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No one wants to be in an accident whether it’s their fault or not. Unfortunately, they do happen from time to time. Even if you’re in an accident and it’s not your fault you still may wonder how it will affect your insurance policy. A common question that’s asked is who will foot the bill? If someone hits your car you might intuitively think that it’s their insurance company that will have to pay the bill. It’s not always that simple and there are a lot of different factors to consider. In Ontario, there is a strong legal framework in place that governs how insurance companies handle claims no matter who’s at fault.

Who Pays in Ontario?

Anyone who’s been driving in Ontario for any length of time is familiar with the concept of no-fault insurance. Surprisingly familiarity doesn’t necessarily mean that they understand how it works. No-fault insurance doesn’t mean that insurance companies happily payout claims oblivious to who actually caused the accident. Insurance companies will always assign blame to one party or both in every situation. No-fault insurance simply means that you deal directly with your own insurance company to settle the matter regardless of who’s at fault. The idea is to make life simpler for consumers so that they don’t have to go chasing around trying to track information down.

Parking Lot Incidents

parking lot

Accidents that take place in parking lots are quite common. they also raise a number of questions. There is often a misconception that because an accident took place on private property insurance companies aren’t liable. That’s simply not true. In the eyes of your insurance company, it doesn’t matter whether an accident takes place on private property or on a public street. They investigate your claim the exact same way every time.

Hit and Runs

hit and run

Unfortunately, hit-and-run accidents take place far too often on our roads. The reasons why people choose to leave the scene of an accident may be because they are impaired, they’re driving without a license, or they simply panic. Whatever the reason it’s likely to leave you feeling stressed and wondering what to do next. In the event of a hit-and-run accident, you should still call your insurance company right away along with contacting the police. Your insurance company will still likely pay your claim even if they can’t track down the other party that caused the accident. As long as there is clear evidence of the hit-and-run it shouldn’t affect your rate in most cases.

What About The Weather?


In many cases, weather can play a factor in accidents. Slick roads, blinding sunlight, or extreme fog can all be factors. When someone hits your car during one of these weather events they may not be assigned blame by the police due to mitigating circumstances. However, there will always be blame for any accident assigned by an insurance company. As is the case with any other type of accident it’s your own insurance company that will pay your claim. They will then deal with the other party’s insurance company directly.