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There are many different types of insurance products that individuals may need to buy in Canada. Each of them has their level of importance. Among these is Life Insurance.

What is Life Insurance?

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Life insurance is a product purchased from an insurance company. It means signing a contract. One that the insurance shopper and the insurance company agree upon. The contract will state that it is worth a certain amount of money. The insured will pay a premium each year for this coverage. In the event the insured dies, then the amount of money that the policy is worth gets paid out. To the beneficiary named on the insurance policy.

How Does Life Insurance Work In Canada?

There are insurance companies in Canada that have permission to sell different types of insurance products. One of these products is life insurance. For the company to be able to do this they are licensed as an insurance company. They also have to follow all the regulations that are in place for this type of business.

Individuals that want to buy insurance will make an application. To the insurance company of their choice. An Insurance company may ask them to fill out a questionnaire. Or, they are asked to have a medical exam or medical tests. Every insurance company is different. In regards to what they will ask for when it comes to their life insurance policies.

The insurance shopper will need to decide on what type of insurance they want. As there are several different types. Then they will need to decide on how much coverage they want. The insurance applicant needs approval. Then the insurance company determines how much the premiums are going to cost. The premiums are the payments that the insured makes. The insured also decides on who is to get the money if the insured dies. This is the beneficiary. An insured can choose as many beneficiaries as they like.

Is Life Insurance Mandatory in Canada?

General life insurance is not mandatory in Canada. Individuals have the opportunity to shop for life insurance here for different purposes. There are some types of life insurances that cover mortgages. One of these is mortgage life insurance. Some think that this is mandatory which it is not. They get confused with mortgage loan insurance which may be mandatory.

Where is the Best Place to Get Life Insurance?

There are many opportunities in Canada to buy life insurance. Which means that there are a lot of insurance companies that offer this. They can be competitive with each other. Many think that life insurance is going to be the same no matter where one buys it. This is not true. Insurance companies will offer different incentives. To entice insurance buyers to deal with them. One can buy insurance through getting quotes. Or they can it go through a broker. Another alternative is they can go directly to the company of their choice. The best place is all going to depend on the specific needs of the insurance shopper. Also, how well a particular insurance company can meet those needs.

Why Do You Get Life Insurance?


There are a lot of different reasons why people want to buy life insurance. Many wonder what the purpose is if it’s only paid out after death. If they are not going to receive the personal benefit of the money. One of the main reasons is to protect those loved ones that are left behind concerning their finances. Many individuals who die leave a large amount of debt behind that often the loved ones have to take care of.

Life insurance can also be security for making sure that the family’s needs get met. In the event of the insured’s death. Children that need to have their education paid for can rely on the money. That which comes from a life insurance policy. Many times the spouse may not be to work themselves. When their partner passes away, they no longer have a source of income.

Every person that is buying life insurance is unique. They will have their reasons for wanting to invest in this type of insurance product.

How Much Does Life Insurance Cost?

Life insurance is a personalized product. It means the price is going to vary for each. There are a lot of factors considered. To determine what the cost will be. The type of insurance is going to be one of the factors. How much is the value of the insurance policy going to be is another. Then on top of this will be any of the risk factors. Those that the insurance shopper may be presenting to the insurance company. Insurance companies are all about risks. The more risks an insurance applicant presents, the higher the cost of the insurance product.

What Types of Life Insurance Are There?

There are several different types and packages. It can be a little difficult for the insurance shopper to know which is going to be best for them. For life-insurance itself there are four basic types which are;

  • Term life insurance
  • Permanent life insurance
  • Whole life insurance
  • Universal life insurance

Then each insurance company may have some sub-products. Ones that come under these different headings. Meaning they have designed their specific packages to be competitive.

Life Insurance Payout Canada

The beneficiary of the policy has to notify the insurance company. When the insured passes away. The insurance company will then go through their mandate for paying out the claim. Every insurance company is different and how long it takes can vary as well. One thing they will want to know is the cause of death. They will want to make sure that it may not have been as a result of a pre-existing condition that was not declared. Another purpose is that many life insurance policies do not cover suicide. Then there are some insurance companies that may pay out more if the death was the result of an accident.

Life Insurance Payout Time Limit Canada


When a life insurance company receives a claim, there is a process that they will go through. Before paying it out. They will want to confirm the circumstances of the insured’s death. They are going to want to know the cause of death. The beneficiaries may have to produce certain documents. To answer the questions that the insurance company will have.

They may have to produce the death certificate and verify that they are at the beneficiary. How long this takes is going to vary on the specific circumstances. It is also going to depend on how the payment gets made. In some cases, it is a lump sum payment. In other cases, it’s paid out on a yearly basis. Sometimes the release of payments is within a matter of a few weeks. Other times it can take a lot more time depending on how complex the circumstance is.

Using Life Insurance Calculator Canada

There are a lot of different ways that one can buy life insurance in Canada. There is an opportunity to calculate and buy it online. Which is convenient. As it means the insurance shopper does not have to go in person to the insurance company. There are also different types of resources online for buying insurance. An individual can get quotes and do comparisons and buy their insurance this way. They can opt to use a broker who will do the insurance shopping for them. Also, many of the Canadian insurance companies will allow for direct buying.