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These are all cities in close proximity to each other. Each of them is home to people who have loved ones that need to have their future taken care of. When it comes to their finances. This is where life insurance becomes important. There are insurance brokers here that will look after the life insurance shopper’s needs.

Regal Insurance Brokers


Many individuals need to shop for life insurance. They should think about the questions that they want to ask about this. The Regal insurance brokers are going to make sure that they provide the proper answers to these. They are a company that wants to make life-insurance shopping easy. They are going to make sure that they get the best rates for each client. Having the right amount of life insurance is important for peace of mind. But it has to be affordable. The experts here are going to go over the details. Ones that shoppers need. Like the life-insurance packages. They work with many top-notch insurance providers. This allows them to be able to shop for their clients. Currently, this company has 16* Google reviews giving them a 4.8* rating.

Hancock Insurance

Hancock insurance is a company that cares about families. They know that many life insurance shoppers have family needs. Ones that are a priority. These shoppers are looking for life-insurance that is going to give them peace of mind. Knowing that family protection is in place. The professionals here are aware of this. Also, they are going to take the time to review the type of insurance packages that they have to offer for life coverage. Plus, they are willing to answer any questions. They will also ask a series of important questions. It is so they can get the right coverage for each. Life-insurance is not one product that fits all. Everybody has their own needs. This insurance broker is going to make sure that those meet are met. Currently, this company does not have any Google* reviews.

Josslin Insurance

Those that are shopping for life-insurance should have certain expectations. They want to be able to deal with the broker that is going to be honest and straightforward. This is an expectation that this insurance broker will meet. Plus many more. When one is dealing with the professionals here, they can expect good information. About what life-insurance is. The professionals will go over those which are best suited for the individual. Once clients have a thorough understanding of what their options are. This takes the confusion out of life-insurance shopping. Also, it gets them the best price according to the coverage that they need. Currently, this company has 22* Google reviews giving a 2.7* rating.

Delta Insurance

This insurance company likes to put their focus on life term insurance. There are many different options when it comes to life insurance packages. They each have their distinct advantages. The professionals here will work with their clients. To determine which is going to best suit their needs. They have chosen to specialize in term insurance. It is because they believe that it brings the most value to their clients. The company currently has one* Google review giving it a 5.* rating.

All Risks Insurance

This particular insurance brokerage is a company that is well known. They serve in this region for all types of insurance needs. Among their many offerings is life-insurance. Life-insurance comes with many different choices. It can be hard for the insurance shopper to know which is going to be best for them. Some want insurance that they can customize like universal life insurance. Then others want to have insurance that is affordable but runs for a specific amount of time. Like term insurance. Whole life insurance is an option. For those that want a simplified life insurance package. These are all the different types of insurance packages offered here. Currently, this particular office has no Google* reviews.

Erb and Erb Insurance

Every insurance broker will have a mission. Hancock insurance is no different. Theirs is a simple but potent one. Their mandate is to offer quality services. They have been around since 1980. They take great pleasure in the customer services that they provide. The Company has partnered up with some of the very best insurance providers. Plus, they want to deal with these companies that can meet the needs of insurance clients. Those dealing with this insurance broker will be able to buy their life-insurance. At reasonable rates and feel confident that they have the right coverage. This company has 20* Google reviews giving it a 4.1* rating.

Cowan Insurance


Cowan insurance is a brokerage firm that is well recognized for their integrity. Along with their credibility in the insurance industry. They focus on many different types of insurance. With one of these being life-insurance. They know the concerns that insurance shoppers have. They are here to address those concerns and provide solutions. The solutions are the comprehensive life-insurance packages that they have to offer. The company currently has two* Google reviews giving it a 5.* rating.

Condottta Merrett Insurance

This is a company that has been in business since 1886. Over the years they have perfected their skills. At being able to offer the very best in insurance services. Their mandate is that each client is considered as an individual. With individual needs. The life-insurance is a personalized product and demands the proper attention per individual. The broker’s here are going to work closely with their clients. To determine what their life-insurance needs are. Once this has been established, they will go about getting the best insurance coverage. At the best prices.

C.E. Hollingsworth

This is a brokerage firm that wants to make shopping for insurance simple. They also take the time to work with each client to identify their particular needs. They are well aware of the importance of life insurance. So they want to be sure that every customer feels confident. With the choices, they make for such an important product.

Equitable Life of Canada


This firm also serves the Kitchener Waterloo and Cambridge areas. They are intent on offering comprehensive insurance packages to each of their clients. For those that are in need of life insurance, this company is there to meet those needs. They will take the time to answer all questions raised by clients. They will also ask a series of questions. Ones that are important to getting the right coverage.

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