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Kanata is a suburb, but it is a large one just outside of Ottawa. The residents here enjoy this region as everything they need and want is easily accessible. This includes their choice of life insurance brokers.

Allan Mann Insurance

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One of the advantages of dealing with a reputable insurance broker is that one gets choices. Life insurance is personal insurance. Here at Allan Mann, one needs to look at the personal line of insurance products offered. Once doing this they are then able to choose between what is going to suit them best. There may be some confusion about this. The brokers here who are well experienced will assist with suggestions and the provision of information. This company currently has two* reviews on Google giving it a 5.* rating.


Co-Operators has been in business for many years. Their mandate has always been to offer good insurance products to their clients. They do this by making sure that they have the very best agents that are experienced and highly trained. These agents can meet the needs of the life insurance shopper. Those needs usually include gathering data to help them with their decisions. They also need options, and they need affordability. This is everything and more of what Co-Operators can offer. Currently, this office has no Google* reviews.

Reid Mark

Reid Mark is one of the reputable agents for State Farm. He is providing his services to those in the Kanata area. State Farm is known for all types of insurance that they offer. Included in this is their life insurance packages. Reid Mark has been representing State Farm since 1991. Where he was a claim representative and then became a State Farm agent in 2000. He is experienced and enthusiastic about the services that he represents. On behalf of State Farm. This agent currently has one* Google review giving a 4.* rating.

Ken Leslie

Ken is also an agent representing a State Farm. Those that have life insurance needs can count on Ken to answer their questions. Also to help them decide which is going to give the best protection for their family. Ken has been acting on behalf of State Farm since 1993. He is a chartered accountant, so he fully realizes how one that is shopping for insurance needs to stay on a budget. This agent currently has one* Google review giving a 5.* rating.

Mitlin & Associates

Many want personalized service when it comes to their life insurance. They are going to want to deal with this Co-Operators agent. Co-Operators is a well-known name in the insurance industry. Many individuals can identify with that because it is so highly recognized. It is a company known for its simplicity. Meaning that individuals will quickly recognize what is available to them. For life insurance. This agent is going to take the time to go over the details and to be sure that the clients are getting what they need. Buying life insurance is a big responsibility. It deserves the time needed to make the right choices. Currently, there are 3 *, Google ratings giving a 2.3* star rating for this company.

Palladium Insurance

This insurance brokerage company is going to make sure that they don’t leave anybody out. when it comes to their insurance needs. They offer all different types of insurance packages. For those that are looking for life insurance, this is a company that one is going to enjoy dealing with. They realize the importance of insurance shoppers having choices. To do this Palladium has teamed up with a large selection of insurance providers. Palladium will first determine what their clients’ needs are. They will then scrutinize the partners. To see which one is going to be able to offer the most comprehensive package. As it meets each of their client’s needs. On the LinkedIn page, they have 37* employees with 92* followers. On their Facebook page, they have, 166* followers with a 5.* rating based on seven* reviews. They currently have three* Google reviews giving it a 4.* rating.



Allstate is going to make sure that the Kanata area has choices. When it comes to their life insurance needs. This is a company that is well known throughout Ontario. They are here to serve their clients, and they do this by building a relationship with them. This means taking the time to know what the insurance shopper requires. Life insurance is critically important insurance. It provides peace of mind for the insured. As well as protects the beneficiaries. These are all important matters that Allstate is capable of handling. Currently, this office does not have any Google* reviews.

RBC Life Insurance

There are many individuals that deal with the RBC bank. What many don’t realize is that there is a RBC insurance department. Included in their offerings is life insurance. Their motto is that they are there to assist life insurance shoppers. Those that feel that protecting their family is the biggest priority. They also believe that shopping for this type of insurance can be difficult. Also, it can be time-consuming. RBC insurance is there to mitigate the complexity of life insurance by making it simple. Currently, this company does not have any Google* reviews.

Great West Life

This insurance provider is one of those companies that believe every product they offer is important. They also believe in giving choices when it comes to life insurance. There are term life insurance options here. There is some planning for the future and also something for those who want some tax advantages. They may want to look at the participating life insurance. Others want long-term coverage in a simplified matter. For this great West, life offers first universal life insurance. This company currently has one* Google review giving it a 5.* rating.

Canada Life

As the name suggests Canada life is a company that heavily focuses on life insurance. They are going to make sure that each client gets the right life insurance. That is most appropriate for them. They do this by offering a selection of insurance coverage. This includes universal and participating life. For those that that are looking for more of short-term life insurance, they may want to go with term life insurance. Canada life is aptly able to offer them this option as well. Although a large company, they offer personalized service. They treat each client as an individual. Life insurance is an individualized product, therefore, it demands this type of attention.



Broker link is comprised of a large network of brokers. They all want to offer the same thing. Which are quality insurance products with individualized service. There is an office that services the area that is well equipped with professionals. Those needed for this type of insurance. They are a company that is gaining a reputation for offering superior products. At reasonable rates. Currently, this particular office has 2* Google reviews. Giving it a 3.* rating.

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