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Once a driver is ready to become a car owner, or at least has met the qualifications to drive, they are anxious to do so. If they are going to be a car owner, then they are going to need insurance. Canadian laws stipulate that every car driven on public roads must have insurance coverage.

The Confusion with Insurance


For new drivers, it can be a little confusing when it comes to Insurance. As part of their driver education, they learned that it is mandatory to have insurance. The question raised in the car insured or is it the driver. Essential insurance coverage technically covers the vehicle. However, the drivers of the car are also taken into account by the insurance companies.

Getting Your Own Vehicle Insured

Getting Insurance can happen relatively quickly based on several factors.

The Number of Choices

The Insurance industry is a large one in Canada. That means there is lots of competition. Therefore these companies want to be able to offer their services as quickly as possible. The faster they can sign up a new client, the less chance they have to go to the competition.

The Number of Resources

New drivers, especially they need to rely on resources to get their vehicle insurance. Fortunately, in some ways, there are plenty of these to rely on. Unfortunately, some of these resources are not the best.

Kinds of resources

Customer Service Departments of Insurance Companies

Every Insurance Company will have a customer service department. A party shopping for insurance can merely call any insurance company. First, make sure they are offering vehicle insurance and then make inquiries.

Insurance Brokers

Another resource is insurance brokers. Plus, this sometimes can be a valuable resource for those who want to shop around for insurance for the best prices.

Online Resources

There are many different resources online to compare car insurance quotes. Also, there are some that give advice about this product.

Which Resource Works the Fastest?

Which resource can get the required insurance the fastest depends on a few factors. Some think that dealing directly with the Insurance companies is the quickest way. However, this is often not the case. It can take longer if an interested individual is checking out several different companies. Each Insurance company is different and wants different information. Even if you provide them with all the initial information, they may come back with more questions. Plus, all of this takes time.  Also, there can be delays if the agent you are dealing with has a substantial client load.

When it comes to insurance brokers, the same thing can happen. It depends on the insurance brokerage company.

Using resources on the internet that can provide insurance quotes is helpful. As quite often using these companies is the quickest way to get your insurance. There are a couple of reasons for this

Their Own Resources

Companies specializing in gathering quotes for vehicle insurance have their own set of resources. It allows them to get quotes quickly. The longest process of getting car insurance is getting the quote based on the needs of the individual.

The Experience

Insurance quote companies are well experienced in knowing what kind of information they need to get the quotes. Plus, it is a real-time saver for the insurance shopper. Insurance shoppers learn what the requirements are. Once they meet the requirements, then the quotes are given. Now the individual can move on to the next step of deciding which quote is the most appealing to them. There is no second-guessing as to whether the policy based on the quote is the right one.

Quotes are based on the information gathered from the insurance shopper.

The Access

Insurance quote companies have access to all of the major insurance companies. sS they can submit information to them quickly and receive a quote back with the same speed. Without being set up for this type of access, it becomes time-consuming. Plus, in turn, it slows down the result of actually getting the insurance.

Traditional Insurance Brokers

There is a big difference between using traditional insurance brokers quote companies. Quote companies use modern-day methods of getting quotes online. The conventional broker may be able to get the insurance reasonably quickly there can still be delays. Plus, one may not be getting the best insurance quickly.

Getting the Proof Of Insurance


Insurance is mandatory across Canada for drivers. They have to have proof of insurance to register their vehicle. Plus, the Police may ask for proof of insurance. It is proof that the insurance company provides proper documentation. This proof is through the issuance of the “pink slip, or technically the proof of insurance card.

Once the insurance company commits to insuring an individual, then they will need to arrange to pay the premium. Once arrangements for payment are completed the insurance card is mailed.

This can take at least three days maybe more. Many insurance companies will send a copy of the insurance slip by fax, or through email for downloading. It is proof of coverage until the actual copy comes in the mail.

Insurance in a Day?

Technically it is quite possible to get vehicle insurance on the same day as one applies for it. In fact, it could take only a few hours. It all depends on:

1. Which method do you use to seek out your insurance.

2. Using the right resources that are reliable.

3. Having all of the proper information on hand that you need.

4. Make sure that you can meet the payment requirements.

How Can You Speed up the Vehicle Insurance Process?


One of the factors that can hold you back from getting your insurance quickly is having to pay the premiums. If you take the extra time to find affordable insurance you may be able to pay for it quicker according to the demands of the insurance company. Many will give you the option of paying by credit card or by electronic transfer. Once you have met the payment requirements and the other requirements as outlined, you are ready to be insured. The Insurance company can now send out the temporary insurance card and put the original in the mail.