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Milton city Ontario

For those that like to live close to Toronto but not right in the city then Milton is a great choice. There is plenty to see and do here. Plus, it is a great place to raise a family. When it comes to insurance shopping, there are plenty of life insurance brokers to choose from.

All-Risks Insurance


Anyone driving through the cities and towns of Ontario will most likely see an All Risks insurance company. This is a collection of over 200 brokers at that have teamed up together. Their mandate is to be able to offer affordable insurance such as life insurance. They know that this is going to be a big purchase on behalf of their clients. They also realize that it can be confusing for those that don’t understand this type of insurance. The brokers affiliated with All Risks are set on taking the time needed to help. To assist their clients to make the right choices for them. This particular company has one* Google review giving it a 5.* rating.

In Roads Insurance

For those that want to buy life insurance, they want to deal with a quality broker. They also want to deal with one that is established and prepared to offer good client service. In Roads insurance is an award-winning brokerage firm located in Milton. Some may have had a bad experience with life insurance in the past. In Roads is going to make future experiences a most pleasant one. They are well noted for their customer service and their attention to detail. They also realize the clients have to be able to buy life insurance that is affordable. This company is here to make sure that that is possible. Currently, this company has three* Google reviews giving it a 5.* rating.

Robyn King

One of the things that are noted about State Farm agents is their willingness to help. Robyn is here to represent State Farm in the Milton area. She has 18* years of State Farm experience. Plus, she is well trained in being able to do comprehensive reviews for life insurance. This means that she’s going to take the time with each client to identify what their needs are. Once she has done this, then she can make suggestions. Ones that are going to be beneficial to the life-insurance shopper. Currently, this agent has eight* reviews on Google giving a 4.9* rating.

Miltowne Insurance

This is a brokerage firm that has been in business since 1983. They take great pride in the insurance services that they offer those in the Milton area. They carry many different forms of insurance products. Among these is their life-insurance offerings. Those shopping for this type of insurance need to be able to deal with their broker in a comfortable manner. One can expect this type of attention from this company. Every client receives personalized care. Based on the personalized insurance product that they need. The company currently has one* Google review giving it a 3.* rating.

Ed McCormick Insurance

Many feel that buying life insurance is over whelming. They may want to put their life insurance needs in Ed’s hands. Ed is an experienced agent that represents the Co-Operators insurance. He has chosen a trusted life insurance provider to represent. Based on a sound decision such as this, one can depend on his advice about what insurance is going to best suit them.


Brokerlink is a collection of insurance brokers. Ones that offer all different types of insurance packages. Many clients have dealt with them for other insurance needs. They know the quality service that is being offered. Shoppers looking for life insurance want to be able to deal with someone that is going to take the time they need. This type of insurance shopping comes with a lot of responsibility. It is not something that is rushed into. The Milton Brokerlink office is there to give all the time needed. To every client that walks through their doors. Currently, this a brokerage company has 4 *Google reviews giving it a 5.* rating.

Don MacRae Insurance

It is not unusual to see several agents representing State Farm in a region. This is because it is a very busy insurance provider. They have built their business on their credibility. While being able to keep their personalized service as their priority. Don is one of these agents that represent State Farm for the Milton area. He has accumulated over 20 years with State Farm as well as the insurance industry. With this level of expertise, one can be sure that they’re going to get sound advice. When it comes to their life insurance needs. Currently, this agent has three* Google reviews giving a 5.* rating.

Tish Wilson Insurance

Co Operators

Tish has decided to go with the Co-Operators as one of their representatives. This is an obviously wise decision. As the Co-Operators is so well known for the quality of insurance products that they offer. While Tish is affiliated with a large company, she believes in personalized and individualized service. For those that have life insurance needs, this is an agent that is going to take the time. The time needed to make sure that they get the right coverage at the right price. Currently, this agent has no Google* reviews.

Seguros En Ontario

This insurance company believes that the family is important. They place their focus on life insurance. That which is going to meet the needs of the insured and their beneficiary. There is usually a selection when it comes to life insurance products. This company offers these options such as term and permanent life insurance. Also universal life insurance. They suggest that their clients review the options. That each insurance product offers before making their final decision. The agents here are here to help them do this. Currently, this company does not have any Google* reviews.

L.I. Geller Insurance

This particular insurance agency focuses on providing quality information. To help clients make a decision about different types of life insurance. One of these is life-insurance. The company offers an analysis of life coverages as well as helps them to be able to do a comparison. For those who want to make sure that they are going to be making their decision as an informed one. This agency is going to be able to assist them.

RBC Insurance


RBC isn’t just about banking; they are about meeting the needs of families. Part of this includes their offering of life insurance. They have focused on offering the RBC Simplifies term life insurance. This makes it simple. The application can be filled out quickly. With minimal requirements for medical and prices that are affordable.

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