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Guelph Ontario

For those living in Guelph, there are some great opportunities for buying all types of life insurance. This is made possible by the quality life insurance brokers that serve this area.

Roy Lewis

operated business

Life-insurance is a personalized product. Those that are shopping for it want to have individual attention. One of the best ways to do this is to utilize a family owned and operated business. This is what Roy Lewis insurance brokers are. They have been in business since 1969. Based on this they have all the experience necessary to support their clients. They are going to be there to get them the best coverage with the best rates. This is an insurance company that the entire family can rely on. Being as most often life-insurance includes meeting the family’s financial needs. Currently, the company has three* Google reviews giving it a 5* rating.

Harry Kihs

Those Guelph residents that are looking for a life insurance broker can count on this company. Their responsibility is to shop for life insurance packages for their clients. To do this, they rely on top-notch insurance providers. By having several to choose from it allows them to shop effectively. They know that this is an important product. It is one that has to be given proper thought, and it should not be rushed into. However, they do not want clients to put off buying such an important item. They are going to help clients make the right decisions. Also, they are going to provide them with the right information. That which is necessary to help take the confusion out of life insurance. Currently, this company has five* Google reviews giving it a 3.2* star rating.

Van Allen Insurance

Individuals searching online for life insurance will find it comes under personal insurance. It is because it is a personalized product. Here at Van Allen, they realize this. They are going to want to get to know their clients. To do this, they need to ask the right questions. They also need to take the time needed on an individualized basis. They are prepared to do this because they realize the importance of it. The company takes great pride in satisfied clients. Those getting the type of life insurance that is most important to them. Currently, this company has two* Google reviews giving it a 3.* rating.

Don Stephenson Insurance

When one is shopping for life insurance, they often put it off because it is so complex. The brokers here know how to approach clients with their insurance needs. They’re going to take the time to educate them on the products that are available. Clients can then take the time to study what they have learned and make their decisions based on this. Currently, this company does not have any Google* reviews.


A lot of people don’t have much time to spend on buying and shopping for their life insurance. For those that want to work with a company that is well organized they may want to look here. This Company can work quickly. It is a company that believes in educating their clients. About what life-insurance is. They know what the common questions are going to be and they have the answers ready. However, at the same time, they are well aware that this is an individualized insurance. Therefore they are not going to consider all life-insurance clients to be the same. They are going to give individualized attention and service. Currently, the office serving Guelph Ontario has no Google* reviews.



This is a company that has grown rapidly. They are comprised of a network of top quality insurance brokers. They all have one thing in common. That is to provide the very best in service to those that wish to do business with them. When it comes to life insurance, this company is going to make it a simple process to buy. That doesn’t mean that they are not going to answer all of the questions. Plus deal with concerns their clients may have. They may be growing rapidly. But, they believe that quality customer service is always going to be a priority.

Sutherland Insurance

Sutherland believes in personalized service. They believe that this is something that should be a priority for any insurance. One of their insurance offerings is life insurance. They know how important this is going to be to the insured. Most often the beneficiaries are family members and loved ones. The insured wants to be sure that they are going to be well protected. Then when it comes time to make a claim it is going to be hassle-free. Sutherland works with top quality insurance companies. To make sure that they are dealing with companies that care. This company currently has six* Google reviews giving it a 4.7* star rating.

Experior Insurance

This brokerage company has been in business for several years. They are all about quality customer service. This means making sure that their clients feel comfortable. While doing business with them. Life-insurance is just one of the insurance products that they carry. They work with the partners that are going to give them flexibility. When it comes to shopping for insurance. Every client is different. So it means that different companies have to be approached. This company makes sure that they work for the client and not the companies that they are affiliated with. The company currently has 14* Google reviews giving it a 4.1* star rating.

Ray Johnson & Associates

The Co-Operators insurance company is going to make sure that those in the Guelph area have insurance choices. This includes options for their life insurance. Ray is available whenever a client wants to know more about this type of insurance. He is here to put the most comprehensive packages together for them.

Clay Seabrook Insurance Agency

life insurance

For those who want a simple approach to life insurance, they may want to speak to Clay Seabrook. Clay is an agent that is representing State Farm for the Guelph area. State Farm is intent on offering their products to as many that are in need. Every insurance product they offer is important. Life-insurance is near the top. It is because it provides protection for loved ones. They also realize it is difficult to shop for this type of insurance. They want to make sure they have quality agents like Clay that are going to take the time clients need.

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