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The Industrial Alliance Financial Group began in 1892, and its main location is in Quebec City. The company offers life and health insurance products, savings and retirement plans, mortgages and more.

Industrial Alliance is one of Canada’s biggest insurance companies. It has been ranked 4th in the top 10 Canadian insurance companies based on revenue.

As of March 2018, Industrial Alliance made $169 billion in assets. It also has more than 4 million customers and over 25,000 representatives.

Quebec is home to 38% of the company’s operations, while Ontario sits at 29% and the west sits at 26%.

With so much success across Canada, Industrial Alliance has grown its services to the United States. A total of 3% of business take place in America.

People who want to know more about this company should know about the many policies available. The following are the life insurance policies available at Industrial Alliance:

Industrial Alliance Term Life Insurance

Term life from Industrial Alliance has cheap coverage for short-term insurance needs. This policy is great for young families, people, and business owners.

The term life policies offered here help to give protection to families, while there are still bills to be taken care of.

Industrial Alliance Access Life T20

This policy is helpful for people who want coverage for their needs, but who are also worried about problems with their health.


  • Coverage for 20 years
  • Set premiums
  • Renewal options at set rates
  • Can be changed or added to a permanent policy

Industrial Alliance Pick-A-Term

Clients can pay off their debt while enjoying Pick-A-Term. One example of this would be paying for a mortgage.


  • Coverage terms from 10 to 40 years
  • Set premiums during the term
  • Annual renewal after the term is up if needed
  • Permanent life options

Industrial Alliance T10 and T20

People who know how much protection they want and for how long might go with the T10 or T20. The easy plan offers protection until the term is up, with a lump sum ready for beneficiaries.


  • People choose between 10 or 20-year coverage
  • Set premiums
  • Permanent life options
  • Contract updates would last as long as the first policy

Industrial Alliance Permanent Life Insurance

A smart policy option that protects loved ones and maintains the wealth and legacies you leave behind.

This option is also ideal for those with estate planning needs and businesses to take care of.

Industrial Life Access Life

Anyone who is looking for permanent life insurance with medical problems is encouraged to try this policy. Clients of this policy are never denied for health reasons and are given the same benefits.


  • Set premiums, no matter their health
  • Added term coverage
  • Cash surrender value included

Industrial Alliance L10, L20, L65, L100, T100

Lots of people need an insurance policy that helps them stay within their means. With set premiums, people can enjoy the same payments over a chosen period of time.


  • Payment options that last 10, 15 or 20 years, or until the age of 65 or 100
  • Set premiums that never go up
  • Insurability benefit for kids insured by 21 years of age

Industrial Alliance Child Life and Health Duo

This policy is ideal for those people whose main goal is to help their families. With this option, life insurance for children is available, as well as coverage for any medical needs or critical illness.


  • Permanent insurance for children, which is paid when the child reaches 30
  • Guaranteed premiums that stay the same
  • A range of juvenile illnesses and diseases covered

Industrial Alliance Life & Serenity 65

An ideal policy for those people who are seeking financial protection as well as the option for medical care and assistance.

This may be a policy to consider for those with hereditary health issues or existing health problems.


  • Guaranteed coverage and premiums until death
  • In case of loss of dependence, a monthly benefit is paid to the insured
  • Premiums waived if the insured is diagnosed with an illness covered in the policy

Industrial Alliance Universal Life Insurance

This is an ideal permanent life insurance option that attracts people seeking both protection and savings options. There are many avenues to choose from when deciding how to build wealth for beneficiaries or how to protect a business, including:

Industrial Alliance EquiBuild

Offers insurance coverage that grows over time, and offers bonuses and surrender values to be used in multiple ways.


  • Permanent life insurance guaranteed
  • Bonuses
  • Surrender values begin working as soon as the policy starts
  • Ideal for people interested in investing
  • Zero policy fees

Industrial Alliance Genesis and Genesis-IRS

A smart policy that gives lifelong protection and chances for tax-preferred savings.

Genesis-IRS differs in that it offers people the chance to invest savings into a return index account. This kind of move is smart for investors with lower-risk needs but who may still benefit from high returns.


  • Coverage for life
  • Helpful for saving well
  • Many options for customers who can change the premium payments, payment frequency, etc.

Aside from life insurance policies, Industrial Alliance offers a range of other coverage policies.

These include:

  • Critical Illness and Disability Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Mortgage Insurance
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Home Insurance


As one of the highest-grossing insurance companies in Canada, Industrial Alliance knows the many needs of Canadians. Their multiple policies reflect this fact.

Clients who call Industrial Alliance can get a helpful quote. By doing so, they can compare it with other companies and find a policy that works best for them.