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Barrie is a great place to live. It has a wonderful environment to raise a family in.It also is a perfect location for those that want to retire. No matter what the age of the residents here there are some great insurance brokers to serve them.

Huronia Insurance


There are a lot of insurance products that can be confusing and difficult to buy. Unfortunately, life insurance is one of them. This particular brokerage company is focusing on making it a simple process. They do this because they dedicate the time needed for each client that wants to get it right. Getting it right means getting the proper amount of coverage. Also, buying life-insurance appropriate for them. It also means getting it at a reasonable rate. This company has been in the business for many years and has a very competent staff. Combined with the professional expertise this company has 199* years of experience. The company is approachable and believes in old fashion customer service. Currently on Google reviews the company has 19* reviews giving it a 3.7* star rating.

Mitchell & Whale

If one is going to deal with an insurance broker, they want to know a little bit about them first. Buying insurance products is a big step. Insurance buyers want to deal with somebody that they feel confident with. When one deals with Mitchell and Whale, they soon find this is a company that is intent on offering good service. They have been in the business for over 60 years, and they are a third generation owned company. They have chosen to partner up with some of the very best insurance providers. This is an important step. Insurance shoppers know that there are going to be options. About where they’re going to get their life insurance from. These options can mean some great savings. Currently, this company has 52* reviews giving it a 4.5* star rating.

Stevenson Insurance

For those interested in group benefit life-insurance this is a company they want to deal with. The company has chosen to specialize in this type of insurance. They have been in business for many years. They are there to serve the needs of those that require this type of insurance. The company currently has three* Google reviews giving it a 5.* rating.

My Insurance Broker

This company is not located in the Barrie area, but they serve the residents here. They can do this remotely. They can provide the same calibre of care as they would face to face. The company offers good protection. When it comes to life insurance for any individual needing this type of service. The office is serving the Barrie Area has two* reviews on Google giving it a 4.* rating.

Bethel Insurance

Barrie area

Bethel insurance is another brokerage company that reaches out to those in the Barrie area. They offer a full line of life insurance packages. Also, they believe in taking the time with their clients. Plus, they will deal with them online or directly through telephone calls. For those that are not able to attend their office. They want to be able to get to know their clients so they can provide the proper insurance coverage needed. Every client that needs life-insurance has their own specific needs. This company can identify those needs. Then determine what life insurance products are best for them. Currently, this company has six* Google reviews giving it a 3.* star rating.

RKM Insurance

This insurance broker offers many different types of insurance. One they specialize in is life-insurance. They focus on whole life insurance products. This may be confusing for some that don’t understand how life insurance works. The company will take the time to explain this type of insurance and the options that go with it. It makes it simple and affordable, yet there is no compromise in the type of coverage that it provides. The company currently has one* Google review giving it a 5.* rating.

Guthrie Insurance

Guthrie insurance is another broker that serves those in the Barrie area remotely. They have a knowledgeable staff that is ready willing and able to meet their client’s needs. The Company will make sure their clients are educated as to what life insurance is about. Also, they will ask appropriate questions to get to know their clients. By doing this, it allows them to give them the best advice. About what insurance packages are most appropriate for them. Choosing the right life insurance is as important as deciding to buy it. The price is going to be a factor. This brokerage will work at getting the best prices. For the most comprehensive coverage. Currently, this company has 11* Google reviews giving it a 4.* rating.

L.D. Dermody

For those that want to deal with the brokerage company that’s going to make it simple this company is a good choice. They offer a variety of different types of life insurance. It can be confusing when there are as many options as what is offered here. However, it is important that one be able to choose the best insurance for their needs. Protecting the family in the future financially is the priority. The company offers term and whole life insurance. There is also variable life insurance and universal life insurance. No need to worry about the complexity of these insurance products. The company is going to make sure that the client understands what is available to them. They will then help them make the best choice based on their needs. The company currently has four* Google reviews giving it a 5.* rating.

Cornell Insurance

Cornell insurance believes that life insurance offers peace of mind. It can only do this when an insurance shopper has confidence in the policy that they are buying. The professionals here are going to make sure that their clients understand. What it is they are paying for. They are going to work hard at getting what discounts they can. They are also going to rely on their partners. To provide the best coverage for each client. Personalized insurance like life-insurance takes time and due diligence. To choose the right product. Cornell insurance brokerage company is a firm that is dedicated to this. The company currently has two* Google reviews giving it a 3.* rating.

Canadian Insurance Brokers

This is a huge brokerage firm. However, this should not be intimidating. It is because this company is going to give every client they serve dedicated attention. They realize how important life insurance is. Based on this they are going to take the time with the insurance shopper. All too often life insurance shoppers are confused. They are under stress trying to determine how much coverage they need. Relying on a quality insurance broker can make this a stress free shopping experience. This company currently has three* Google reviews giving it a 3.7* rating.

Ideal Insurance


This insurance broker has the mandate of keeping insurance buying easy and simple. They will take the time to go over the purposes of life insurance and the many ways it can be of value. The Company will listen to what the life insurance shopper has to say. Also, they will address all their concerns. Their priority will be to make the client feel comfortable. Also confident in the choices they are about to make. This company has been in business for several years. It has the experience needed to provide one with the proper life insurance. This company currently has five* Google reviews giving it a 2.8* star rating.

Sandra Eckerman-Norton

For those wanting to deal directly with an insurance provider then they may want to consider what State Farm has to offer. This insurance agent is committed to those in the Barrie area that are in need of insurance. This includes life insurance. Many people are familiar with the quality products that State Farm has to offer. There is no question as to the credibility of this company. Sandra is well-versed in being able to answer all the questions. Those about life insurance. She is going to provide detailed and appropriate answers. Based on these answers the insurance shopper is going to be able to make a wise decision. Currently, this broker has four* Google reviews giving a 5.* rating.

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