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Oshawa sits just outside of the busy city of Toronto. There are a lot of people that have made Oshawa their home. They enjoy raising their families here. At the same time, they want good choices of life insurance brokers to buy life insurance from.

W B White Insurance


Most everyone has a concern for the financial stability of their family. What will happen to them if they are not around to look after them anymore. This leads them to think about buying life insurance. There are many different insurance companies that offer this and W B White is one of them. This company offers a collection of different life insurance packages. They offer term life insurance. They also offer universal life insurance. The company takes the time to discuss the advantages and disadvantages. For each one of these types of insurance. This allows the life insurance shopper to fully understand what their options are. From this, they can then decide as to which one is going to be best for them. Currently, this company has 43* reviews on Google reviews giving them a 5.* rating

Mitchell & Whale Insurance


This insurance broker uses many different insurance providers. To purchase the best insurance packages from. They make these purchases on behalf of their clients. Who trust them to get the best life insurance packages for them. The best also includes the best prices. They realize the importance of this type of insurance and what it means to the families of the insured. Their focus is on term life insurance. As well as permanent life insurance. It can be a little difficult to understand what these both mean. But the professionals here will make it very clear about what is being offered to them. This company currently has 52* reviews on Google giving it a 4.6* rating.

My Insurance Broker

My Insurance Broker serves the public for insurance needs in many different locations. Oshawa is one of these where they are happy to serve the residents here. Among the many different types of insurance they offer, life insurance is one of these. They offer several options when it comes to their life insurance protection. One of these is term life insurance. Along with annual renewable term. Also level term insurance. Plus, they offer whole life insurance. Then another option is limited pay universal life insurance. This is a lot of different insurance options, and they can sound confusing at first. These insurance specialists are going to make sure their clients understand what each means. At the same time, they will encourage their clients to buy insurance. That which is most applicable to them. At rates that they can afford. Currently, this office has two* reviews giving it a 4.* rating.

Mc Dougall Insurance

This insurance broker is one that is known in many different locations. They are all about preparing and securing the financial future of families. Their way of doing this is by offering comprehensive life insurance packages. They will carefully review the needs for this type of insurance with their clients. They will then outline their options clearly to them. Over and above this they will strive to get them the best pricing without any compromise on coverage. This company has been in business for over 70 years. They are considered as the largest brokerage firm that takes care of the eastern part of Ontario. They currently have 29* Google reviews giving them a 5.* rating.


There are a lot of people that rely on BrokerLink insurance to provide their insurance needs for them. This is a network of brokers that all have one thing in common. It is to provide the very best insurance coverage for each client that deals with them. This company is quite able to meet the needs that each client has. This type of insurance is personalized insurance, so it requires personal care. On the company’s LinkedIn page they have 929* employees and 3,023* followers. On their Facebook page, they have 20,078* followers. For this office that they have one* Google review giving them a 5.* rating

Burrows Insurance

Burrows insurance offers many different types of insurance coverage. Each one of them is important. Every client is important to them. Everyone has individual needs when it comes to insurance. Life insurance is a major product to buy. This company has a team of experts that are going to deal with each client on their merit. They are going to be diligent at getting them the best insurance coverage at the best rates. Currently, this company does not have any Google* reviews.

Co-Operators – Lina Valado

Co-Operators take great pride in the many different offices that they have throughout Ontario. They work through devoted agents who represent their insurance products. For the Oshawa area, Lina Valado is the agency that is going to take care of the insurance needs of the Oshawa area. Among the different insurance packages she offers, it includes life insurance. Co-Operators are well known for offering comprehensive coverage at reasonable rates. This agent will be diligent. At making sure that her clients are served well by their life insurance needs. Currently, on Google, this agency has one* review giving it a 5.* rating.


This insurance brokerage has been in business since 1922. They take great care in the type of services that they offer to insurance shoppers. For those that are in need of life insurance, they can count on this company to offer them the best in products. They are going to ask a certain number of questions. To be able to determine the best coverage required. They are also going to work hard at getting rates that are affordable. Currently, on Google this company has 39* reviews giving it a 4.6* star rating.

Henniger Insurance

Many want to deal with an insurance company that is going to make insurance shopping simple. This is a good broker to use. They have been serving the Oshawa area for many years. Also, they have two priorities. They are offering good advice and fair pricing. These are two very important components when it comes to life insurance. Individuals want to be able to protect their loved ones, but they need to be able to do so in an affordable way. They also want to be able to have choices. This is all the attributes that this brokerage firm has to offer. Currently, the company has one review on Google giving it a 5* rating.

State Farm – Karen Low


Those that are familiar with State Farm are going to be well aware of the high calibre of this insurance company. They have agents throughout Ontario. Also, they have a quality agent located in Oshawa. One who wants to serve the life insurance needs of the residents here. Currently, this agent does not have any Google* reviews.

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