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street parked cars

Vehicle accidents are common. They can vary from severe to minor. One type of collision is when one car strikes a parked car. In most cases this can be minor, but there are occasions when it can be severe. The first question that will arise is whether the driver’s insurance will cover them for this accident.

Is Hitting a Parked Car Considered a Collision?


Collisions are usually thought of when two moving vehicles collide. It is not always the case. When an individual driving a car hits a parked car it is considered to be an accident. Therefore it has to be treated accordingly. Even if the other driver is not around the driver hitting the car should not leave. It could be classed as a hit and run if doing so. It can be a little confusing especially if the damage is minor. Quite often it is comprised of a few scrapes or small dent.

There are two options. One is that the individual can wait until the parked car driver returns. Or they can leave a note on the car with all essential information. This information should have the date and time as well as the full name and address of the driver who struck the car. Plus the license number of this driver’s vehicle and their license plate. This way the driver of the still vehicle has all the information necessary to get a hold of the driver causing the accident.

Protecting Yourself


It is worth checking the immediate area to see if anybody witnessed the accident. If so then you may want to get their name and phone number just in case there are any issues that arise from the accident. Also, it is a good idea to take pictures of the damage that was done. It helps to prevent additional damage being claimed that wasn’t the driver’s fault.

Potential Consequences

There are consequences for leaving the scene and not taking either one of the two necessary steps. Someone else may have seen the accident occur and have the driver’s license plate. The Police can then be notified and charges could be laid. The consequences of the charges can vary and can have a direct effect on the driver’s history. They could end up with a fine as well as the accumulation of demerit points. All of which are going to affect the insured’s premiums. Even though the insured did not file an accident report with the insurance company.

Do I Have to Report The Hitting of the Parked Car to the Insurance Company?

It is important to understand that all accidents have to be reported to your insurance company. Plus, it doesn’t matter who is found to be at fault or even if it is a no-fault accident. Also, it doesn’t matter whether a claim is going to be made or not.

One of the most common places that parked car accidents takes place is in parking lots. It may be that the driver at fault of the accident feels that it is so minor it is not worth reporting. Or they may feel that they will just pay for the damages themselves. Then going ahead and not informing the insurance company of this. Sometimes the other driver will report the incident to their insurance company just for their protection. Their company may then contact the driver at fault company, and now the insurance company is aware of this.

Although in many cases there are no fault accidents insurance companies will always assess someone to be at fault. Sometimes it is both drivers and it will be determined what percentage each is at fault. In a case of a parked car driving accident chances are the driver hitting the car is going to be 100% at fault. However, there could be other circumstances that mitigate this.

Do I have to Report Hitting the Parked Car to The Police?


Whether you have to report the parked car accident or not is going to depend on the assessment of the damage to the vehicles. It also will depend on what province the incident took place in. What has to be remembered is that this is an accident and has to be treated as such.

If the damage appears that it will be less than $1000 in total for both vehicles combined it does not have to be reported to the police. Anything over this there is a requirement for reporting. The safer way to go is to make the report anyways rather than having to assess the damage. A small amount of damage can be surprising when it comes to cost. In cases like this, the police will advise that the individuals go to a local accident reporting centre.

Insurance Coverage

Once all the proper steps have been taken to report the accident and contact information has been left with the parked car driver the next step is advising the insurance company. The insurance company will immediately start a claim report. They will advise on any steps that have to be taken next. It may be that they will have to wait for the parked car driver to put in a claim.

How Will This Affect Your Insurance?

Most likely the driver hitting the parked car will be found at fault. It will be classed as a collision that goes on the insurance file. Every insurance company is different in the way they perceive collisions. They may or may not increase the rate of the premiums. If the insured has accident forgiveness insurance, then this may kick in. If it is the first accident. In this case, the premiums will not be increased. However, now the driver has lost this discount for the next few years and is at risk if a second accident occurs of not having this discount.

Having a Good Relationship With Your Insurance Company

Individuals who have obtained insurance from a specific company should feel that they have a good relationship with them. Insured clients don’t have ongoing dealings with their insurance companies as a rule. However, they should feel confident enough that they can call up and report even a minor accident and not feel that they are going to be treated unfairly. These are some of the attributes that should be looked for when individuals are shopping for insurance.

About the Author: Ashley Miller

Ashley is an insurance content professional and very knowledgeable on all related subjects. Ashley has over 12 years of insurance content writing experience working with various insurance companies throughout her career.