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Mistakes about insurance are standard when it comes to vehicle insurance. One of these pertains to motorcycle insurance. Does vehicle insurance also cover the driver to drive a motorcycle? It is a question that is often asked.

Motorcycle License


Throughout Canada, it is well known that insurance for vehicles is mandatory. It is also applicable to the motorcycles. There are also requirements for specific motorcycle licenses. There are three particular types of licenses that are applicable

Motorcycle licenses are a categorized as M licenses. Which license one needs will depend on the kind of motorcycle they are going to be driving.

M Or  M1 Or  M2

The M classification includes the M1 and the M2. These are the licenses required to drive motorcycles classed as full speed.

M  With Condition

This M licence comes with conditions. It includes the M1 and M2-L.

There are motorcycles classed as a moped as well as motorized scooters. These are often referred to as motorcycles that have limited speed. These licenses pertain to those.

M With Condition M

This category of licenses also includes the M1 and M2 –M.

The vehicle that pertains to this is the three-wheeled motorcycles.

The Licensing Process

There are some requirements for a motorcycle driver can get an M1 license. They cannot be younger than 16 years of age. They also have to complete an eye test. Plus, they need to do a written examination. Then they can get the M1 licence.

The M1 license has two components. There are two learning levels requiring completion. There will be two road test requirements.

Insurance For Driving Motorcycles

The Insurance pertains to the type of vehicle that the driver is going to be driving. The type of license classification decides this. There is a specific classification for motorcycle drivers. As a result, the auto insurance coverage is not applicable to motorcycle driving. It now means that the motorcycle driver has to have the mandatory insurance. To be able to drive the motorcycle on the Canadian roads. They also have the option of obtaining extra insurance. Just like the vehicle drivers do.

Every insurance company is different regulations that they must follow as insurance providers. Added to this they also have their mandates and policies. These apply to the insurance products they offer.  It also applies to motorcycle insurance. There are some insurance companies that have opted not to offer this type of insurance at all. For those that do they vary in their requirements. Also, in what they have to offer.  Motorcycle drivers have to be intent on shopping for their insurance needs.

The Requirements

Every insurance company is different in their approach to offering motorcycle insurance.  They will each have their set criteria.  Insurance costs will be higher for more powerful motorcycles. It will also apply to those that are more expensive.

Some insurance companies have limited their insurance products. They only offer it for specific types of motorcycles.

What Type of Motorcycle Insurance Should One Buy?

Although the auto insurance does not cover the motorcycle driving, there are some options. Some insurance companies will provide motorcycle insurance. They will do this as an add-on to the auto insurance. It may be something that the individual who wants motorcycle insurance should check out. They could ask about this with their current insurance company. It may also create an option for shopping for new insurance. A duel driver may want to make insurance comparisons for these joint packages. Duel drivers are those who drive both an auto and a motorcycle.

Mandatory insurance


The least amount of insurance that a driver of a motorcycle in Ontario must have is as follows

  • There must be at least  $200,000  of coverage for third-party liability
  • Uninsured automobile coverage
  • Statute carry accident benefits coverage
  • Direct compensation for property damage coverage

Extra Insurance for Motorcycle Driving

Many motorcycle drivers want to have the security of more insurance protection. There are options for being able to do this with different choices available.

Third-party Liability Coverage

The mandatory is 200,000. Many motorcycle drivers like it to increase this. Coverage could be available for up to $2 million

Accident Benefits

It is also an extra type of insurance that motorcycle drivers are often keen on looking at. Plus, it is the segment of insurance that is important for income replacement. It is well known that motorcycle accidents can be serious. They can affect the ability of an injured motorcycle driver being able to work.

Motorcycle Physical Damage and Loss

Motorcyclists know that they will pay a heavy price for getting their motorcycle fixed. Or perhaps it will have to be replaced.  It may be as a result of other circumstances besides collision. For protection in these cases some will go for perils insurance.

Purchasing the Right Insurance

types of motorcycles

It is because there are so many variations in the different types of motorcycles accident. An individual wants to focus on what is pertinent to their particular bike. There are different ways that an individual can go about shopping for motorcycle insurance. One of the best ways is to know what the needs and requirements are going to be. The next step is then to get some insurance quotes. They do this so, comparisons can be made.

There can be significant differences among the various insurance companies. Pertaining to those that offer this type of insurance. Narrowing down the choices with the quotes can be a time saver. It can also be a money saver.

The final decision should not be just based on the cost of the premiums. The motorcyclist needs to know that they are getting the full amount of coverage. The type of coverage that they are comfortable with. It has to be good coverage for their particular motorcycle driving experiences. This knowledge can help them with other decisions. It can help them decide on the type of motorcycle to purchase.

Motorcycle drivers also need to focus on maintaining a good driving history. By doing so, they will set themselves up for better insurance rates. If they don’t, they are going to end up with higher premiums.

About the Author: Ashley Miller

Ashley is an insurance content professional and very knowledgeable on all related subjects. Ashley has over 12 years of insurance content writing experience working with various insurance companies throughout her career.