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High Blood Pressure

There are some pre-existing health conditions. Ones that get considered more serious by insurance companies than others. Every insurance company offering life insurance is going to put some focus on the pre-existing conditions. Every insurance company has their own way of doing things. They also have their own perceptions. About what they consider as serious pre-existing health conditions and those that aren’t. They also have their own offerings when it comes to life insurance. Meaning that an individual with the pre-existing condition may find insurance. With one company and not with another. One common health condition that many individuals present with now is high blood pressure.

Denied Life Insurance High Blood Pressure


There are cases where individuals get turned down for life insurance coverage. All because they have a pre-existing condition of high blood pressure. Many insurance companies feel high blood pressure creates a serious risk. For the insurance company. Insurance companies are all about reducing risk. They want to be able to collect money from premiums. Without the risk of having to pay out insurance coverage prematurely. Individuals that have seriously high blood pressure problems are at risk for a stroke.

What is Considered High Blood Pressure for Life Insurance?

Some insurance companies play on words when it comes to high blood pressure. Referring to high blood pressure that is regular blood pressure controlled by medication. High blood pressure is serious for some people. It is a condition that many people deal with. Sometimes it can be caused by lifestyle. When changes get made, and proper medication gets used the condition can get rectified. Insurance companies take this into account.

Insurance companies will look at the metrics. Ones that are set for normal limits for high blood pressure. Blood pressure readings have their own metrics which includes age. For example, a BP of 120/80 is considered to be the ideal blood pressure reading. There will be variations because people are individuals. If it goes above 140/90, then there may be some concerns. Particularly for those under the age of 65. The heart and stroke foundation have created blood pressure categories. That helps to determine the risk factors. Anything above 140+/90 is considered high risk. This type of reading is going to create a red flag for the insurance companies.

Life Insurance Blood Pressure Test

Blood Pressure Test


There are some insurance companies that will insist on a medical exam. Before accepting life insurance applicants. They may ask for a doctor’s report. Or, they may have their own team of medical staff that will come to the applicant’s home to do part of the medical exam. This will likely include a blood pressure test.

Life Insurance White Coat Syndrome

There is a condition known as white coat syndrome. This is where anytime an individual is having their blood pressure taken by a medical professional there is a problem. Their blood pressure automatically rises. Quite often the individual becomes aware of this. It is a recognized condition by many insurance companies. Individuals who get diagnosed with this syndrome should let the insurance company know. The company where they are applying for life insurance from.

Pre-hypertension Life Insurance

Insurance companies are very astute at determining what the risks are. When it comes to giving life insurance. Each insurance company has its own criteria. That they will use that pertain to levels of importance. When it comes to high blood pressure. It is because there can be different stages of this that have to get viewed on its own merits. It allows the insurance company a better understanding of a specific individual. One who has this condition. Those in the second level may get considered as having a pre-hypertension reading. Most likely further questioning and investigation will get done. Into this condition as it pertains to the individual.

Buying Life Insurance with High Blood Pressure

Individuals with high blood pressure need to think about their life insurance options.

There are many different insurance companies to choose from. It is most likely they are going to vary. In regards to how they view the particular high blood pressure problem. That the individual has. Individuals need to shop around carefully for their life insurance. Especially if they know that they have a high blood pressure condition.

One option depending on their circumstances may be that they can get their insurance of choice. They are going to pay a lot more for it. This is because they are creating a risk for the insurance company. Another option may be to go for term insurance which is going to have less stringent requirements. Then there is the option for going for insurance where there are no medical exams. Also, no medical questions asked. This way an individual does not have to worry about whether they have high blood pressure or not.

The insurance company is not going to specifics about this. What is going to happen is the amount of insurance coverage is not likely going to be as high when it comes to choices. Another possibility will be that the insurance premiums are going to be higher. Most importantly there may be restrictions put on the payout of the policy. If the insured dies within a specific period the insurance company will not honour the claim.

Shopping for Life Insurance With High Blood Pressure


Life insurance is such an important product. It demands the proper attention for purchasing it. There is an opportunity to approach many different insurance companies. To see what they have to offer. There are some good options available. Individuals should consider getting life insurance quotes. Like they would for their vehicle insurance. Getting quotes means they have the opportunity to compare what is being offered. It also gives them an idea of the type of questions that get asked. Also, how much emphasis may get put on those that have high blood pressure problems. It doesn’t mean that individuals will not get insurance. It may mean that their choices are going to get limited. Compared to if they didn’t have a high blood pressure problem.