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St. Catherines Ontario

Those that live in the St. Catharines Niagara region care about their families. One of the ways they look after them is by making sure they have good life insurance in place.

Rachel Delaney Ins.


This is an insurance agency that caters to the St. Catharines Niagara area. The company is a representative of State Farm insurance. State Farm is a direct insurance provider. As such they have a collection of life insurance policies for clients to choose from. They are a well-known and established company. They are well respected in the industry. Those that want a simple format of buying life insurance may want to take a look at what this agent has to offer. Currently, this agency has five* Google reviews with a 2.6* star rating.

Verge Insurance Group

Verge insurance started back in 1953. Since then they have not looked back and have continued to grow. Over the years they have served many satisfied customers. With all different types of insurance. Life insurance is a priority for them. It is because it is a priority for many of their clients. The company realizes this is a complex type of insurance to buy. Based on this they want to make sure their clients understand the purchase they are making. Individuals that want to make sure that their families are protected can count on this broker. To put the right life insurance in Place. Currently, this company has five* Google reviews giving it a 2.6* star rating.

Olsen Sottile

Individuals that are shopping for life insurance have some expectations. They want to be able to deal with a broker that understands the concerns that they have. The only way a broker can do this is by asking the right questions. Based on the answers the expert will then be able to find the insurance package that is best suited. This is a company that has been around for close to 35* years and still have the intention of growing. Even though they have grown in leaps and bounds since they went into the industry. They are a brokerage company that many claim can be counted on. Currently, this company has 4* Google reviews giving it a 3,* rating.

Youngs Insurance


Youngs insurance is a brokerage firm that is recognized by many. They have been serving the St. Catharines Niagara region with diligence and care. They believe in offering life-insurance options. Their insurance packages are comprised of term life insurance. Also whole life insurance. For those that want universal life insurance, there is an option here for this as well. With so many choices it can be difficult to choose. But, the professionals here are going to make sure their clients make the right choices. This company currently has 10* reviews on Google with a 2.7* star rating.

All-Risks Insurance

This insurance brokerage company wants to make sure they can serve many clients. They do this through the many different offices that they have. They are a network of highly experienced and educated insurance brokers.  Also, they are going to make sure that when it comes to life insurance that their clients are going to get the very best. The very best means having the right amount of insurance to make one feel comfortable. It also means having the right type. Also it means that it has to be affordable. These are all the mandates that this broker strives to make for each client they serve. This branch currently has 3* Google reviews giving it a 3.* rating

Morison Insurance

Morison has a very definitive approach to providing life insurance. This is such an important product that involves families. Insurance buyers need to know that their loved ones are financially protected. One of the issues they face is how much insurance to buy. They are so intent on making sure that they have enough coverage. But they are also concerned about the costs. An experienced insurance broker will be able to balance the two. Morison insurance has the capability of being able to do this. Currently, this company has 43* Google reviews giving them a 4.9* star rating.

Aaron Cohen

Aaron is a dedicated insurance agent. One that specializes in the insurance packages offered by Co-Operators. The Co-Operators are well known in Ontario for providing different types of insurance. Many people buy their auto insurance through them. Also, they offer good quality life insurance packages. Aaron is available to answer questions that life-insurance shoppers have. He will work hard at getting them the coverage that is best suited for them and their family. Currently, this agent has one* Google review giving him a 5.*rating.

Keller & Associates

Sometimes insurance shoppers are disappointed. To find that their broker does not carry life-insurance. This will not be a disappointment faced with Keller and Associates. They are here to serve the St. Catharines and Niagara region with their life insurance needs. They will take the time to go over the main reasons why individuals want to have this type of coverage. The priority is usually to protect loved ones that are left behind in the event of the death of the insured. It is a difficult topic to talk about, but Keller and Associates make it an easy process. Their mandate is to build confidence in the clients. Those that buy their insurance packages from them. This brokerage firm currently has three* Google reviews giving it a 3.7* star rating.

SeymourFair Insurance

This is an insurance brokerage that offers a long line of insurance products. However, they have enough competent staff to be able to dedicate individual service. To every insurance shopper. This includes meeting the needs of the life-insurance shopper. They have been intent on the type of partners that they have chosen to affiliate with. By doing this, it means that they can shop effectively for every individual client. Currently, this client has one* Google review giving them a 4.*  rating.

Butler Insurance


They are a company that believes in being simple in their offerings. They want their clients to be educated about their choices. To do this, it means a solid and extensive question-and-answer period. The questions go both ways. The broker wants to know what the needs are for the insurance shopper. The shopper wants to know what Butler has to offer. This will be a productive conversation. Leading to the client getting the best insurance package at the best price.

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