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Most people feel that having life insurance is good security for them. It gives them peace of mind. Knowing that their loved ones and their financial obligations will be met. Upon their death. Then there are others who do not feel that life insurance is a necessity. For those active in more high-risk situations, they often give more thought to the need for life insurance. Pilots do not themselves consider themselves to be at risk because of their activity. Most will agree that flying is safer than many other forms of transportation. But it is a matter of how the insurance companies themselves view this activity.

What does Pilot Insurance Offer?


On a psychological level, it offers security for the pilot. They know their profession or hobby could cause loss of life. But their beneficiaries are secure. They are going to be able to rely on the life insurance.

What it has to offer by way of monetary value and coverage will depend. There are several different types of life insurance packages. Some focus on the pilot as needing specialty insurance. It will be up to the insurance shopper to determine how much coverage they want. Also, what type of life insurance package appeals to them. There will be some decisions that need making when choosing the right pilot insurance. To be able to do this the insurance shopper needs to know what their options are.

Professional Pilot Insurance Plans

Every insurance company is different in what they have to offer. They also differ in their level of criteria that they set on those that they are going to insure. This makes them different from their competitors.

When one is seeking out life insurance, they will need to fill out a special questionnaire. Many of the insurance companies will have a dedicated aviation questionnaire. That will be looking for specifics. Insurance companies do not have one insurance package that fits all. They will look at each pilot on a personal level. Most will base their insurance coverage on the information provided to them. They are going to want specific information about the pilot.

Flying Hours

Insurance companies have concerns about what risks they are at. These risks lead to having to pay out on the policies. So, they consider that when pilots are in the air, the insurance company is at risk. They want to know how many hours this involves. A pilot that is only flying part-time creates less risk than one that is flying full-time.


The insurance company may have some issues with the type of license that the pilot has. They may plan for insurance coverage that is only applicable to the flying that one is licensed to do. There are different licenses when it comes to pilots. The insurance companies realize this.

Commercial Pilot Insurance

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Commercial pilots have rigid regulations that they have to follow. These regulations hinge on the safety components of their occupation. This helps to reduce some of the risks for the insurance companies. Pilots that are in the commercial industry may find that their insurance rates are on par. With regular life insurance. But there can be some exceptions to this.

The insurance company is going to want to know if the flying activity is taking place between licensed airports. That which a standard commercial pilot usually does. But there are other commercial pilots that transport cargo and do charter flights. In these cases it may mean that the regular airports are not used. This can create some risk when it comes to the landing strips and also the environment that has to be flown in. These are now going to increase the risk for the insurance company. At least from their point of view.

Private Pilots

Private pilots may find it a little bit more of a challenge to find insurance at a reasonable rate. One reason may be because they may not have to follow the same regulations as the commercial pilot. Private pilots may still be doing this as employment. However many also do it as a hobby. Insurance companies are going to look closely at the purposes that the pilot has when flying. These are going to affect the cost of the insurance premiums.

Life Insurance for Pilots Canada

Commercial pilots may find the company they work for offers group insurance. That includes life insurance. Buying insurance this way may get them better premiums. It is because the insurance company is dealing with quantity. Meaning that they have a group looking for the same insurance. Also, there may be additional benefits through group insurance. That one may not be able to get when buying life insurance on their own.

Possible Modifications to Pilot Insurance

No two insurance policies are the same. It is very possible that an insurance company may modify a policy for a pilot. The modification is according to the information provided by the pilot. According to the questions asked by the insurance company. What may happen is that the policy is determined according to rate. This is rated insurance. Meaning that the same coverage may be offered as standard life insurance but it will cost more.

Another possibility is the exemption or exclusion of certain types of coverage. Compared to that found in the standard life insurance policy. The individual that is considering the insurance has to weigh out the pros and cons. According to each type of a policy that is being handled in this way.

Shopping for Pilot Insurance


Some think that trying to find pilot insurance is going to be difficult. There are a lot of insurance companies that do offer this type of insurance. This means that the insurance shopper can be selective. They have the opportunity to take quotes. Then compare these quotes. Also, look at additional information that comes with each of them. By having choices, it means that the pilot can choose the best insurance for them. Also understanding the different types of life insurance is another factor. One that needs looking at carefully.