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rusted car

Car Rust Insurance

car rust

If you are looking to get car insurance because of your car rusting on you, I am afraid you are out of luck. Auto insurance does not cover rust, as rust is normal wear and tear for a vehicle. It is expected that vehicles rust over time. therefore, even after an accident, an insurance company will not cover you for any damages that were done as a result of rust.

Frame Rust Damage

If you happen to have frame rust damage on your vehicle, it is extremely important to fix it. Not fixing frame rust damage can cause your vehicle to fall apart on you. If this happens when you’re driving down the road, you could potentially injure someone else. Just because you have rust on your vehicle doesn’t mean that it will cause you to get into an accident. However, if it happens to cause you to get into an accident; then your insurance company is not liable to cover you for the damages that have been done. If you see rust that needs repairing, you need to repair it. Otherwise, you risk not being covered by your insurance company if an accident occurs.

Rust on the car after an accident

If you happen to get into a car accident and end up having rust on your vehicle afterward, you might be able to get coverage from your insurance company. If the insurance company paid for the repair of your vehicle and it is the same component rusting on your vehicle, most insurance companies are willing to repair the damage within a given timeframe. Most insurance companies will give you the timeframe that they guarantee their repairs for. If rust is the reason that the repair is not acceptable, you are more than likely going to be able to get money. An insurance company will almost always repair poor repair jobs as they don’t want to be liable for what was done poorly to the vehicle.

Insurance Claim for paint damage

paint damage

If you have rust on your vehicle and end up getting some paint damage from it, unfortunately, you aren’t going to be able to get coverage from your insurance company. However, if you get into an accident and damage is done to your paint, you should be able to get the rust fixed at the same time. Almost all paint jobs require that the entire portion of that part of the car be repainted if damage occurs. An insurance company isn’t going to repair your rust if it doesn’t have to. However, if the rust happens to be in the same location as previous damage to your vehicle, you are in luck. An insurance company will more than likely fix one problem, which in turn will fix the other.

Wear and tear insurance claim

One of the ways that insurance companies tend to get out of paying an insurance claim is due to them incorporating wear-and-tear exclusions into their policies. Rust is one of those exclusions incorporated into policies by insurance companies. They put this in to make sure that they don’t have to pay out claims to clients who improperly maintain their vehicles. This is important to realize as insurance companies also deny claims because of prior damage. If there is a manufacturing defect or a faulty installation of parts, you can also expect a denied claim. You should always know what is going on with your vehicle. It is extremely important as you are going to want to receive the full coverage you are paying for, in the event an accident occurs.

Will insurance cover rust?

Before, we said that insurance will not cover rust. However, if an accident is caused by rust and there is no possible way that you could have known rust was occurring on your car in that area, you might be able to get away with an insurance claim. It does not happen very often that insurance will cover rust on a vehicle. This is simply because if someone were to take it to court and a precedent was set that the insurance company had to pay to cover rust, a lot of people would switch insurance companies and get their rust prepared. That would simply not be fair to insurance companies. In Canada, all vehicles tend to rust over time, and repairing rust is by no means cheap.

Does comprehensive insurance cover rust?

Although comprehensive insurance coverage does cover you if someone else damages your vehicle, it is unlikely that you are going to be covered by comprehensive insurance if rust appears. One of the only ways that you could possibly get comprehensive coverage to cover rust is if someone dumped acid all over your vehicle and ruined the paint. In this case, the rust would not be considered normal wear and tear damage. The damage would most likely be covered under comprehensive insurance coverage. If someone else does damage to your vehicle, no matter how much damage they do, you are eligible to be able to make a claim on your insurance if you desire to do so.

Will insurance cover a cracked frame?

cracked frame

The answer to this question really depends on the circumstances of your frame cracking. If you happen to get into an accident with a little bit of rust on your frame, but your frame cracked in the accident, it is likely that you’ll be able to get your insurance company to cover the damage. However, if you are just driving along and all of a sudden it cracked, it is highly unlikely that you’re going to be able to get insurance coverage for any damage. This is because the second cracked frame happened thanks to regular vehicle wear and tear and therefore cannot be covered.

To Conclude

We hope this article has helped you to be able to learn about car rust and insurance company policies. Rust is not something that is fun to deal with and it is important to make sure that you maintain your vehicle on a regular basis. Not doing so will almost definitely cause you to have serious rust damage. The longer you leave rust sitting, the more it is going to spread. The longer less likely it is that you’re going to be able to stop that spread from happening. Although auto insurance generally does not cover vehicle rust, just remember that there are sprays and shops available to help.

About the Author: Ashley Miller

Ashley is an insurance content professional and very knowledgeable on all related subjects. Ashley has over 12 years of insurance content writing experience working with various insurance companies throughout her career.