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Thunder Bay Ontario

For those that like to enjoy what every season has to offer at its best, then Thunder Bay is a beautiful place to live. It has all that nature has to offer plus all the amenities. For those needing life insurance, Thunder Bay has plenty of brokers to choose from

Youngs Insurance

superior service

Youngs insurance is a brokerage company that has been in business for over 100 years. They take great pride in the superior service that they can offer their clients. Also, they offer many different types of insurance including life insurance. They are proud of the large client base that they have. At the same time, they look forward to bringing new clients on board. When it comes to life insurance, this company knows how important it is. To everyone that approaches them. They have lined themselves up with some of the very best insurance providers in Canada. Based on this it gives them plenty of options. For shopping for the exact life-insurance package required for each. On the companies LinkedIn page, they have 138* employees with 569* followers. On their Facebook page, they have 2,009* followers. They have a 4.2* star rating here. On Google reviews, they have one* review with a 1.* star rating.

Dewhurst Insurance

Dewhurst has on staff six* of the highest quality brokers. Those intent on serving the insurance industry. They offer a variety of different types of insurance. Recently added to their roster of services is life-insurance. They are excited at being able to offer this type of insurance. They are intent on offering the very best of service for this insurance product. As they are with all the other types of insurance that they offer. This company does not currently have any Google* reviews.


best pricing

When an individual shopping for life-insurance they have a lot of needs that they don’t realize. They need a professional that is going to be able to answer all their questions. Plus, they need someone that is going to be able to review with them all the different types of life insurance. They also need an expert that is going to be able to get them the best pricing. This is a lot of expectations to put on those that are in the insurance industry. A company that can meet these expectations and more is Brokerlink. Brokerlink is a collection of top quality insurance brokers. Ones that know their business. They treat every client on an individual basis. Currently, for the Thunder Bay office, Brokerlink has eight* reviews giving a 3.4* star rating.

Cambrian Insurance

Life-insurance shoppers want to deal with the company that is going to treat them well. That is what one can expect when dealing with Cambrian insurance. The company offers life-insurance options. This can be confusing. The company is going to be there to assist the shopper by giving them undivided attention. There is no such thing as rushing a client through with this company. They will dedicate all the time needed. This way the insurance shopper is getting the best attention. Currently, this company does not have any Google* reviews.


Allstate is not about to let the life-insurance needs of Thunder Bay residents go unattended. One may think that with Allstate being such a big company they have lost their personalized approach. This is far from the case. Allstate has the ability to treat every client on a personal level. They are going to receive top-notch service. From the time they come in with their queries through the entirety of the time that they are a client of Allstate. The company serving the Thunder Bay area has seven* Google reviews giving at 4.7* star rating.

Sun Life

Sun Life teams up with many different brokerage firms. They have done this at Thunder Bay as well. Out of the many different products that Sun Life offers one of these is life-insurance. They realize that some individuals are looking for the long-term coverage. For their life-insurance needs. There are others that have immediate concerns. With there being variations it means a company must be able to deal with the individual needs. Sun Life does this through the offering of the most common and favoured types of life insurance. This is term life and permanent life. Also, they have included participating life and universal life. With so many options it means a lot of questions. However, the representatives of Sun Life are going to answer those questions. Also, they will put aside any concerns the life-insurance shopper has.


Co-Operators are a large insurance company. As such many people feel that they’re not going to get individualized attention.Especially when it comes to their life insurance. However, Co-Operators works through highly qualified agents. These are agents that have been well trained and have experience. There is a Co-Operators agent available in the Thunder Bay area. They are well prepared to meet the life insurance needs of the residents here. Also, they will answer any questions as needed. Plus, they are going to allow the shopper the chance to understand what they are buying. Currently, this office has no Google* reviews.

Schooler & Company

This is an agent that is also representing the Co-Operators. Adam has been in the business of providing personalized insurance services for some time now. He is dedicated to the needs of each individual that approaches him for his insurance needs. He has chosen the Co-Operators. Knowing that this is an insurance provider that stands behind their products.

Douglas Robinson

This is an insurance company that supports Sun Life insurance. As such they offer the packages that Sun Life has available. One of which is the life insurance. Sun Life likes to make its presence known across the entirety of Ontario. This is because they have much to offer those that are in need of insurance. The life-insurance is an important purchase and one that demands a lot of attention. For this reason, Sun Life is going to make sure that they have plenty of contacts. For the life-insurance shopper.

Northern Insurance

life insurance

Northern insurance is not in this immediate location. They do help with the insurance needs remotely. This can be as effective as going indirectly to the office. They offer a full selection of life insurance packages. So they are there to assist anybody in northern Ontario that has these needs.

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