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Canadian Premier

The Canadian Premier Life Insurance Company is located in the city of Toronto, Ontario. The company was incorporated in 2001 and it is a stem of Ivari.

Ivari works with thousands of advisors all over the world and offers a lot of insurance options for Canadians.

The main goal of Canadian Premier Life is to provide persons and families with affordable insurance. By doing so, more Canadians can gain the protection and financial opportunities they seek.

Canadian Premier offers a wide range of products to its customers. These include life insurance, accident insurance and credit insurance.

The company’s experience and success bring in thousands of new clients each month. The company offers both term and permanent life insurance options, including packages for clients 50+.

Canadian Premier Term Life Insurance

Many people and young families are looking for life insurance, but they can’t afford anything too pricey. For those people with low funds to work with, term life insurance is best.

Also, term life from Canadian Premier offers coverage for people with short-term needs, as well as extra coverage on top of permanent life packages.

The following is a popular package offered by the company, and which is one of their best products:

Simplified Issue Term Life

Simplified insurance lets customers obtain coverage without having to go through a full medical exam. Possible clients only need to answer a few questions about their everyday health.


  • Great for customers who are worried about their current state of health and can’t seem to get insurance
  • Offers a quick, reliable process for insurance acceptance
  • Offers full protection for a designated amount of time
  • Cheaper and simpler
  • Covers up to $100,000 of term life insurance
  • May be mixed with permanent life insurance packages


  • Does not cover individuals for their entire life
  • Does not cover the death of an individual if the term is not still active

Canadian Premier Permanent Insurance

There are many permanent life packages from Canadian Premier, each with special options for coverage and investments.

This kind of insurance is great for those who are able to pay for high start-up costs, or for those with various assets or a large estate.

The following is one of Canadian Premier’s best packages:

Life 50 Plus  

This insurance package is for any individual on or over the age of 50.

It is great for those who have paid off most of their earlier life expenses. However, they may now be thinking about post-life expenses such as funeral costs.


  • Smart for after-life expenses
  • Paid out in a lump sum
  • Payments and lump sum can be custom
  • Offers a cash benefit to those who experience a terminal illness or death
  • More affordable than a standard life insurance policy for older people

Aside from term life and permanent life insurance plans, Canadian Premier offers many sickness insurance plans as well as accident insurance plans.

Canadian Premier Sickness Insurance Plans

Critical Illness Plan


  • Covers individuals diagnosed with a critical illness
  • A long list of accepted illnesses
  • Lump sum paid out when diagnosed
  • Payment can be used how the payee wants

Cancer Insurance Plan


  • Smart for those people whose families have more than one case of Cancer
  • The lump sum is given upon Cancer diagnosis
  • Helps to take care of current expenses while the person is unable to make money
  • Covers a wide range of cancer illnesses

Student Insurance


  • Great for dependent children
  • Helps with daily expenses and/or any debt
  • Can be paid in a lump sum
  • Helpful for children going away for school

Comfort Cash


  • A simple solution to an accident or illnesses
  • Offers cash benefits for daily needs
  • Great for substituting income while a person gets better at home

Canadian Premier Accident Insurance Plans

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Plan


  • Ideal for those people working in high-risk jobs on a daily basis
  • Also ideal for individuals with dangerous lifestyles
  • Lump sum paid out
  • Up to $1,000,000 in cash benefits

Universal Accidental Plan  


  • For accidental injury or death
  • Additional levels of protection in comparison to the previous plan
  • Helpful for those with high-risk jobs and hobbies

Accidental Hospital Plan  


  • Can be paid on a daily basis
  • Helps to pay for expenses when the insured is not able to
  • Up to $1,400 per day
  • Protects those with risky or dangerous jobs
  • Helps cover treatment needs or at-home expenses

Other Services Offered by Canadian Premier Life Insurance:

  • Auto Injury Protection
  • Gift Accidental Death Coverage
  • Lump Sum Cancer Coverage
  • Accident and Sickness Plans
  • Juvenile Term Solutions
  • Accidental Hospital Insurance
  • …and more.

Employee Reviews

For those who are thinking about getting life insurance, it is smart to compare both customer reviews and employee reviews. Companies with happy employees usually offer better customer service and overall higher satisfaction for clients.

Canadian Premiere employee ratings were very high, with the average rating of 4/5 stars. Employees shared satisfaction with their workspace and pay; however, they were not happy with the lack of growth.


Canadian Premier works to provide individuals and families with the coverage they need at the price they want. With a range of package options, customers are sure to find protection that makes them feel comfortable.

While not one of the most recognizable companies in the insurance business, Canadian Premier continues to expand its clientele. Customers considering life insurance will want to speak with a representative.

This will help them to learn more about specific insurance rates, based on their personal information and what they need.