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Insurance companies make money off their products. One of these products is life insurance. Some assume that this makes buying life insurance easy. As all the insurance companies want to do is sell their products.

What gets forgotten is that their life insurance products come with a risk. That risk is for them. Being as they are the ones that have to pay out a large sum of money upon your death. Their focus is making as much money as they can while you are still alive. To do this, they are going to reduce their risks as much as possible. This is life insurance. So they are going to use as many resources and metrics as they can to determine how risky you are. One of their resources could be your Doctor.

Will the Life Insurance Call My Doctor?


It is natural to think that whatever your Doctor knows about you is going to get kept confidential. They are compelled by law to do this. You have the right to be able to keep what you tell your Doctor private. This is patient confidentiality.

At the same time, you may be applying for life insurance. These companies want to know everything about your medical status. They begin to find this out about you by getting you to fill out a life insurance application. On this application, there are many questions about your health. But, the answers you give may not be enough information. For the life insurance company to make a decision about you. About whether you are a low enough risk to give life insurance to. Or, they may want to give it but at higher premiums. They may ask you to elaborate on some of your answers. You may not have enough knowledge to be able to do this. Then the insurance company may want to talk to your doctor personally.

Does the Life Insurance Company Have the Right To Talk to My Doctor?


The Life Insurance Company does not have the right to talk to your doctor. Not unless you give them information to do so. You may not have realized that you have already given them permission to do so.

A lot of people have the habit of not reading a lot of information that the insurance company gives them. When they get asked to fill out the life insurance application, it contains a lot of information. Every insurance company is different. So are their applications. But many will have a few pages of information. This information outlines important factors that the insurance companies want you to know. It will often outline some basic facts about how the life insurance handles you as a client. Part of that information could revolve around what they may do with your personal information. It may also tell you that they are going to be collecting information about you.

They will often outline the sources of where they may gather this information. Many times within this clause of the application form it will mention doctors. As well as other various health sources that pertain to you.

This information is part of your application. You will need to sign this application. When you do, you have just given the insurance company permission. That includes permitting them to talk to your doctor.

Can My Doctor Talk to the Life Insurance Company?


Every province has its own rules. When it comes to the medical profession, which includes all doctors. In Ontario, the doctors here are bound by tight rules when it comes to confidentiality. They can only give out information about an individual’s health with that person’s permission. Doctors are not even allowed to talk to other family members. About an individual’s health except under certain conditions.

In Ontario, there is the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA). Which makes sure that health information is being provided.

Your Doctor is going to be very cautious about giving out any of your medical information. They may ask you to sign a medical release form. One that will allow your doctor to speak to the insurance company.

Why Would the Life Insurance Call My Doctor?

You may be aware that the life insurance company may ask for your medical records. You may not have any concerns about doing this. But, doctor’s notes can be hard to decipher. The life insurance company representatives may not be able to understand something. That may be in the file received from your Doctor. They may want to clarify something. They may only be able to do this if they talk to your physician.

The insurance company talking to your doctor may be of a benefit to you. Then again it could be detrimental. You want to make sure there are no grey areas when it comes to you getting accepted for life insurance. Better to find out now that there could be a potential problem. Rather than your beneficiaries finding out when they go to make a claim and get denied.

Will I Know If The Life Insurance Company Called My Doctor?

You have the right to know what is on your Insurance file. You can request to see this. It may be that you have given the insurance company the right to speak to your Doctor. But, you are curious about what he may have told them. You have the right to ask your Doctor. You also have the right to see what information gets gathered from the insurance company.

What Happens If I Won’t Let the Insurance Company Talk to My Doctor?


The Insurance Company can do a few things in this case. They can deny to process your life insurance application. On the grounds that not enough information is provided. Or, they could hike up the cost of the insurance. They would make a note of your refusal on file. This could pose a problem later on when the claim is to get paid out.