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tornado damaged car

When something as serious as a tornado occurs, serious damage can be done to your vehicle. It is extremely unfortunate, but tornadoes are very difficult to predict. Not only is your vehicle not safe in a garage, but it really isn’t safe anywhere. A tornado can strike almost anywhere in the world and it does not take long to destroy a vehicle completely. If you’re worried about this happening to you, you might be wondering what type of insurance you need to go for. To make sure that you’re properly covered, you need to have good comprehensive insurance coverage.

What is comprehensive coverage?


Comprehensive coverage is insurance that essentially covers you from accidents that occur when you aren’t driving. If a natural disaster occurs or if vandalism or theft occurs, you can receive compensation. The amount of compensation that you receive really depends on your insurance policy. Generally, you can increase or decrease the amount of comprehensive insurance coverage that you have on your vehicle. However, doing so will increase your insurance premium.

Tornado insurance cost

If you’re thinking about tornado insurance, you might be wondering how much it costs. Unfortunately, you cannot have tornado insurance by itself added to your insurance policy. If you could, it would likely cost you a lot less money due to the slim chance of a tornado damaging your vehicle. However, adding comprehensive insurance coverage shouldn’t increase your insurance policy by a ton. You will also be covered against other natural disasters and things like vandalism. Although adding comprehensive insurance does increase the risk for an insurance company, it doesn’t increase it by a lot. This is due to the fact that accidents caused by something other than you are not nearly as likely to occur.

How do I know if I have comprehensive insurance?

It is really easy to be able to tell if you have comprehensive insurance coverage. Simply get in touch with your agent and ask them if you are covered for a natural disaster. It should only take your insurance agent a few minutes to be able to tell you if you have the coverage for it. Another nice thing about calling your insurance agent is that you can also get a quote for how much it will cost to add this to your insurance policy. If you don’t feel like phoning, you can also look at your renewal papers. Generally, renewal papers will state the coverage that you currently possess in your policy. One final way that you can check to see if you have coverage is to view your policy online if your insurance provider offers that information.

Do I have to pay an insurance deductible for comprehensive insurance?

Comprehensive insurance is much like collision insurance. If you make a claim, you still have to pay an insurance deductible on your vehicle. If you are unsure of what this is, an insurance deductible is essentially money that you have to pay if you decide to make a claim. However, the amount of deductible you have to pay might be different depending on your insurance policy. The less coverage you have, the lower your insurance deductible will likely be.

Should I file an insurance claim for tornado damage?


If your car was damaged by a tornado, your first step is to assess the damage that was done. If there was only a little bit of damage to your vehicle, you might not want to file a claim. This is due to the fact that you’re going to still have to pay a deductible in order to be able to make a claim. However, if a decent amount of damage was done, you might want to consider making a claim. The best thing about comprehensive insurance coverage is that your insurance premium is unlikely to rise after making a claim. Comprehensive claims are not considered to be your fault. For this reason, you should generally not be afraid to make a claim for tornado damage.

How do I make an insurance claim for tornado damage?

If you are ready to make a claim for tornado damage, you need to gather up your evidence. It is important to make sure that you give your insurance company as much proof as possible. Once you gather up your evidence, you can contact your insurance company. Make sure that you tell them the location of the incident and send them any pictures of the damage that you have, any names and contact information for witnesses, etc. Your insurance company should then direct you to get the damage assessed so they can decide whether or not to repair your vehicle. Once the damages are assessed, you will likely either be assigned to a repair shop or get to choose one to make their repairs on your vehicle for you.

Does insurance cover wind damage?

wind damage

A tornado is essentially an extreme form of wind. A tornado is much more likely to damage your vehicle than wind, however, wind can definitely do some damage. In a bad storm, wind can pick up to extremely high speeds and can cause things to fall over, which can seriously damage your vehicle. Luckily, comprehensive insurance does cover regular wind damage as well as tornado damage. The nice thing about comprehensive insurance coverage is that it doesn’t matter what kind of force damage your car, so long as you weren’t driving and didn’t do it yourself, you should be able to receive compensation for the damage.

To Conclude

You can never really predict when a tornado will occur. Unfortunately, a ton of damage can be done to your vehicle in a short period of time if a tornado passes by. And never at least hurts to check to see if you have coverage against natural disasters like tornadoes. Although the likelihood of your vehicle being damaged might be slim, if you have a nice vehicle, it could be worth paying for the coverage. If you don’t have this type of coverage if something occurs, you could end up with nothing and be forced to purchase a new vehicle. Definitely, something that you should keep in the back of your mind.

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