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Some homeowners often why other homeowners would want to rent out their homes on a temporary basis. Those that do this do so for several different reasons. Such as;

  • They go away for part of the year and don’t want to leave their home empty.
  • Some do it for the extra income temporary rentals can bring in.
  • Others have extra rooms in their home that they have no better use for.
  • Some have a vacation cottage that they only get to enjoy themselves for a few weeks of the year.

What Resources Do These Home Owners Use to Rent Their Property?


This type of temporary rental has become very popular. So much so that there are companies that are dedicated to this. These companies have set up websites for both landlords and temporary tenants to use. A good example of this is Airbnb.

Short Term Rental Insurance

No matter what the reason someone may be renting out their home, they need insurance. It is a big mistake not to have this. Some feel that by taking on this expense it is eating into the profit they are making from the rent. For those who have insurance and have run into a rental problem, the insurance cost was money well spent.

Airbnb Home Insurance

Landlords that use Airbnb are often new to this type of rental. This platform that serves the landlords has put an insurance program in place. Quite often landlords do not take the time to determine if this coverage is going to be enough to fully protect them. They just assume that if there is insurance, then that is all they need.

What Does the Host Protection Insurance Cover?

The insurance coverage provided by Airbnb is called Host Protection Insurance. It is insurance that covers both the hosts and the landlords.  This insurance is included for every host or landlord that lists and rents their property through Airbnb.

The coverage provided:

The insurance coverage focuses on third party liability coverage. Offering $1. million worth of coverage. This covers claims made for:

  • Bodily injury
  • Property damage

Airbnb Insurance Basics


Airbnb Insurance takes on the role of the primary insurance.

Most Airbnb hosts and landlords have their insurance in place already.

The Airbnb is extra coverage. If an incident takes place during an Airbnb stay, then the Airbnb insurance will pay for this up to $1. million dollars.

The landlord’s or host’s insurance takes a secondary position.

How Does the Airbnb Work with the Private Insurance Coverage for Hosts and Landlords?

Hosts and landlords should have additional insurance for their property. Such as the homeowner’s insurance.

Claims Exceeding Airbnb Coverage

It could be that a claim could arise for over $1. million. If so then possibly the host’s or landlord’s insurance would cover the rest of the claim. However, this is only a possibility. It is up to the hosts and landlords to check with their insurance companies as to how they would work with the Airbnb coverage.

Landlord and Host Responsible for Notifying Their Insurance Company

The insurance company should be notified that the host or landlord is going to be renting out the insured premises on a temporary basis. Also, that they are using Airbnb services, and inform them but the Airbnb insurance. This way there is no confusion as to what is taking place with the property on behalf of the private insurance company’s part. In the event of a claim.

Getting the Right Private Insurance

Keep in mind that standard homeowner’s insurance does not normally cover short-term rentals for the property being insured. Renting a property on a short-term basis requires a different type of insurance product.

Short Term Rental Insurance

There are some Insurance Companies that have specific insurance packages comprised for short-term rentals. Some of these work in conjunction with platforms like Airbnb.

Keeping Insurance Coverage Organized

It can become confusing with so many different types of Insurance.

Homeowner’s Insurance:

This is the insurance most homeowners will buy to financially protect their property and their contents.

Landlord’s Insurance:

If an individual is going to rent out their property on a full-time basis, they will want to consider landlord’s insurance.

Short Term Rental Insurance:

For those that are going to rent their property on a short-term basis, they may want to use an Insurance Company that offers this specific type of Insurance.

Airbnb Host Protection Insurance:

This is automatically given to hosts and landlord’s that use the Airbnb services. It becomes the primary insurance when the property is being rented out to Airbnb guests. It is not normally in effect during the periods of time that the property is not being used by Airbnb services.

Insurance shoppers for this kind of insurance may also find that they are screened carefully by some of the Insurance companies. To determine if the renting is considered as temporary renting. Or whether the insurance company considers it commercial renting. Which if this were the case then it would require a need for a different type of insurance altogether.

Airbnb Insurance Problems

For the most part, many feel that the type of insurance that Airbnb is offering is good coverage. But, it is important to realize that just this insurance is not enough. There are some precautions that need to be taken with additional insurances.

Some say that sometimes these types of insurance plans come with a lot of conditions, and exclusions.

Also, that there could be limited time periods for claims reporting.

Also, it is important to not confuse the Airbnb Host Protection Insurance with the Host Guarantee.

Host Guarantee

This is different protection offered for damage to personal items or their unit by guests. Hosts and landlords need to fully check out these two different programs being offered by Airbnb.

Speak to Your Insurance Company


No matter whether you are going to go through Airbnb or temporarily rent on your own, talk to your Insurance company. You need to have a clear understanding of your coverage. To make sure you have the proper insurance coverage for your temporary renting activities.