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Generally, there are two different kinds of debadging that you can do to a vehicle. The first kind of debadging is one that does not change your auto insurance rates. Removing your vehicles emblem has no influence on your car insurance rates at all. However, if you are getting your vehicle appraised it can lower the value of the vehicle. The second type of debadging refers to people that surrender their license plates. This means that you are no longer allowed to drive the vehicle and that it will sit on private property. When a vehicle is debadged in this manner, your auto insurance company will stop charging you for insurance since you are no longer driving the vehicle.

Is Debadging A Car Illegal?


No, it is not illegal to debadge your vehicle. No matter the type of debadge you are doing it is completely legal to do. You are allowed to change the look of your vehicle as much as you like. In fact, some car manufacturers actually offer a debadged version of their vehicle straight from the dealership. There is also nothing illegal about surrendering your license plates. The only way that surrendering your plates could become illegal is if you drive the vehicle on the road after surrendering your plates.

Are There Any Repercussions to Debadging A Vehicle?

There are some repercussions to debadging a vehicle. When you debadge a vehicle, you lose some of its value. Car appraisers usually value a debadged vehicle at a few hundred dollars less in value. This is due to the cost of adding the emblem back onto the vehicle and returning the vehicle to its previous stock look. Another repercussion to debadging a vehicle is that it technically gives the police proper cause to search your vehicle. Generally, when someone does one modification to their vehicle, they will do more than one. A policeman who pulls you over might search under your hood to see if you have anything illegal.

How Do I  Debadge My Vehicle?

There are different things you might have to do to debadge a vehicle, it really depends on the make. Most badges are held on by an adhesive, but you will find some are held on by clips or rivets as well. When your vehicle has clips or rivets it becomes a little bit more difficult to debadge your vehicle. You will have to find a way to fill the holes left behind by debadging the vehicle, which can be difficult to do. If you just have adhesive badges, you could pour some hot water on them to soften it. Once you have, you should be able to take a plastic wedge and pry the badge off the vehicle. Attempt to apply equal pressure to the badge, otherwise, you risk damaging it.

Are There Any Shops That Debadge Vehicles?

Yes, there are lots of car body shops that debadge vehicles. This is a very common car modification that people like to do. As a result, there is money to be made by doing this professionally. If you are worried about debadging the car on your own, you can certainly pay a shop to do it for you. However, if you have an adhesive emblem on your vehicle it really shouldn’t be all that difficult to do on your own. When you don’t, getting it done professionally might be the way to go. Sometimes shops have to paint your entire trunk to get the holes to disappear. This might not be something you want to do yourself as it can ruin the look of your vehicle if you do it incorrectly.

Do Car Stickers Affect Insurance?

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Car stickers can impact your car insurance rates. However, it depends on the company that you are dealing with. Some insurance companies are not going to care if you have a small window sticker on your vehicle. Others might deem this as a higher risk to insure since it brings attention to your vehicle. The more attention your vehicle has, the higher the risk your car has of being stolen. Generally, it is always best to call your insurance company even when you are doing small vehicle modifications. You do not want to be denied a claim purely because of not informing them about something like this.

Do Car Modifications Impact Your Insurance?

Car modifications can certainly impact your insurance rates. Performance modifications generally have the largest impact on your insurance rates. Closely followed by performance modifications are changes to the actual look of your vehicle. Things like spoilers, tinted windows, and changes to lights are very good reasons to increase your insurance. After those modifications, you start getting into things like different wheels, brakes, and interior mods. Generally, the more modifications you do, the more someone is going to want to steal your vehicle. This will increase your insurance.

What Car Modifications Can Void Your Insurance?

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There are actually a lot of modifications that can void your insurance. It really does not take much for an insurance company to deem your insurance as void. Any modification that increases the risk of theft or getting into an accident must be reported to your insurance company. If you don’t report it, your insurance company may have grounds to deny your claim. When this occurs, you are likely going to have to proceed with legal action and argue your case. Depending on the vehicle modification that you have done, and how much risk that added to your insurance, this will determine if you should receive compensation or not.

To Conclude

Debadging a vehicle is not going to impact your insurance rates. Even if you get into an accident, your insurance company is still going to have to pay your claim if you debadge your vehicle. In no way does debadging a vehicle increase or decrease the risk of accident or theft, which is what your insurance company can deny claims based upon. Whenever you do any other vehicle modification, however, it does not hurt to call up your insurance company. Even when you do debadge your vehicle, you might want to give your provider a call. The better the relationship you have with your provider, the more likely it is that you will receive compensation if an accident occurs.

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