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If you are considering lowering your vehicle, realize that lowering your vehicle will affect your car insurance. The lower you lower your vehicle, the more likely it is that you will have problems while driving. Lowering a vehicle makes it more difficult to clear obstacles. It can even cause you to bottom out and it can also reduce the car’s overall handling. Even though the car may look nice lowered, it is important to consider that your car insurance provider will consider your car a higher risk.

How will an insurance company handle a claim?


How an insurance company will handle your claim will depend on how you treated modifying your vehicle. If you do the courtesy of notifying your insurance company that you’re going to modify your vehicle, you will be much more likely to receive compensation should you get into an accident. If you choose not to notify your insurance company, you might not receive any compensation whatsoever. Some insurance companies will not pay a claim on your vehicle if you have done modifications that they weren’t aware of. Modifications to vehicles aren’t always legal, which means that sometimes they are not covered by insurance. Make sure you talk to your insurance company before you consider lowering your vehicle.

How much more will my insurance cost?

The cost of your insurance really depends on the risk for your insurance company. If you are lowering your vehicle by a little bit, it is likely that you aren’t going to have to pay a massive amount of difference in your insurance premium. However, if you are lowering your vehicle by a lot, then you might be paying a lot more for your insurance premium. The lower your vehicle is, the more dangerous it is to drive. If you are worried about the potential cost of lowering your vehicle is a good idea to talk to your insurance company. They should be able to offer you a quote and then you can decide whether it is worth lowering your vehicle or not.

What modifications are legal?

window tint

There are many different legal ways to modify your vehicle. However, there are also many ways to modify your vehicle illegally. If you’re thinking about lowering your vehicle, you’re likely thinking about adding other modifications. To help you make safe choices, here is a list of some illegal car modifications that you might want to avoid.

Window Tint

If you tint your windows beyond the legal limit, it is illegal. Tinting your windows beyond the legal limit causes a danger to you and it also poses a danger to police officers. If everyone tinted their windows too dark, a police officer would not be able to see what a driver is doing inside of the vehicle. A police officer needs to be able to see inside so that they can approach your vehicle safely. Although you might say that a police officer would be safe approaching your vehicle, this is something that they don’t know.

Removing your muffler

Many people like to remove their mufflers to make their vehicles sound louder. Removing your muffler is very dangerous for a variety of reasons. The main reason is that your exhaust system will not work correctly after your muffler is removed. This can expose you to things like carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide, which can potentially suffocate you or even kill you. The other main reason is that a loud exhaust system is disruptive to the environment around you. You can definitely get a ticket if you happen to take the risk and remove the muffler from your vehicle.

Lowering or raising your vehicle

if you want to raise or lower your vehicle, it is important to realize that there are laws in place. Raising or lowering your vehicle past the legal limit can cause your vehicle to not be able to clear certain parts of the road. There are many obstacles that appear on the road when you are driving. Sometimes, you need to be able to clear these obstacles to avoid an accident. Insurance companies know this, which is why they prefer vehicles to have a certain amount of clearance. If you’re thinking about lowering or raising your vehicle, you should definitely look to see what the legal limit is and stay within it.


Many people like to add lights to the front and back of their vehicles. However, when they do this, it can blind people who are driving in front of them or behind them. It is important to realize what the legal system allows in your area. No matter what the legal system in your area allows, it is important to make sure that you consider other drivers. Sure your lights may look nice, but if they pose a danger to other people, it is probably not worth it.

Superchargers and turbochargers

If you’re thinking about adding some performance to your vehicle, it is important to notify your insurance company. Adding more horsepower to your vehicle creates a higher risk for your insurance company. Especially when you have something like a supercharger, it will have an impact on your insurance rates. Superchargers allow vehicles to be able to travel at much faster speeds. Due to this reason, the risk to your insurance company rises. You might not take advantage of the speed, but the potential is there, which increases risk.

What happens if I am caught with a lowered vehicle?


If you happen to be caught with an illegally lowered vehicle by a policeman, you’re likely going to get a ticket. The problem is not paying for the ticket, it is paying for the rise in your insurance premiums. Once a ticket is on your record, an insurance company will be able to see the modification and increase your insurance premium. A lowered vehicle is a higher risk for an insurance company. You are much more likely to receive undercarriage damage to your vehicle if it is lowered. Therefore, if your insurance company finds out, they are likely going to be making some changes to your premium.

To Conclude

Modifying your vehicle is a lot of fun to do. However, unless you want to pay more for insurance, you should talk to your insurance company beforehand. Your insurance company is not going to charge you for all vehicle modifications that you do. However, talking to your insurance company will make sure you will be covered when you get into an accident. You do not want to modify your vehicle and be denied a claim because of a modification.

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