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The nursing profession is an honorable one, and quite often the nurses don’t get the recognition they deserve, nor do they get the pay that is on par with the work and dedication that they put into their profession. Meaning that they too have to do some careful shopping when it comes to the home insurance they need that comes in at an affordable cost.

The choices for Home Insurance for Nurses

Like many departments in the medical profession, there are organizations that nurses can become a member of. When they do, they are sometimes given opportunities for being able to buy into group insurance plans for home insurance as well as other perks that may come with the membership in the organization.

Canadian Nurses Association

This is an organization that has been put in place to represent Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners throughout Canada. As an organization supporting this group of medical professionals, they have made arrangements for group insurance that gives special rates for home and auto insurance coverage for nurses.

TD Meloche Monnex Program

This is the insurance program that has been designed for the nurses in Canada who are part of the Canadian Nurses Association.
The program offers both vehicle and home insurance coverage along with some options for the home insurance. The home insurance packages that TD offers are;

  • Gold
    Platinum Plus

Buying these through the TD Meloche Monnex Program may give better rates as they will be group rates. It is indicated that those buying this insurance the CNA are saving about $600. in their home insurance premiums.

Registered Nurses Association of Ontario

This is another organization that has been started for the Registered Nurses of Ontario. It is not unusual for each province to have their own specific nurses organizations. Nurses that are part of this organization can enjoy group home and auto insurance being provided by Hub International.
Members of the RNAO Can Expect the Following Insurance Benefits;

  • Group rates
  • Discount
  • No monthly fees
  • Coverage for spouse and eligible dependents
  • Claims assistance around the clock.

Ontario Nurses Association

Another organization for nurses in Ontario to join. This organization is also bringing extra savings for nurses through an affiliation with Johnson Insurance. It is group insurance with one of the insurance packages pertaining to home insurance.

The Benefits of the Home Insurance for Nurses Through Johnson

  • Bundling discount
  • Identity theft coverage
  • ID Restore
  • Home Plus which is comprised of over twenty benefits with no extra cost
  • As an added bonus insureds can earn air miles.

Registered Practical Nursing Association Ontario (RPNAO)

Johnson Insurance has also provided group insurance packages for registered practical nurses that belong to this organization. The insurance packages include both auto and home insurance.

Home Insurance for Nurses in Alberta

Every province is different for nurses and what is available to them based on their profession. In Alberta, the Armour Insurance Company has prepared a special home insurance package for the nurses in this province. It is a combination insurance package that includes both car and home insurance.


This is the insurance program that has been developed for the nursing industry in Alberta as well as Saskatchewan. To qualify the professional must have the following status:

  • Registered Nurse
  • Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Registered psychiatric nurses
  • Nurse Practitioner

This home and auto insurance package is also being offered to retired nurses that reside in Saskatchewan as well as Alberta. Plus, it includes coverage for their family.

The Benefits of This Insurance

Nurses that opt into this insurance program can enjoy the following;

  • Discounted rates for groups
  • Discounts to reduce the cost of premiums
  • Different payment options
  • Intercompany discounts
  • Claim service around the clock
    Armour is indicating that there can be a reduction in premiums by 60% with the use of applicable discounts.

Provinces Nurses belonging to CNA can obtain insurance through here.

Insurance Coverage for Nurses in Canada by Provinces

ProvinceHome Insurance for Nurses
Nova ScotiaJohnson Insurance
Alberta/Sask.Armour Ins

TD Insurance

Newfoundland/LabradorJohnson Insurance
OntarioTD Insurance via CNA

HUB International via RNAO

Johnson Ins via ONA and RPNAO

Other ProvincesNurses belonging to CNA can obtain insurance through here

Other Options for Home Insurance for Nurses

All of the Insurance coverage for Nurses covered so far pertains to group insurance. There can be pros and cons to group insurance. These will vary according to the type of insurance that is being offered through group packages. For home insurance some things to consider are.

Home Insurance for Nurses Through Group Insurance

The Pros:

  • There may be a discount in the rates for the group
  • Extra discounts may be developed just for the nursing industry
  • It is convenient
  • They may be fewer questions asked, or the application is streamlined

The Cons:

  • Some nurses may need more personalized home insurance
  • There may be some nurses that qualify for additional discounts that are not part of the group insurance
  • The insurance coverage may be restricted to just what is available in the group coverage
  • There is no opportunity to make insurance comparisons.

Additional Options for Home Insurance for Nurses

Nurses throughout Canada are not compelled to opt into the insurance that is being offered through their various organizations.
There is an opportunity to do some independent home insurance shopping. There can be some real benefits to this.
It will allow the insurance shopper to get different quotes. Then once they gather these, they are able to compare them.
It also allows them to focus more on potential discounts.

All insurance companies are not the same when it comes to what they offer for home insurance coverage, or the cost of their premiums. They are also not the same when it comes to discounts that may be available. A good example is some insurance companies offer mature rates for home insurance. There are plenty of nurses that fit into this category. But, their group insurance may not provide this discount which could be substantial.