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Some insurance shoppers ask some pertinent questions. Quite often frustration sets in with the responses. Many times the answer will be “it depends”. For the question about stolen good from a vehicle coverage, the answer is “it depends”.

Are Items Stolen From Your Car Insured?


First, it is going to come down to what kind of insurance do you have. Every vehicle in Canada has to have the primary insurance. There are options for more coverage. For stolen items, it will first depend on what type of insurance you have in place.

Is There Comprehensive Insurance Coverage?

Comprehensive Insurance covers are insurance coverage for noncollision occurrences. It covers many different types of damage that can occur to a vehicle. Meaning damage other than that from a collision. Included in this is coverage for theft of the vehicle.

Often a vehicle is not stolen, but instead can be broken into. The purpose is that the culprit wants to steal something inside of the vehicle. The insured wants to know is this theft covered?

The Concept of Insurance

Insurance is for covering the vehicle. How much coverage and type depends on the insurance package chosen. The contents of the vehicle are something that is important. Are the items part of the vehicle or are they separate?

Many of the vehicles today come loaded with extra goodies. For example Bluetooth items, and navigation systems.

These are part of the vehicle. So, if the stolen item is part of the vehicle, it should have insurance coverage.

Extra  items

personal belongings

It is quite common for people to carry a lot of extra items in their vehicles. Many people carry items like laptops and maybe sports equipment for the kids. Or, how about when they are going on vacation? The vehicle will have the personal belongings.  Yet, not of these came with the vehicle. The extra items are personal property.

Why are These Items Not Covered?

It is important to look at it from the Insurance Companies perspective. When an insurance company is providing insurance, they are taking a risk. The amount of risk depends on many different details. The risk for stolen items could be high. Not as likely for those that come with are the vehicle.

It is because it takes too much time for a thief to remove these. Items that the insured installs are easier to retrieve for the thief. It increases the risk for the Insurance Companies. So, they are not going to take this on. So, they will not provide insurance coverage for it.

There is also another issue. Insurance companies know what are factory installed items. They may know this by the make, model and year of the vehicle. Or, they may ask the insured specifics about these. Inclusions of these will become part of the policy. Coverage for them would be available in the event of theft.

If they did not use this metric, people could make false claims for stolen items. Yet, that item was not in the vehicle. The insurance companies are not going to take that risk. It means they would have to rely on honesty. While most would be honest, there would be those that are not.

Adding Extra Coverage

Every insurance company has its own rules about what they offer. Also, what they will cover. Some vehicle owners want to install extra conveniences into their vehicles. But, they worry about theft. Some insurance companies recognize this. They may allow an add-on for the item.

If they do this, there will have specific requirements. First, the insurance company would have to approve of the item. Then proof of the value of it is necessary. Also, it would be the responsibility of the insured to do this. Plus, it could mean having to produce receipts. It is not something that every insurance company will allow. But, it is worth asking about if it is important to the insured.

Is There Any Protection for Goods in the Vehicle?

There are times when people need to have personal belongings in their vehicle. It is not always possible to remove these each time the vehicle is vacant.

Some people have other types of insurance. Such as renters insurance or homeowners insurance. It is possible that there is stolen goods insurance coverage under this. It is important to look at the policy in a careful manner. There may be some criteria in place for the coverage of the goods.

What Can You Do To Help Reduce Stolen Goods Theft

There are several steps that you can take to help reduce theft. As it pertains to items in a vehicle.

  • Whenever possible try to remove the items from the vehicle. Even if you are only going to be gone a short time. If this is not possible then try to conceal them. You may be able to put them under the seat. Or, perhaps they will fit in the glove box. Another option may be to put them in the trunk of the vehicle.
  • Watch where you are parking the car.  Also, if you are using a parking lot look for the safest spots. Plus, if it is night park the vehicle in a well-lit area.
  • If possible at home park the car in a locked garage.
  • When parking in the driveway think about using lighting motion sensors. Or, have the driveway protected under the home security.
  • Above all at all times make sure the vehicle is locked. This should be the first rule no matter where the car is parked.

Be Informed About Your Insurance


Individuals should know exactly what their insurance covers. They should also know if other types of insurance will cover stolen items.

Insurance buyers should understand that not all insurance companies are the same. It is worth shopping around for insurance. It is an ideal way for getting some good rates. Also, it allows the insurance seeker to ask pertinent questions. For example, the possibility of any add-on protection. Plus it can help to determine if other types of insurance should be purchased. As it would help to protect the items in the vehicle.

About the Author: Ashley Miller

Ashley is an insurance content professional and very knowledgeable on all related subjects. Ashley has over 12 years of insurance content writing experience working with various insurance companies throughout her career.