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Sarnia Ontario

There aren’t a lot of insurance brokers in Sarnia that cater to life insurance. Although there are several agents that represent some of the main insurance companies. Many of the large insurance providers will offer their life insurance products remotely. From their main offices.

Sun Life


Sun Life is a direct insurance provider. They have offices in many different parts of Ontario. They are heavily involved in various types of investments. The provision of insurance is also a top priority for this company. Life insurance is one of the insurance products that they promote. They realize how important families are to their clients. Their clients want to be able to protect their families financially. In the event, something happens to them. To be able to do this they need good choices when it comes to life insurance.

Sun Life has quality experienced advisors that specialize in this line of insurance. They will be able to answer all of the questions that the life insurance shopper has. They will also know what questions to ask. Questions being asked to help them determine what is the best coverage for the clients. Those that they are providing life insurance for.

RBC Insurance

RBC does not have an insurance office in Sarnia. But they have close by locations. Ones that are easily able to handle life insurance needs remotely. There are offices in London or Kitchener. They would be pleased to meet the needs for life insurance in Sarnia. The type of life insurance RBC offers is meant to be simple. This is a complicated type of insurance to buy. This company wants to make sure that they make this purchase as stress-free as possible. They do this by offering a package called RBC Simplified Term Life Insurance.

The Co-Operators Insurance

Co-Operators insurance offers many different types of insurance. Each one of them is important. They offer a variety of life insurance packages. To be able to offer options to those needing this type of insurance. They believe in educating their clients as to what these options are. There are some insurance shoppers that only need a temporary type of life insurance. For these individuals to call Co-Operators offers a term life selection of policies. There are those that want more long-term coverage. To be able to buy this insurance simply. They offer permanent life.

The Co-Operators works through a variety of different agents. Those shopping for life insurance can get personalized service. That which they want and need.

Fabien Jagoo & Assoc.

associate agent

Fabien is one of the agents representing the Co-Operators in the Sarnia area. He has been with Co-Operators for about 22* years starting out as an associate agent. He is here to answer any and all questions. About the life insurance needs of Sarnia residents. Currently, this agent has no Google* reviews.

Brian Joyce & Associates

Brian has been a resident of Sarnia all his life. Also, has chosen to become a representative for Co-Operators insurance. He has been serving the community for their life insurance needs since 2008. Brian is knowledgeable in the field of insurance. He has all the answers for those that require good quality life insurance. At reasonable rates. Currently, this agent has one* Google review giving it a 5.* rating.

F.Filia & Associates

Franco has been dedicated to the insurance needs in the Sarnia area since 1988. He is here to assist those that are in need of life insurance. As a representative of Co-Operators, he can present the quality life insurance packages. Those that this insurance provider has. He and his team will take the time to treat each insurance shopper individually. Plus, cater to their individual needs. Currently, this agency has no Google* reviews.

State Farm Insurance

State Farm is a well-recognized and respected insurance company. They provide all types of insurance including life insurance. Life insurance is an important product that they sell. Their policies are often in great demand because of the options that they can offer. Some want a simple and solid life insurance product. They may want to check out the permanent life insurance packages this company offers. For those that want a more affordable type of insurance then State Farm offers term life insurance. Another option that State Farm offers is Universal life insurance. Which fits in nicely with those at that are doing estate planning.

State Farm has several agents that are available. To serve the populated regions of Ontario. Sarnia has several agents that one can contact to meet their insurance needs.

Scott Trinder

Scott is a representative of State Farm. He is well-versed in all the types of insurance packages that State Farm carries. He is here to serve the needs of those in the Sarnia area that are looking for the best insurance to meet their needs. State Farm has a comprehensive life insurance product. One that will suit any life insurance shopper.

Jim Keys

There is no need for any Sarnia resident to have to stress about their life insurance needs. Jim is a representative of State Farm. As such he knows everything there is about the State Farm life insurance packages. He will go over each of these carefully with the interested shopper. He is prepared to answer any questions. So the life insurance shopper can make an informed decision.

Chad Dreise Insurance

Chad is committed to representing the State Farm insurance company. Some individuals are not aware of the life insurance products that State Farm has to offer. Chad can help with this. There are a lot of decisions that have to be made when it comes to life insurance. Being able to depend on an experienced broker like Chad can help. By allowing for easier life insurance shopping.

Gisele Bonin-Savage

Farm agent

This agent has been with State Farm since 1985. She is pleased to say that she is a second generation State Farm agent. Her years of experience are going to work to the benefit of those that require life insurance. This is a type of insurance that is critically important to many people. Most want to know that their beneficiaries are well looked after. State Farm has several different options. When it comes to life insurance. That which allows flexibility in choosing the right coverage.

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Insurance products mentioned are, as of the date of post publishing.