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Belleville Ontario

There are a lot of young and old families living in Belleville. Many need quality life insurance products. Fortunately, there are some experienced Life Insurance brokers to be of service to them.


life insurance

MacKay insurance brokers have been in business for over 165 years. They offer a variety of different insurance products which includes life insurance. One of their priorities is to find affordable insurance. For their Belleville and surrounding area clients. This is a company that is dedicated to the industry that they work in. They also believe in supporting their community. For those wanting life insurance, they can speak with one of the brokers directly. Or to speed things up, they can fill in their online application form. On their Facebook page, they have 8,603* followers. They have 73* reviews here giving a 4.7* rating. On Google reviews, they have one* review giving them a 4.* rating.


This is an insurance brokerage firm that is becoming well known. In several different areas. In fact, they have become Eastern Ontario’s largest brokerage firm. They have a lot of mandates that they follow. Three of their major attributes are quality and building their business on credibility. They are also very intent on offering personal customized service. This means that every client is treated as an individual. This company is going to make sure that the Belleville residents have options. Also, choices. When it comes to the amount of insurance that they desire. The company will work hard at getting affordable rates. That meets the individual needs of each life insurance shopper. The company currently has 36* Google reviews giving it a 4.5* rating.


Whitley insurance brokerage believes in being heavily involved in their community. They support many different events. Also, they are a company that has been serving the area for over 60 years. The Company takes great pride in the services that they provide. They offer insurance as well as financial services. Under their financial services category is where one will find the life insurance. For those in the Belleville area. They do this by offering a Universal life insurance package. This type of insurance comes with many advantages. Which the experienced brokers here will explain. To those that are interested in this type of insurance. The company currently has two* Google reviews giving it a 5.* rating.


Primerica offers many different services to the Belleville area. One of these is life insurance. The professionals here are going to take the time to explain what this insurance is all about. Many times life insurance can be difficult to buy because of its complexity. Primerica is going to make the purchase of this type of product an easy one. This is a company that dates all the way back to 1977. They have built their reputation as a company that offers solutions. In many different areas including life insurance.


Newman insurance is no stranger to the insurance agency. They have been around since 1871, and they were purchased by Gary Newman in 1987. This is a family operated business. That is well recognized in the community for the superior service that they offer. Among the different types of insurance that they provide, it includes life insurance. This is a company that is prepared to educate their clients as to what life insurance has to offer. There are options for this type of insurance, and this can lead to confusion. Newman insurance makes sure that this is turned into something that is simple. And understandable. The company currently has seven* Google reviews giving it a 2.9* rating.

Insurance Protection Group

This company likes to make insurance shopping easy for their clients. They will work at finding the very best life insurance products. Based on the individual needs of each client. Many individuals don’t realize that life insurance is a personalized product. There is no one insurance policy that fits all. Every life insurance shopper is concerned about the coverage for their beneficiaries. Some are looking at this type of insurance for investment purposes. The agents here will make sure that the client understands what life insurance is all about.


financial service company

Investia is a financial service company. However, they realize how important that life insurance is as part of an investment. To assist clients with their insurance needs, they will refer them to their subsidiary. Which is Hollis insurance Inc. Hollis offers a good line of life insurance products. Including Universal life as well as Whole Life and Term insurance.

The Co-Operators

One can expect to find a quality Co-Operators office serving Belleville. This is an insurance company that makes sure clients have some great selections. There are many different types of life insurance. It can be overwhelming as to which one should choose. The Co-Operators is well known for their personalized attention. This is a company that welcomes questions and will provide appropriate answers. The answers will be simple to understand. They will give the life insurance shopper additional knowledge. To help them make their decisions.

Jane Simpson

Jane is a specialist in both financial and insurance products. This is an individual that clients are going to want to deal with. She has been in the business since 1985 and has an intense knowledge when it comes to life insurance. Individuals want to be able to ask questions without feeling rushed. These individuals will want to speak to this expert.

Evan Furmidge

Universal life insurance

Evan is an agent for Allstate insurance. Many equate Allstate with vehicle insurance. They don’t realize that they have a very comprehensive life insurance package. They have options when it comes to term life or Universal life insurance. Also, there are choices for whole life insurance. Evan is experienced in each of these. He will be able to provide the options that are best for each client.

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