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firefighter at work

There are many different professions that individuals have entered into. Some more dangerous than others. When it comes to being a firefighter, there are few that would dispute that this is a risky job. While it is rewarding to many of those that have taken on this profession, it can create some hardships for them. One of these may be when they are trying to get life insurance.

Fire Service Life Insurance


When a firefighter begins to do research on their own for life insurance, they may be a little surprised. Of what they find. They are going to come across a variety of different brokers and insurance companies. But there may not be too much available. For life insurance that is for the firefighters.

It’s assumed the unions the firefighters belong to will have some life insurance. In place for them to take advantage of. The unions vary across the different provinces in Canada so what they have to offer will vary as well. Quite often the unions have teamed up with different affiliates. To offer a variety of discounts. It is possible that a union may have something that offers a discount for life insurance. But this too may be difficult to find amongst their discount listings.

Specialty Firefighter Insurance

The firefighting career is a specialty career. There are insurance companies that do specialize in different types of organizations. That is high risk. It may come under the emergency service organizations. As there are insurance companies that specialize in offering insurance to these groups. Some of the specialty insurance companies may offer group insurance packages to firefighters. If so there can be some distinct clauses in them that have certain stipulations.

How Much Life Insurance Do Firefighter Get?

How much insurance firefighters are going to get is going to depend. On where they can get their insurance from. If they are getting it through group insurance, then there is going to be a set amount. It is all going to depend on what the group insurance offers and if there are any options. Every insurance company is different. In the way that they will approach not only this insurance but any insurance that they offer.

The Line of Duty Death Benefit

For some, they may look at this as being a form of life insurance, but it comes with a lot of limitations. It is only a one-time payout meant to help the families of firefighters who have lost their lives in the line of duty. Upgrading of this program took place in 2017, but it does not take the place of life insurance. But, there have been some court actions that entail what death is as a result of a line of duty is.

Buying Private Life Insurance for Firefighters

There are a lot of insurance companies in Canada. They are competitive. Many of them will take extra steps to provide personalized insurance. Which includes life insurance. But, they are going to mitigate their risks. Firefighters have a lot of circumstances that create high risks for insurance companies.

Type of Risks Firefighters Face


On-Site Risks

When one thinks about the risks that firefighters face they often think about specific perils. Ones that they face when fighting a fire. There are many different risks that they are up against in those situations. Aside from the risk of burns, there is the constant risk of bodily injury. As a result of falling debris or falling through a structure.

Additional Risks

The extra risks that firefighters face are a lot of health risks. Many individuals don’t realize this. But, these are factors that insurance companies think about. Firefighters are at risk of damage to their lungs from smoke. Even though they wear protective clothing. There are statistics that show that firefighters are at a higher risk for cancer.

What do all these risks mean to the insurance companies?

Every insurance company is going to look at any risk that any individual looking for life insurance may pose. With the firefighters, there are numerous ones. That has to be taken into consideration. However, that doesn’t mean that insurance companies will not provide insurance for them. What it does mean is that they have to shop carefully. To determine which insurance companies will offer them some coverage. Once determined then what the company has to offer is an important point to review. Even though there may be limited choices.

Company comparisons are still necessary. Insurance companies differ in the way that they look at risk. They will also factor in the type of duties that the firefighter is carrying out. For example, a firefighter that is in the captain’s position may not be as vulnerable. As those that are on the front line. It is important for the insurance companies get as much information as possible. To help them determine what type of life insurance is available. To keep the rates down as much as possible.

Choices in Types of Life Insurance


Something else that needs considering is what choices in life insurance are available. There may be options for term insurance. Which is going to be a lower cost which may help to offset the high cost of the premiums for this high-risk employment. But the cost will increase over the duration of the policy.

Then some may want to look at permanent life insurance. If it is available to them which may be the most sensible form of life insurance to take out. If the firefighter is looking at having a set amount of money for his family in the case of is that. Another option may be universal life coverage.

It is important for the firefighter to take their time know what their options are and study these. With the profession that they are in, they need the peace of mind. Of knowing that their families will be okay financially in the case of a loss of life for the firefighter. At least having this assurance gives them one less worry. When they’re doing their jobs.