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Not everyone needs to drive their vehicle all the time. There are some people that park their vehicle for short periods of time. It may be that they want to do repairs or that they have a second vehicle that they rely on for the majority of the time. In any event, a lot of people need to park these cars. They wonder if they are going to need insurance to park the car on the road.

What Can Happen To A Parked Car?

Parked car

When it comes to vehicle insurance, there is insurance that covers more than collision. Meaning that most think about their insurance as it pertains to when the car is in motion. There are many other mishaps that can take place that can cause damage to a vehicle. For this reason, insurance companies have comprehensive insurance packages.

Acts of nature

Throughout Canada, the weather environment varies a great deal. Certain provinces deal with adverse weather conditions during specific seasons. At any time at any moment, a storm of some type can occur in any part of Canada. There are many vehicles damaged as acts of nature. These can be from trees falling as a result of thunder or ice storms. Or in some areas, it could be as a result of flooding. There can be many different reasons why a car can become damaged while in a parked position.


Another common occurrence of a parked vehicle is it gets stolen. A car parked on the road could be vulnerable to this. Especially if it happens to be one of the more popular areas where vehicles are stolen.


Another thing that a parked vehicle on the road could be subject to is vandalism. It is all going to depend on the area and the neighbourhood as to how vulnerable it is. Is it exposed to this type of potential damage even though the driver is not using it?

These are common scenarios that can take place in a parked vehicle. If there is no insurance coverage such as the comprehensive, then the owner of the car is at risk.

What is Comprehensive Insurance?

Hit and Runs

companies offer. It covers any of the damages that may take place in a vehicle outside of a collision.

Hit and Runs

It is essential to understand that comprehensive is insurance does not cover collisions. Plus, it means that if the parked vehicle on the road gets hit by another car, then the car is not covered. Also, it is because it’s classed as a collision.

How much Does Comprehensive Insurance Cost?

The cost of comprehensive insurance is going to depend on the size of the package at that you want. Meaning how much coverage you want to pay for. Making that choice is going to depend on the specific circumstances. A high-end vehicle should have proper insurance coverage. The same applies to one that has outstanding money owed on it.

The premiums will also depend on the deductible that one is opting for. A deductible is an amount that the car owner will pay out of their pocket for expenses. Then the insurance company pays the rest. Deductibles can range in their amounts from anywhere from $250 up to and over $1000. Each time there is a claim the deductible is applied. Choosing which is the best is going to come down again to circumstances. One has to weigh out the risk factors for the parked vehicle.

A driver may not want to have as much of a deductible. If one feels that they live in an area where theft and vandalism are not likely.

But if the car’s parked on a busy road, then there is an increased chance of an accident taking place. There is an increased risk of another vehicle hitting it. The same applies to cars parked on the road where there are a lot of trees. The car could be at risk in the event of a storm. The owner may want collision insurance.

How the Insurance Companies Will Determine the Comprehensive Costs

Just as the driver has to weigh out their risk factors the insurance companies will do the same. They will use statistics and metrics to determine what risk the vehicle may be at. Most of this will pertain to the area where the vehicle is parked. If it’s considered a high-risk area for theft, then the cost of the premiums will be a bit more.

The Best choice

Although the best choice is going to come down to the specific circumstances.  One has to give some careful thought.

It may be well worth having both collision and comprehensive insurance.  If the car is expensive. Even though it is road parked. It is then covered for both potential damages done by another vehicle plus other mishaps.

The cost of the insurance can remain lower. It is because one can tell the insurance company that they will not be driving the vehicle. It helps to reduce the risk the insurance company is at. Insurance companies work on risk factors when determining the premiums. If the car is not subjected to the normal risk factors, then this can help in the reduction of the premium. Plus, the driver record is not taken into account because once again the car is not driven.

Based on all this the insurance premiums should be quite reasonable. and well worth the investment. If the car owner doesn’t feel there is much value to the car, then they may want to forgo the collision or even both.

Shopping for Insurance

getting quotes

It is still well worth doing some insurance comparisons. Even for a road parked vehicle. It will give enough knowledge to make an informed decision. A driver may realize that the small price of the insurance will be well worth covering the vehicle. Even if the vehicle doesn’t appear to have a lot of value. Once the information is gathered then a decision about insurance needs is feasible.

It is quick and easy to be able to do these type of insurance comparisons simply by getting quotes.

About the Author: Ashley Miller

Ashley is an insurance content professional and very knowledgeable on all related subjects. Ashley has over 12 years of insurance content writing experience working with various insurance companies throughout her career.