoppers of what is available to them. They are willing to take the time with each client. To help them choose the best life-insurance package for them. They work with many large insurance companies. To be able to get the best rates as it pertains to each insurance shopper. On their Facebook page, they have 31* of followers and one* review here giving a 5.* rating. On Google reviews, they have one* review giving them a 5.* rating.

Canadian Insurance Brokers Inc.

This is an independent insurance broker. One that offers a variety of different types of insurance. For those looking for life-insurance, they are going to find this company offers some choices. The company prefers to deal directly with those interested in insurance. Also, they encourage those that are looking for life-insurance to contact them directly. Currently, on Google reviews, this company has three* reviews with a 3.7 *rating.

Guthrie Insurance Brokers

This insurance broker has been in business for over 50 years. They serve the Toronto and surrounding area in a diligent manner. They believe that every individual should have the proper insurance. By doing so, it gives them the confidence of knowing that good coverage is in place. While getting the best rates. Life insurance is an important product that they offer. They offer a variety of packages to provide term as well as permanent life insurance. On their LinkedIn page, they have 500* connections and two* recommendations. On Google reviews, they have 11* reviews giving them a 4.* rating.

DMW Insurance Ltd

This insurance broker knows how important life-insurance is. To each client that is shopping for this. They offer both term life insurance, as well as whole life insurance. Also, there is universal life insurance available here as well. The professionals here want to take the time to go over each of these packages. It is highly important that the insurance shopper make the right decision. This is going to provide financial security for their beneficiaries in the future.

Also, many individuals don’t understand the different types of life insurance. The DMW insurance wants to make sure that their clients know what they’re buying. On their LinkedIn page they are showing that they have 4* employees. They have 21* Google reviews giving them a 4.3* rating.

Win-Life Insurance


This particular company appears to specialize in life insurance. For business people and professionals. These types of insurance shoppers have many options available to them. From who they want to buy their insurance from. They can choose to go with a specialty company such as this. Or choose many of the other insurance companies available in Toronto.

Active Insurance

Active insurance believes in keeping their offerings simple. They offer good quality life insurance packages to meet the shopper’s needs. They will take the time to explain the different types of insurance packages. Also what their main purposes are. Some want insurance to cover the needs of their beneficiaries. Others want insurance that they can also use for investment purposes. This insurance company will explain the difference. Also, help the insurance shopper choose that which is best for them. The company has one* review on Google giving it a 5* rating.

Ideal Solutions

Life-insurance is all about protecting one’s beneficiaries. This is a company that has been in business for 30 years. They understand the great responsibility the insurance shopper has. When they are choosing their insurance packages. The company offers a comprehensive package of life insurance. Ones that can be customized to fit the need of each client. The brokers here will go over the options that they have available. Plus, they will do their very best to get the best prices according to the insurance product being bought. On the companies LinkedIn page they have 32* employees and 87* followers. On their Facebook page they have 73* followers. They have five* reviews on Google reviews giving them a 2.8* rating.

Masters Insurance

Masters insurance enjoys offering life insurance packages. Ones that are going to give their clients the peace of mind that this type of insurance brings. They will work with their clients to determine which type of plan is going to be best for them. Also, they are an independent Brokerage Company with over 40 years of experience. The company has built their reputation on being trustworthy and caring. The company has eight* reviews on Google giving it a 4.8 rating.

Mills Brokers

Mills brokers focuses on term life insurance. As they believe that it is one of the insurance packages that can be most important. When it comes to life insurance. They also offer group life insurance. So there are several choices here for the insurance shopper to choose from. In 1979 the company came into being. Since then they have been serving those in the Toronto and surrounding area. They provide options for life insurance that clients deserve. The company is dedicated to the business that they are in. They have chosen to team up with quality insurance providers. To make sure that their clients are going to have options available to them. Those that suit their lifestyle and the requirements for their beneficiaries. The company has eight* reviews on Google reviews giving it a 3.9* rating.

St. Andrews Insurance Brokers


St. Andrews takes great pleasure in serving the Toronto and surrounding area. Helping clients with a variety of different insurance packages. Included in this is life insurance. Which they realize is an important product for most individuals. The company has been in business since 1989. They work closely with their insurance providers. To get the best coverage for their clients. The company has 28* reviews on Google reviews giving it a 4.* rating.

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