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Manulife Financial has been helping customers for more than 130 years. It is one of the largest insurance companies in Canada.

In 1887, the company was started by Canada’s first Prime Minister, Sir John A MacDonald.

The company’s success began expanding across the world in 1893. Today, Manulife Financial helps people and businesses across Canada, the United States, and Asia.

With more than 26 million customers, 35,000 employees and 73,000 agents, Manulife proves its strength and experience.

People who are thinking about this company for life insurance may benefit from learning about some of their main policies, explained below.

Manulife Term Life Insurance

Manulife’s term life insurance options have some of the most variety out of all Canada’s insurance companies.

With more than six policies to choose from, individuals, families, and business are sure to find something that works for them.

Term life from this company is flexible and affordable, with many options.

Manulife CoverMe® Term Life Insurance

This coverage from Manulife is one of the easiest policies to work with. The term lasts 10 years and can be updated every 10 years until the age of 85.

This policy is great for young families since the rates stay for the whole 10-year term. Coverage goes anywhere from $100,000 to $1 million.


  •  Certain premiums
  •  1-year term
  • Affordable prices
  • Tax-free, lump sum for beneficiaries
  • No medical exam required for people aged 18-55
  • One-time cash advance of up to 50% of coverage
  • Can be changed to permanent life

Manulife CoverMe® Easy Issue Life Insurance

This policy is ideal for those looking for additional coverage or who need a strong foundation for their insurance portfolio. It’s simple and easy to obtain without a medical exam.

Coverage is slightly lower than the previous option, offering $50,000 or $75,000 in protection between the ages of 18-70.


  • Beneficiaries receive a lump sum
  • Works in 10-year terms that are renewable
  • Non-smokers receive premiums up to 50% cheaper
  • One-time cash advance up to 50% of coverage
  • Guaranteed premiums

Manulife Quick Issue Term®

Those who are looking for insurance as soon as possible might consider this policy from Manulife. The application process is fast and requires no paperwork or medical exam.

Approval can be accepted in as little as one business day and the policy can be changed to permanent.


  • $100,000-$500,000 in coverage between the ages of 18-50
  • Level premiums for 10 or 20 years, or up to age 65
  • Cash advancements if a terminal illness is diagnosed
  • Bereavement expenses covered up to $1000

Manulife Family Term™

This term keeps families in mind, by offering flexible coverage that changes as much as your family’s needs do.

By being flexible, this coverage can help families to continue to pay expenses, save, reduce debt, and pay premiums without worry.


  • $100,000 to $2 million in coverage
  • Level premiums paid for 10 or 20 years, or until age 65
  • Family bereavement coverage up to $1,000
  •  Add-ons for injury or accidental death, coverage for children, etc.

Manulife Family Term™ with Vitality

This coverage is focused on encouraging participant health. Individuals who choose this coverage can enjoy Vitality Points™ for taking part in health-related activities, exercising and more.


  • $500,000 to $20 million in coverage
  • Tax-free, lump-sum for beneficiaries
  • Add-on protection for accidental death, guaranteed future coverage, and more

Manulife Business Term®

Running a business is hard work, so protecting it is key to success. This policy offers many coverage options that adapt to the way a business changes.

Key person protection, business collateral, estate tax coverage and more are all included.


  • Helps businesses to run smoothly with no problems
  • $100,000 to $20 million in coverage
  • Coverage when key employees die
  • Helps beneficiaries to take care of capital gains taxes

Manulife Permanent Life Insurance

Many people seek long-term coverage that doesn’t need renewals. Permanent life insurance options at Manulife provide permanent coverage with added financial benefits.

Permanent life policies include:

Manulife CoverMe® Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

One of the reasons people don’t have life insurance is because they assume they won’t be approved. However, even those Canadians with existing or previous health issues can find protection from this policy.

Canadians between 40-75 are guaranteed coverage with this policy.


  • Tax-free, lump sum for beneficiaries
  • $5,000-$25,000 in coverage
  • Certain premiums
  • 5x the benefits in the case of accidental death before age 85
  • One-time, tax-free cash advance up to 50% with a terminal illness

Manulife Performax Gold® Whole Life Insurance

People who like to have guaranteed coverage will benefit from this Manulife policy. Risks are low with investments, while coverage and premiums are guaranteed.

Investment management is taken care of by Manulife, with various options for coverage that is affordable and comfortable.


  • Coverage from $25,000 and up
  • Cash values
  • Death benefit
  • Pay the policy over 100 years or in 15 years
  • Payments can be excused, due to disability

Manulife UL Universal Life Insurance

This policy is ideal for those who want to be active in the growth of their finances. Universal life is great for hands-on policyholders who want to:

  • Potentially gain higher returns
  • Create a tax-free sum for beneficiaries
  • Build cash value
  • Work to reduce negative impacts on investments
  • Insure people in your business


  • Coverage at $50,000 or $100,000
  • Rate enhancements
  • Various investment account options

Manulife InnoVision® Universal Life Insurance

A fully-featured, flexible insurance plan that changes and grows over time. Ideal for those people with an interest in protecting their loved ones, as well as putting an importance on wealth accumulation, estate planning, and more.


  • Coverage from $100,000
  • More than 50 investments accounts
  • Guaranteed investment costs
  • Optional add-ons such as term life, tax advantages, future insurance eligibility
  • Choice of loyalty bonuses or lower management fees on accounts

Manulife Security UL® Universal Life Insurance

An ideal coverage policy for young people whose ideas and goals are always changing. Great for people searching for steady coverage with choices.


  • Coverage $50,000 and up
  • Guaranteed interest rates or link policy’s growth to the markets
  • Optional add-ons like term life insurance


With so much to offer, Manulife is a great choice for people coming from all walks of life. Whether people are looking for fast and flexible, or long-term and risky, there is an option for everyone.