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Kingston Ontario

Kingston is a busy city where both visitors and residents alike enjoy its architecture. It is a great place to live, work and play. The residents here need all types of insurance. With one of the important ones being life insurance. To help them buy what is best for them, there are plenty of established insurance brokers to rely on.

McDougall Insurance


When it comes to life insurance, every individual has a lot of decisions to make. It can get confusing because there are so many options that come with life insurance. Those in the Kingston area can rely on brokers such as McDougall to help them through the entire process. Often individuals look at life insurance as important for their beneficiaries. Many don’t realize that life insurance can be beneficial to them as well. These are all issues that need discussing when one is purchasing life insurance. This is what the professionals at McDougall insurance will do. They will be there to answer questions as well as ask them. The reason they ask questions is to be sure that they’re going to get the right life insurance package. For each client. Currently, this company has 36* reviews on Google reviews giving at 4.7* star rating.


Newman Insurance is a company that offers all different types of insurance packages. Included in this is life insurance. They are a company that has several different locations. Also, they have built their expertise on many years of experience. They’ve been in business since 1871. The company works with a large collection of well-established insurance providers. By working with a large group such as this, it allows Newman to choose the company that is best suited. To meet the needs of each client that they serve. Their LinkedIn page shows they have 46 *employees with 105* followers. Their Facebook page indicates they have 9,371* followers and a 4.8* star rating. They have one* Google review giving them a 4.* rating.


All Risks is a dedicated insurance brokerage company. They strive to take the confusion out of life insurance for each client that is shopping for this. They know that there are a lot of questions that need answers to. Those shopping for life insurance need to make some important decisions. They can only do this when they’re informed. The experts here are going to make sure that the insurance shopper has all the information needed. To help them make the right decisions. On the company’s LinkedIn page they have 190* employees with 1,043* followers. On their Facebook page, they have 697* followers and a 3.9* rating. They have nine Google reviews* giving them a 4.1* rating.


Transamerica believes in offering choices when it comes to life insurance. There are a variety of different life insurance products to choose from. This company is offering whole life and term insurance. They also offer universal life insurance. For the individual that is looking for this type of product, they may not know which of these is the best to choose. The experts here are going to explain the different packages. About what type of protection they offer. Insurance can also be a form of investment. Transamerica will explain these options to the insurance shopper. This is a firm that believes that they are different than others. Based on their financial strength and their ongoing insights into the insurance industry. This company currently has no Google* reviews.

Dorey Tolygyesi

This is a company built on trust and experience. They believe in offering personalized service. It is because life insurance is an individualized product. Meaning every client is different in what their needs are. The professionals here can identify those needs. Then match them up with the right insurance product. One that is going to provide them with the best protection and coverage. Also at the best rates. The company currently has four *Google reviews giving it a 4.2* star rating.

Eastern Ontario Financial Services

senior year

Many individuals decide that they need life insurance. The question is which life insurance is going to be best for them? They may decide that they want to go with term insurance. Which is going to help look after the immediate needs by way of protection. For those looking towards their senior years, they may want to take a look at universal or whole life. One does not have to make this decision alone. Here the professionals will work through Empire life. To make sure that the right packages are purchased for each shopper. Currently, this company has no Google* reviews.

State Farm

State Farm is going to make sure that the residents of Kingston are well looked after. When it comes to their life insurance. Also, they believe in keeping it simple for this type of insurance shopper. They will help the insurance shopper to determine just how much coverage they need. They will also look at the budget. To make sure that the insurance product package being bought is going to be affordable.


Allstate has offices all throughout Ontario. They have an insurance agent in Kingston. One prepared to help individuals shop for their life insurance needs. The company believes in being able to buy insurance in a quick and easy manner. This is something they have focused on in their entirety and continue to do so.


Wherever there is a need for insurance one can expect to find a Co-Operators agent prepared to help them. It is no different for Kingston. The agent here is going to make sure that they are readily available. To meet all the life insurance needs of every client that approaches them. They believe in customizing their insurance packages. By doing this, it means that a buyer is getting what they are paying for. They also believe in making sure that they offer affordable insurance.

Scott Batson Insurances


This insurance brokerage company enjoys what they do. They are involved in financial and insurance services. Their focus on life insurance is an important one. It is because those that approach them for this insurance needs the proper coverage. The experts here are going to help these individuals choose. Between the whole life term and universal life insurance. They will help them develop the package that is going to give them the peace of mind. In knowing that their beneficiaries are going to be well looked after.

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