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Peterborough Ontario

Peterborough at one time was the main attraction for tourists. Now it has grown into a city that is perfect for commuters to Toronto and the surrounding areas. There are plenty of residents here to keep the life insurance brokers busy.

The Life Insurance Guy


This broker provides a variety of different types of insurance. To cater to the needs of those in the Peterborough area. One of these is life insurance. This is a company that will take the time to explain all the benefits of life insurance. Plus, will go over the different ways that it can protect the beneficiaries. It can also be beneficial to the insured themselves. The company believes individuals should be able to buy insurance in a knowledgeable way. The only way they can do this is if the broker takes the time to explain what life insurance is. Also, what options are available to the particular individual. The company will go into detail about the three specific types of life insurance. The insured shopper can then decide which type of policy is going to be best for them. Currently, this broker does not have any Google* reviews.

McDougall Insurance

Originally Monkman insurance operated under their name. They have now become a part of the McDougall network of insurance providers. McDougall is well known for their quality insurance products. Among these are their life insurance packages. The brokers here have been in business for several years. They are well experienced in what life insurance is all about. They are going to go over all the details. So that the insured shopper can shop for the best benefits for their beneficiaries.

Life insurance is an important product to buy, and it is one that comes with a lot of decision-making. One has to decide on what type of insurance is best for them as well as the amount. Payments have to be taken into account. The brokers here are going to make sure interested individuals have all the information. That which they need to make the right choice. Currently, the company does not have any Google* reviews.

Kirk Norris

State Farm likes to make their presence known wherever they feel there is a need for their products. They have identified Peterborough as an area that can be served well. With quality life insurance products. State Farm works through quality agents that are well trained and have a passion for what they do. Here serving the Peterborough area is Kirk. Who is more than willing to help clients determine which life insurance is going to suit their needs. Currently, this agent has 2* Google reviews giving a 5.* rating.

Brian Mulligan

With State Farm being such a large insurance provider their services are often in great demand. Especially in busy areas like Peterborough. It usually takes more than one agent to service the entire area. Brian is here to represent State Farm. To ensure that anybody in this area that requires insurance is going to be well represented. This agent currently has four* reviews giving a 3.* rating.

Tammy Lee Hanlon Insurance Agency

Insurance Agency

Tammy is also a representative of State Farm. She is very active in the community and has been a State Farm representative for 24* years. Tammy can help individuals wanting life insurance. She can answer all the necessary questions. Also, make suggestions as what life insurance package would suit them the best. This agent has three* Google reviews giving a 5.* rating.

Michael J Harrington Ins. Agency

There are enough Peterborough residents in need of life insurance. To keep many different agents busy. State Farm likes to be sure that no one has to wait or be deprived of insurance options. Michael is a representative of State Farm that is well versed in life insurance. As well as the other types of insurance that State Farm has to offer. Michael will provide the answers and the options that are available to them. Currently, this agent has 2* Google reviews giving a 5.* rating.

The Co-Operators

The Co-Operators has chosen to open an office in Peterborough with this being such a busy city. The company offers many different types of insurance and are well known in the industry. There are many families that have dealt with Co-Operators for years. This office is available to offer all types of insurance including life insurance. Currently, this office in Peterborough has one* Google review giving it a 5.* rating.

Shawn LaPalm Insurance Agency

This Insurance agent has chosen to represent the Co-Operators insurance company. It is a company that is highly recognized and therefore takes very little marketing. Shawn is well versed in what the company has to offer. For those looking for life insurance, they are going to find the quick and easy solutions. Shawn can take the confusion out of this type of insurance. Understanding what is available through Co-Operators makes buying life insurance simple. Currently, this agent has no Google* reviews.

Sharon Neely

Sharon has decided to represent the Co-Operators insurance company to meet client needs. She is available to guide individuals through the process. That which comes with buying life insurance. Individuals that need this type of insurance have a lot of questions and concerns. Sharon is an experienced agent for Co-Operators. She will be able to answer these questions. Sharon will also ask questions to help determine the best product for the clients that she deals with. Currently, this agent has no Google* reviews.

Insurance Protection Group


These brokers are here to assist those that are in need of life insurance. They cover many other types of insurance. This particular type is of great importance. Many individuals don’t know which product is going to be best for them. They need a reliable broker such as this. To guide them through the life insurance buying process. There are many important decisions that have to be made. When one doesn’t understand the policies, it can be confusing. The brokers here are going to reduce that confusion. Also, allow one to buy the insurance that is best for their peace of mind. Currently, this firm has no Google* reviews.

Sun Life

Sun Life is a recognized name among the people that have bought in various types of insurance. Among the insurance packages that they offer is life insurance. Sun Life is all about helping individuals make the best financial choices. Life insurance is a financial choice. The focus is usually on the beneficiaries and what their needs will be. Insurance can also be an investment for the insurance buyer. Whatever the reasons one is shopping for life insurance for, Sun Life will be able to help. Currently, this office has no Google reviews.

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