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Whether or not an insurance company will cover water damage depends on how the damage occurs. If you properly maintain your vehicle, you will be much more likely to receive compensation for a claim. If you do not, it is unlikely that you will be able to get compensation. To have the best chance of receiving compensation, you need to make sure that you have the right insurance policy.

What type of insurance do I need for water leak coverage?

water leak

In order to be able to get insurance for water leaks, you need to get comprehensive insurance. This is a type of insurance that covers you against accidents that are not collisions. Collision insurance will not really cover you against water leaks. Comprehensive insurance is essentially insurance that covers you for things like natural disasters, fire, and vandalism. Among those things, you can also get compensation for a water leak so long as you have been properly taking care of your vehicle. If you haven’t, not even comprehensive insurance will be able to compensate you.

What kind of water damage am I covered for?

water damage

There are many different things that can cause water damage. It is important to know the types of things that you are covered for so that you can protect your vehicle against them. To help you with this, we will go through a list of things that can potentially damage your vehicle.


An investigation into your vehicle will help an insurance company be able to decide whether to provide you with compensation or not. If your vehicle leaked as a result of heavy rain, you might be able to get money from them. However, if your vehicle has been leaking for a long time, you likely won’t get compensation at all. This is due to the fact that you’re expected to maintain your vehicle at all times. Insurance companies cannot be held liable for people improperly maintaining their vehicles. Obviously, if problems are left unattended, they are going to get worse. Wear and tear is not something that insurance companies cover. Just because one rain happened to cause more damage than previous ones, does not mean you can receive compensation.


Hail is actually one thing that can easily damage your vehicle. It is also something that is very difficult to protect against. If you don’t have a garage to store your vehicle in, it is susceptible to hail damage. Hail can cause your windshield or windows to shatter and can then let water and moisture into your vehicle. If this happens to you, you can definitely get coverage through comprehensive insurance. However, if the only reason that hail was able to enter your vehicle was due to improper maintenance, your claim will likely be denied.


Flooding is definitely a tricky one when it comes to insurance. If an insurance company can prove that you could have easily avoided a flood, you might not be able to receive anything from the insurance company. However, flash floods do happen all the time. If there was no way that you could get out of the way from a flood and damage was done to your vehicle, it is likely you be able to get money from your insurance company.

Am I covered for damages due to leaving a window/sunroof open?

If you happen to accidentally leave your window or sunroof open, you might receive water damage. This is something that is very easy to do and it can actually cause a lot of damage to your vehicle. Unfortunately, comprehensive insurance coverage only covers things that are “accidents” and not in your control. This essentially means that you will not be able to get compensation if you accidentally leave your window or sunroof open.

Should I file a claim for my water leak?

Before deciding whether or not you should file a water claim, you need to assess the damage. First of all, you need to make sure that the damage is more than your insurance deductible before filing a claim. If you don’t, you are essentially throwing away money by making any claim on your insurance. You don’t need to be too afraid of filing a claim for a water leak, however. This is due to the fact that comprehensive insurance claims rarely raise your insurance premium. Insurance companies see water leaks as an accident that is not your fault and therefore they tend not to penalize clients who have this happen to them.

What if my vehicle rusts from the water leak?

vehicle rust

Generally, if your vehicle has rusted due to a water leak, you will not be able to receive coverage. This is due to the fact that rust usually takes a bit of time before it shows up. However, if your vehicle rusts during the time when your claim goes through, you might be able to get compensation. Depending on where the rust occurs, your insurance company may actually decide to completely get rid of your vehicle. This essentially means that you will get whatever money your insurance company deems your car to be worth. It is rare that this ever happens, but it definitely could happen depending on the circumstances.

How much coverage do I need to protect myself?

If you have not had this happen to you and are just concerned about it, you may be wondering how much coverage you need. Unfortunately, this is a very difficult question to answer. Comprehensive insurance covers much more than just water leaks. In fact, it covers all sorts of damages that can occur to your vehicle. It is important to keep in mind how much your vehicle is worth and how much your vehicle is worth to you. Some people may want to fix their vehicle no matter the cost, while others may not care much about their vehicle at all. If you want to be safe, you may just want to get enough coverage to cover the amount of debt that you have on your vehicle. Anything more than that could be considered as just a bonus.

To Conclude

It is never ideal to have any damage happen to your vehicle. Proper maintenance is extremely important to ensure that you are still covered by your insurance company. It is a good idea to check your car every once in a while for leaks and other problems. If you are worried about something like this happening, it is a good idea to talk to your insurance company about it. You should have no problem adding things to your policy and removing things that you don’t need anymore. There are so many different coverage options available and a ton of insurance companies to pick from. Make sure you have the coverage you need for your own peace of mind.

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