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When home insurance shoppers are looking to buy home insurance they need to shop for it carefully. It is no longer just a matter of choosing the first home insurance company that one comes across. It is a matter of doing the proper comparisons. There are several different factors that are going to come into play when it comes to your home insurance needs.

  • How much coverage do you need?
  • What Insurance Company is going to provide you with the best coverage?
  • Which Insurance Company is going to give you the cheapest rates with no compromise?
  • How well does the insurance company honor its claims?

Below The Top Ten Insurance Companies in Canada By Region

Top 10 Home Insurance Companies in Ontario

  1. Co-Operators
  2. Economical
  3. Allstate
  4. Intact Ins.
  5. The Personal
  6. Belair Direct
  7. RBC Insuance
  8. Wawanesa
  9. State Farm
  10. Avivia Insurance

Top 10 Home Insurance Companies in Quebec

  1. RSA Insurance
  2. La Capitale
  3. The Personal
  4. Promnutuel
  5. SSQ General
  6. Industrial Alliance
  7. Desjardins General
  8. Avivia
  9. TD Insurance
  10. Belairdirect

Top 10 Home Insurance Companies in Wester Region

  1. Portage Mutual
  2. Co-Operators
  3. BCAA
  4. Alberta Motor  Assoc
  5. SGI Canada
  6. Intact Ins
  7. Wawanesa
  8. TD Insurance
  9. Economical Insurance
  10. Peace Hills Gen. Ins

Source: J.D.Power

What Are These Top Ten Insurance Companies Rated On?

There are five factors that are important when it comes to the expectations that are placed on home insurance companies. Which are;

  • Interactions with the company that are not claim orientated ( based on local agent/broke or representation through call centers. Then website interaction is included in this.
  • What the policies have to offer.
  • The cost of the premiums.
  • Billing and payment.
  • Claims.

Taking a Look at the Top Ten Insurance Companies for Canada

Taking the top three from each region then looking at the highest-ranking the list depicts;

RSA Insurance Quebec

This insurance company received the highest score designated by J.D. Power. This means they ranked high in the five major factors that are important to the home insurance shopper. The Company works through brokers. They claim that they have in their employment in excess of 2,600 employees. They also state that they work with over 19,000 RSA group colleagues. They have been in business since 1833. The company has received 6 Google reviews* giving it a 3.5* rating.

Next Top Three for Quebec

La Capitale

This insurance company is high on the list for satisfaction in Quebec. They are flexible in their insurance coverage which includes detached or semi-detached houses. For those who need insurance for row houses or townhouses, this company should be able to help them. The company has been in business for 75+ years and is prominent throughout Quebec. They have since branched out to many other parts of Canada. On their LinkedIn page, they are showing they have 11,921* followers. They are also claiming they have 1,966* employees.  On their facebook page, they are showing 33,694* followers.

The Personal

The company claims to offer flexible rates. They are also offering some good bonuses. Such as a 20% discount for claims free clients. Plus a 15% discount for a central monitored burglar and fire alarm system that includes automatic sprinklers. This Insurance company is claiming to have partnered up with 700+ organizations. On their linked in the page, they have 681* followers, plus 62* employees. On Facebook they 2,196* followers.


The company offers homeowners insurance as well as co-owners insurance. They are listing a good selection of discounts that range from bundling, alarm system discount, and recent construction discounts to name a few.  The company has been serving Quebec insurance shoppers for 60+ years.  They have multiple locations as well as an excellent website to assist home insurance buyers. On their linked in page, they have 6,461* followers and 1,026*employees. On their facebook page, they have 9,153* followers.

Top Three for Atlantic/Ontario Region

The Co-Operators

The Co-Operators Insurance Company is a household name when it comes to insurance. Which includes their offering of home insurance. The Company started the business in 1945. This is an insurance company that is owned by a group of 45 members. On Linked In they have 20,250* followers.  They also show 3,934* employees. On their Facebook page, they have 22,723* followers.

Economical Insurance

Economical is a Company that has been around since 1871 and is still going strong.  Their mandate is to keep home insurance simple. They offer a long list of the types of coverage they offer for homeowners. On their Linked in page, they have accumulated 16,974* followers. They also indicate they have 2,031*. employees.


Allstate has their basic homeowners insurance packages. Then there is a selection of optional coverage for which the company strives to offer for reasonable costs. They also believe in offering personalized services.  On their Facebook page, they have 783,256 followers.

Top Three For Western Region

Portage Mutual Insurance

This is a company that gone to great lengths to break their insurance packages down on their website for easy reference. They offer two main packages which are Homeowners Essentials and Homeowners Enhanced. They also offer a variety of incentives for the lowering of premiums. The Company has been in business since 1884. The Company has one* Google review giving it a five-star rating.

The Co-Operators

The Co-Operators has already been recognized once has being in the top three. For the Atlantic/Ontario region. It appears as though the western region is just as impressed with this insurance company.


This company would have rated well for the information they provide on their website. It quickly brings to mind all the potential mishaps that can take place with a home. Clearly giving good reasons why home insurance is so important.  On their Facebook page, they have 20,740* followers

The  Top Ten Best Canada Insurance Companies  Recognition

These top ten have been rated by consumers themselves. They are not being put in the top ten based on the size of their company, or how much insurance they sell. Knowing what the top ten are it now allows you to focus on the quotes you get that may include any of these top ten. Remember quotes are based strictly on price. You need to take into account the rest of the important factors.