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Most would agree that farming is a profession. It is a self-operated business that one has to have certain skills to be able to do. The question is whether insurance companies consider it to be a profession or not. If they consider it as such, then they may offer special insurance for professionals. There is no one set answer concerning this. It is because every insurance company is different. They have their perception of what they want to offer.

Will Insurance Companies Look at Life Insurance Differently for Farmers?


It has to be determined whether the company is going to look differently at farmers. To begin with, they are going to look at all of the standard metrics. The ones they will use when approving anybody for life insurance. The three main components will be the age, the health, and gender. Then added to this will be many other variables. For farmers, there could be additional factors. Ones that they are going to take into consideration.

Some insurance companies may consider farming to be a high-risk activity. Especially if they are using a lot of high powered equipment. This may be factored in by knowing how big the farming operation is.

Some insurance shoppers check out the insurance companies’ websites. They can give some clear indicators. Some insurance companies specialize in farming operations. They will have coverage broken down into categories. When it comes to the farming insurance, it normally covers all other types of insurance. Except for life insurance. This may be an indicator the farmer needs to go to personal insurance section. Then look at the life insurance options.

Do Farmers Need Life Insurance?

Another significant question is, do farmers need life insurance? Quite often farmers are considered to be in good healthy condition. This is because they spend a great deal of time outdoors and many farmers are physically fit. It is because they are active and on the go all the time. That doesn’t mean that they are exempt from any of the diseases that other people can get. Which means that the insurance company is not likely to factor in that a farmer is going to be healthier. Or less risk medically.

Farmers may be in a situation where they need life insurance more than others. Those that work in other professions may have insurance through their business. A farmer is a standalone business operation. Unless they are going to invest in life insurance, they are not going to have the coverage they may need. Most likely the entire family is dependent on the profits that the farmer generates. Should the farmer lose their life, the family could be in great financial peril. For this reason alone it is suggested that life insurance is important for the farmer.

What Type of Life Insurance Should Farmers Buy?

Another big question that faces the farmer is what type of life insurance a farmer should buy? To answer the question, the intent of the insurance has to be identified.

To Cover Debt

Many farmers have a large debt load and one that they carry for many years. Even the simplest farming equipment is expensive. Farmers that are running a full operation need to depend on many different types of equipment. This can run them into hundreds of thousands of dollars. It may be that if they lose their life, the debt is going to fall on the shoulders of the family. If there is adequate life insurance in place then at the very least it can cover these costs.

To Pay For Education


Many farmers have young families. They have to give strong consideration to the future for their children. One of these considerations is their education. The farming operation may be able to generate income to cover this. If something happens to the farmer this security is now lost. Having life insurance that will cover the education is going to give the farmer peace of mind.

To Sustain The Family

The entire family might pitch in for the daily operations of the farm. But it is the farmer himself that spearheads this business. If the farmer is not alive to carry it on the family may not have the ability to do so. In this case, there will be no income for the family. Life insurance would be critically important in this case.

For The Retirement Years

Farmers work extremely hard during the years they are operating their farm. In many cases, as they get older, they are not able to work the farm as vigorously as they did in their younger years. This can cause a dramatic reduction in income. Also, they may not be building their Canada Pension Plan unless they have been paying into it. This means that in the retirement years their income may be very limited. Buying life insurance may be a viable option for them in their younger years. To allow it to build their investments.

Shopping for Insurance for Farmers


Life insurance for farmers can be unique. Life insurance, in general, is a personalized service. The insurance shopper that is a farmer is going to have to be diligent in their efforts. They should get quotes based on appropriate information they provide. Once they receive the quotes, they should then do further research. To see what each insurance company will offer them. They want to know if the company is looking at them as a profession. Therefore offering specialized insurance. Or does the company view them as standard insurance shoppers? Checking out the different types of insurance is important.

The decision should not depend on how much it is going to cost. Take all the other factors into account. This may be a little time-consuming. Farmers are often short of time to be able to do additional tasks such as this. However, based on the importance of it is well worth putting the time in. Once the right decision is made the farmer now has total peace of mind. Knowing his family’s future is secure.