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Hamilton Ontario

Hamilton is another busy city in Ontario. There are many here that are concerned about the financial future of their loved ones. To attend to this they seek out quality insurance brokers and companies that offer good life insurance packages.

Idea insurance


Shopping for life insurance can be confusing and overwhelming. It is important to choose a broker that realizes this. Here at Idea insurance, they want to spend the time with their clients. To educate them about the life insurance products they carry. They also want to keep it simple to reduce the confusion that comes with this type of shopping. This is a new company that is now offering insurance packages to those in the Hamilton area. They feel that they have a new approach by trying to keep things simple when it comes to insurance. Their mandate is also simple. Being that they are going to provide quality life insurance at reasonable prices. Currently, they have 4* reviews on Google given them a 5* rating.

Skyway Insurance

Skyway offers many different types of insurance. Among these is their life-insurance products. They realize that every client has different purposes. To accommodate everyone the company is offering term insurance and universal life insurance. They also are going to offer whole life insurance. The question now becomes which one does an insurance shopper choose? Here at Skyway, they are going to take the time to explain these different types of life insurances. Also, how they can apply to the individual. Once done then the insurance shopper can make an informed decision. At the current time, Skyway does not have any Google* reviews.

Bravia Insurance

This insurance broker wants to make sure that they have some good options for their clients. When it comes to their life insurance needs. To do this, they have partnered up with more than 20 insurance providers. Those that offer this type of insurance. What this allows for is choices, and the company can deal with different clients needs. There are two important aspects to life insurance. One that there is going to be adequate coverage. The second is that the premiums are going to be affordable. Bravia will work with their clients. To make sure that they meet the metrics that the insurance companies have in place. For life insurance. Currently, this company does not have any Google* reviews.

Life Insurance Guy

This broker puts a great deal of emphasis on their life insurance products. They offer the three most common and important types of life insurance. Individuals don’t realize that they have these choices. They can choose between term and whole life insurance. Another option is universal life. They are going to make sure that their clients understand what each of these offers. Some are more suitable for others. It takes time for this type of insurance shopping. This insurance broker is willing to dedicate their time. To make sure that anyone buying their life insurance is going to feel comfortable. Also, confident in their choices. Currently, this company has one* Google review giving it a 5.* rating.

Dan Lawrie

This is an insurance brokerage company that is passionate about what they do. Their foundation relies on honesty and integrity. Customer service is their number one priority. Among the different types of insurance that they offer it includes life insurance. Life insurance is an important product, and this company realizes this. They are going to take the time to make sure that their clients know what they are buying. The company has affiliated with several of the most well-known insurance providers. This means that insurance shoppers doing business here are going to get choices. Ones that are going to matter. The company has been in business since 1978. So they have the experience and credibility needed. When it comes to meeting life-insurance needs for those in the Hamilton area. The company currently has 13* Google reviews giving it a 3.8* rating.

Dowhaniuk Insurance

For this company, insurance is all about peace of mind for their clients. They have a product that offers life insurance options. Also, they are going to make sure that their clients can make informed choices. Life insurance is a personalized product. Meaning everybody has their reasons for buying it. Also, everyone has their budget to what they can afford. The professionals here are going to work with each client. On an individual basis as one life-insurance package does not fit all. This company has over 60 years of experience. They are going to use this to the best advantage of their clients. The company currently has five* Google reviews giving it a 3.6 rating.

Morison Insurance

universal life

Morison insurance is a company that offers many different types of insurance. They are diversified in what they have to offer. It doesn’t mean that any one type of insurance is less important than the other. Among their insurance offerings are there life-insurance packages. The two main focuses in this insurance category for this company is term life insurance. As well as permanent life insurance. In the permanent life insurance, they are including whole life and universal life. This can be confusing for some but this company will make sure that they simplify what is being offered. They will focus on the needs of the client and what they can afford for their insurance needs. The company currently has 10* reviews on Google giving it a 3.8* star rating.

All- Risk Insurance

All Risk insurance brokers is a brokerage firm that is well known in many different regions. They have an office here in the Hamilton area to serve the insurance needs of those in this region. One of the many different types of insurance that they have to offer is life-insurance. They realize that clients shopping for this type of insurance have a lot of questions. This company is going to make sure that they can provide all of the answers as required. They know how important this insurance is. Also, that it is important for their beneficiaries. Insurance shoppers need confidence. In knowing that their loved ones or going to be well protected. The three common types of life insurance policies are offered here. The brokers will discuss each one in depth. This particular office has six* reviews on Google giving it a 3.2* rating.

My Insurance Broker

The first thing this brokerage company is going to do is make their clients feel comfortable. They are going to tell them that they have 25* insurance partners that they have teamed up with. Why this is important is because it gives insurance shoppers options. Ones they need especially when it comes to life insurance. This is a family operated business, and they have been serving this region since 2008. They focus on the cost factors that come with life insurance. Also, they work very hard at keeping these down for each client. This type of insurance is a personalized product. Insurance packages get based on the individual needs of the shopper. Currently, this company has 16* Google reviews giving it a 4.2* star rating.

Young’s Insurance Broker

This company is in Waterdown, but they also service the Hamilton area as well. They specialize in many different types of insurance. Life insurance products are one of their most important. To give their clients choices, they offer three different types of life insurance. Which are the most common ones. These are universal life and whole life insurance packages. Also, there is term life insurance. There are some clients that don’t understand these different types of products. The brokers here will take the time to discuss each one. Then suggestions come from the experts. About which would be the best for the particular client. This particular brokerage firm has three* Google reviews. Giving it a 4.* rating.

Milmine Insurance


This is another quality insurance broker that also services the Hamilton area. Among their insurance offerings is life-insurance. They offer three major types of life insurance. These individual packages are important. It gives the insurance shopper the opportunity to decide which is best for them. Some are concerned about their beneficiaries. Others want to take out a life insurance policy that is also going to be an investment for them as well. Then there is also the concern about the amount of coverage that is being given and the costs. These are all concerns that this insurance broker will address. Currently, this company does not have any reviews on Google.

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