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To be able to legally drive, yes, you have to have your name down on an insurance policy. However, you do not have to have your own car insurance to drive. Being listed as a secondary driver on a vehicle is enough to be able to drive a vehicle. However, it is important to make sure that you are actually the secondary driver of the vehicle. If you are the primary driver, you need to be listed as such. Your insurance company is likely going to find out the truth if you get into a car accident and have to make a claim. It is always better to be truthful about your insurance or it can really hurt you later on.

What Is Insurable Interest?


In order to be able to get an insurance policy, there is one major requirement. You need to somehow show that you have an insurable interest in the vehicle. An insurable interest means that you are going to suffer some kind of loss if the vehicle is damaged. The reason you have to have an insurable interest is so that you don’t just crash your vehicle for no reason. If you have something to lose, a financial loss specifically, this satisfies a car insurance provider that you aren’t going to crash the vehicle purposely.

Can You Register A Car Without A Driver’s License?

Although you can technically do this in some states in the United States, you cannot do this in Canada. To be able to register a vehicle in Canada, you have to have a driver’s license. Even if you could register a vehicle without a driver’s license, there really would be no point. You are not allowed to legally drive a vehicle if you do not have a valid driver’s license. You can, however, buy a vehicle without a valid driver’s license.

Can You Insure A Car In Someone Else’s Name?

Yes, you can insure a vehicle that is in someone else’s name. However, not all insurance companies allow this to occur. Insuring a car in someone else’s name definitely, provides more risk to an insurance company. It is hard to prove that the driver has any kind of an insurable interest in a vehicle if a different person owns that vehicle. Insurance companies become very suspicious if they see people doing this. This is due to the fact that people often do this in order to commit fraud.

How Do People Commit Fraud Insuring A Car In Someone Else’s Name?


When a vehicle owner has numerous traffic violations, it might be pretty expensive to get insurance for their vehicle. Having another driver on the policy can help to reduce insurance rates. Sometimes, the other driver never actually drives the vehicle and this constitutes fraud. Another way that some people commit fraud is by insuring in someone else’s name and driving their vehicle all of the time while using their insurance policy. You are not allowed to drive a vehicle and act as if you are a different person. This is illegal and if a car accident occurs, you can be denied coverage and you may even face things like fines and a license suspension.

If Someone Else Finances A Car For You, Can You Insure It Yourself?

Even though someone else is financing a car for you, you might not be able to get insurance for it. This is an extremely unfortunate situation to be in. However, to be able to sell your insurance, your insurance provider has to know that you have an insurable interest in the vehicle. Just because someone else is paying the bill for it, doesn’t mean that you are going to drive it carefully. You are likely going to prove to the insurance company that you lose something if you crash the vehicle.

Can You Lease A Car For Someone Else To Drive?

Unfortunately, leasing a car is basically the same as financing a car when it comes to insuring it yourself with someone else paying your lease. The person who is paying the lease is the person who is going to lose money if you happen to get into an accident in the vehicle. Generally, the person who is paying the lease is going to have to be the primary insurance policyholder. However, you could get them to add your name to their insurance policy as a named driver.

What Is The Difference Between A Main Driver And A Named Driver?


The main driver of a vehicle is the person who is going to be driving the vehicle the majority of the time. This term is also known as the primary driver. The named driver/ drivers are people who are going to be driving the car, but not as often as the main driver. These people, therefore, have a lower risk of crashing and not as large of an impact on the overall cost of the insurance policy. The named driver is also sometimes called the secondary driver.

Can Someone Else Get Insurance On My Financed Car?

Generally, until your financed car is paid off, you technically do not own the vehicle. Since your lender trusts you with the car and you have a contract with them, you are going to have to look at that contract. Sometimes, you might need to get permission from your lender to be able to add another driver to your insurance policy. If you cannot add another driver to your policy, then you are the only one who can legally drive it. However, it is likely that most lenders will give you permission to add a named driver to your policy.

To Conclude

Putting insurance on a car that is not in your name can be difficult. You are going to have to have a pretty good reason to do it in order to be accepted. When an insurance company can’t determine that you have an insurable interest in a vehicle they will deny you coverage. It is generally easiest to get car insurance if you are a registered driver on the insurance policy. It doesn’t take too long to redo registration and it is probably worth the time and effort it takes to do so if you are in this kind of situation.

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